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Knows Nothing, Won't Stop. #6.4
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The mentality of people on N4G confuses me, it's as if factual information on sales don't seem to make people understand why PCars sold more on PS4. There is no 'hunger' for a 'good' racing game but the want to purchase this game due it being just that.. A new game that appeals to a consumer.

The PS4 has a larger install base and the sales numbers make perfect sense. Can people not accept that? The saltiness and blatant ignorance on here is really kill... #22
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Oh look, it's the generic comment everyone keeps pretending is fact in this comment section. #20.1
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Why was your ass sorry? Too much of a pounding or? #29.1
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Something was said to me recently that I feel relates to what you've just said.

There's this guy I talk to at my gym on a regular basis, he's about 60 years old, good guy, knowledgeable and intellectual. We were having a conversation about women and there was one thing he said that hit me and I completely wholeheartedly agree on.

He said 'In this society and day and age, men are no longer the predators, women are. Men are slowly becoming the p... #23.1
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This is such blatant bull. Gaming and Pornography have not reduced masculinity in men at all and nor will it ever, there are thousands of other factors that play part in just how 'masculine' a man can choose to be. Pornography and gaming if anything are both enjoyed by couples as well, this I know from experience and knowledge.

To say that both these are an issue is just stupidity to the highest extent, the real issues that lie here are having an addictive personality... #25
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Well um, I don't think he was asking? But good information anyway? #1.1.1
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So, elaborate on why you are with this new EULA that rockstar has now created? There's nothing beneficial to the consumer here at all, mods make a game thrive even after people have forgotten about it. If we didn't have mods, games such as Counter Strike or Garry's Mod wouldn't exist. #6.1.1
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I believe you're confusing mods with hacks, sir. #5.1.1
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Well that was a completely uncalled for rant, are you lost on the wrong article? #6.3
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Needs a little more polish and a few more environmental things added for a nicer visual experience, but otherwise it looks quite good and plays amazingly! #4.1
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"Consoles at least for last gen"

PS3 and 360 still get the shaft. #2.1.2
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... What?

That trailer left me thinking "wtf did I just watch". #4
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Lemme answer said question with two words:

It won't. #9
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I'm not sure how much this will still improve BF4 for console players, all this does is allow people with higher framerates to send specific hertz of updates based on their fps, however consoles at least for last gen are capped at 30fps, so what improvement will that see? #2
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Can N4G have more articles like this please? This instantly caught my attention amongst all the doom, gloom and fanboy articles! Love it. Hahahaha #11
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Is there any hope of articles like this going away is the more realistic question.

Every day it's apparently doom and gloom for one of the consoles currently on the market, I suggest we all as a collective, intelligent and knowledgeable group begin boycotting these damn articles. It's getting out of hand. #3
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Cause skeet shooting people flying around isn't annoying enough already? I think this is the pinnacle of annoying and complicated gameplay with AW to be honest, I miss the simplistic days of CoD. #2.2
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Yes, let's create a video on how to gain a higher KD on a much more team oriented game.

The reason multiplayer has gone to shit so much these days is due to people caring so much about their precious KD and camping the whole game or ruining it for others by pointlessly sitting back and sniping the enemies. If you wanna help your team, especially on a BF game, PLAY THE DAMN OBJECTIVES AND WORK WITH YOUR TEAM. SIMPLE. #4
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Common sense?! No way, I must disagree due to my personal preference of console! /s

But seriously, your statement is obvious yet some people don't want to accept it. #4.1
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