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Don't snooze on the Astro 5.8 wireless mixamp. Astro's headsets like the A40's and A30's are good cans but are generally overpriced. It's the Mixamp which is the true tech that shines. Takes any stereo headset and turns them into 7.1 matrix surround. I too own the Tritton AX pros and can honestly say that two high quality speakers with simulated surround blows Trittons 8 dedicated speakers away. Pair that mixamp with a pair of Senheisser 595's or Audio Technica A...

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Mass effect 2. That is all.

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I for one thought SE couldn't do any more harm to the FF series after XII then they released XIII and I was proved wrong. I rented it just because previews and import reviews said it all. Boring, linear and shallow. All those reviews were correct. I have no faith in SE at all. They have lost there mojo plain and simple.

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Layaway. Kmart is one of the few stores that still offers this option. It's where I plan on buying my Kinect and PS move bundles when released. Also since most people bash Kmart for being considered low class you will find that they have in stock merchandise that other stores do not. Case in point when they were phasing out BC from the PS3 models I went searching for a 60gig BC phat before they were gone. Guess which store had a ton of them collecting dust? That's right folks Km...

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I for one am sick of this comparison bullshit when it comes to this generation of consoles. Who cares what you or anyone prefers??? Buy what you want to play and quit looking for others to validate your purchase. I try to play great games period thats it. I could care less how they are delivered. Instead of talking about true issues that are affecting the game industry as a whole. Too many sequels and a general dumbing down of gameplay (SC convicition comes to mind mark and execute FTL)...

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Only console I have in my living room is a Wii for my kids. This way I can stream movies for them whenever they want and keep my 360/ps3 from being taken over.

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5 hour campaign, removal of spies vs mercs, dumbing down for casual market = Rental at best. This is coming from a multiconsole owner who has played every steatlh title since they came on the scene with Thief TDP on PC.

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Ya think??????

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Day one for me as well. I laugh at everyone who says they wont purchase it because of a ten dollar price increase. Most who are crying about this will just attempt to pirate it anyway. Which is the main reason pc gaming is dying as we speak.

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The series has been on a steady decline since FFX. I understand the loyalty people have for this company/series but that loyalty is based on nostalgia and the hope that SE will some how regain that magic of the PSX generation. Accept that maybe the FF series peaked and now is no longer the answer for gamers when it comes to traditional JRPG games.

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I'm hoping so because I just purchased one in august. Of course I knew that the 240hz were being released but they were just not in my budget at that time.

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250 can get you 2 of the current next gen consoles and for 50 dollars more you can have a Blu ray enabled PS3 slim. This is simply to reel in early adopters and tech junkies until they drop the price for it in the next 2 years. Which is when I'll be purchasing mine.

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I rent just about all the games I play some if worth it get a purchase those that dont get sent back to gamefly. ODST was the definition of rental. Sometimes I admit it's tough to remain diciplined and resist release day hype but if you are a gamer who prides themselves on playing and owning only true quality titles then you have to play these games first to make a informed decision.

This to me was a quick cash grab by MS in a holiday buying season where they are thin this y...

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Both are advertised as very story driven epic experiences. Both have turned out to be completely meh. Both games have great first halves then simply fall off in fun and pacing during the second half. Fable 2 especially was a let down froma ending standpoint. Glad I rented it.

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I would like to see this for happen more for a lot of classic ps2 series. Great way to extend the life of ps2.

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First off the parry has been removed which improves the flow of the fight no longer do folks just sit around looking to parry and land counter punches. Stamina greatly effects your ability to slip or block punches which is realistic too. Only reason it seems arcade like is that you only get 3 rounds in the demo. So why sit there and try to be strategic with your approach? This game will always look arcade like and clunky unless you have two skilled players on the controllers. Cause when...

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Can't wait for the game. Still no Hitman Hearns in the roster but I guess Tyson makes up for that. I'm hoping this Canadian dev team pulls it off.

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The Hitman Tommy Hearns. I also feel they need flash knockouts. People get caught with a lucky shot all the time and go down. Knockout kings used to have one punch knockouts. It added a sense of tension to the matches which I liked. Dont make it happen too often but once in a while it was awesome to go out there and just clobber someone nad the match would be over.

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Snoop is the ish no matter what genre it is. I'll be downloading. Imagine playing Murder was the case or Gin and Juice.

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The game looks and plays excellent. I played the demo and enjoyed it tons. It will be a GOTY contender easily with most sites out there regardless of you few who cry that you cant run and gun. Only legit beefs in my mind are those pertaining to the shift from survival horror to what I call survival tension. The control scheme fits this mentality just like it did with the first PSX version. True RE fans know this and let's face it there are way more of us out there who cant wait to get so...

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