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As a child of the 80's the Crysis series really hits the right buttons. Like living out your bionic man, predator fantasies in video game form. One of the few FPS where the single player experience is still a main focus in development over the multiplayer. So obviously I'm a big fan. That being said I agree the debate about which version is better is needless at this point in the current consoles lifespan. What I predict is that you will see a new crop of special edition titles for ...

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Finally Someone gets it.

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3D is alive and well. On PC that is. 60hz performance and with software like Tridef 3D and Nivida's 3D vision no need for developers to add the feature in their games at all. Been playing Borderlands 2 in 3D on a 51 inch plasma and it's wonderful. The only real issue for most users is price and content. If Netflix and other rental companies would get with the program and rent 3D blu-rays then 3D would be adopted by all. Unfortunately as long as media companies put a premium price on 3...

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Have to agree with Them Bones about that theme. It still gives that sense of dread that's for sure.

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Damage to what or whom? It's a movie series from my childhood. At least that's where I think I left it? Kidding aside Star Wars is not that important to me anymore. So I'm able to laugh at these cash grab games for what they are. Cash grab games.

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I actually think the Star Wars dance portion redeems the whole game for simple laugh factor alone.

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The boat has sailed with FF. They are no longer linchpin releases. There audience has changed at least in the west, and they have yet to impress me this generation.

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Only thing I can say for the Astro product is that it has a integrated mic with all the built in functions. I love my AT's but I have had to mod them to have a boom mic and also I don't have the option for a mute. As to quality of sound I would say the Astro's are overpriced. Get the Amp and find your own headphone option you'll save some dough.

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I can't believe nobody here has mentioned the Audio technica series A700 or AD700? Those two headphones in my opinion for the price are bar none the best. Both can be purchased for around a 100 dollars and paired with the proper dolby amp are outstanding for gaming. In my case I paired them with a astro wireless mixamp 5.8 and I couldn't be happier. Trust me you can go with Senns or any other high priced options and still not match the sound and comfort of Audio technica.

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It's cultural issues for me that have steered me away from JRPG's. I'm 35 year's old so as I age the themes and dialog for most JRPG's wears really thin quickly for me.

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I for one am extremely pleased with this one. PC gaming is not for me regardless of performance and the superiority of PC over consoles in capability. D3 for me will be played on 360 with my friends running a party and loot dropping happily around me as I smash the minions of evil with my tricked out barbarian. Trust me folks D3 will do awesome on consoles. Especially those that don't feel like upgrading/buying a pc to play it.

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I love the multiplayer and have already took advantage of the Fortune Hunters club. Now if only Bethesda would do this for there single player titles.

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Rented Rage and enjoyed the combat and visuals but the story/ending was horrible. It's mainly a cash in to sell the tech more then anything.

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I'll try it. Hey it's not meant to be canon or anything it's just a genre spin off. Folks are being to damn critical.

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If you try to rely on blindfire all the time you will get smoked by quality players. It's a matter of distance when you engage the enemy. UC multiplayer is the most exciting and fun game I've played this generation next to Battlefield. The things you can pull off in UC multi are unlike any other game out there. It's about fun people and UC multi is fun.

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I'm fucking ready to die!!!!!!!!

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At this point who cares? Square lost there grip on that series with XII. They would be fools not to get as many sales as possible by not releasing this stateside for 360. Japan stays PS3 exclusive every where else it will be multiplat.

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The Resistance series is simply not that compelling. R3 while solid didn't change my mind about that one bit.

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Doesn't stop me from renting at all. I just rented Resistance 3 for example. Other then the original the series is very lackluster and I never had a desire to dive into the multiplayer anyway. Dead Island is another example of a game I'm glad I rented before purchasing. It's fun but because of technical issues I will now wait and purchase it later when it's cheaper and patched. Being disciplined and renting before buying, especially with titles of suspect quality is a great...

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DC universe subs should get there lost time added to there next subscription month. No more no less. PSN+ members deserve no compensation what so ever. PSN+ is simply a buyers club similer to Amazon prime. It does not effect the core experience of PSN nor is it needed to enjoy the core function that PSN delivers. Once again folks feel entightled to something for nothing.

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