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I'm passionate! Haha #3.1.1
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Do people that even approve these articles read them before clicking the damn approve button?

I mean c'mon! Which part of "Sadly the changelog for the patch doesn’t provide any details and just lists it as “various bug fixes and improvements” is the changelog?! #3
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Typo in the title, it should say:

Massive EU PSN Sale For PS4 Games #1
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"Who in their right mind would want to spend money on an incomplete game?"

It's funny you say that because lately that's what we as the consumer have been doing. We've all been getting shafted after purchasing a new game only to take it home and discover that it is virtually unplayable until an update actually occurs. Somehow we continue to accept this time after time and I for one don't see how this is acceptable creation and marketing of a game, it... #2.2
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Believe me, even with the connection issues Multiplayer is amazing, you do have to know the right create a class setups to cater for your needs though, but still you'll enjoy it immensely once the connection issues and bugs are all fixed!

Until then, campaign has some really good story and acting, not as good as Call of Duty 4 but still quite fun and well voiced. #1.1.3
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I haven't had that issue on PS3 luckily, which platform are you playing on? #6.2
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You'd think after making 10 Call of Duty titles they'd be able to manage the connection issues better by now.

Regardless, the game is really enjoyable, but the hit detection, freezing, lag, connection issues, spawns, masses of annoying campers (comes with any CoD to be fair) and glitches are killing my buzz and enjoyment.

I was literally just in a FFA match going 28-6 when the game froze.. Yay. #3.2
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What a ridiculous program, it's thinking like this that places the generalization on people that anything that is slightly violent will cause a child or person to be influenced and cause harm to people.

Not the case at all, if the child is raised right, understands wrong from right and isn't in an environment where he/she themselves are constantly exposed to first hand violence, then this isn't an issue. #8
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Honestly, it feels much more team oriented lately in comparison to how it felt originally, however it doesn't have the same feel as BFBC2. It's somewhat on-par and still very enjoyable, but sometimes still does feel a tad buggy! #4.1.1
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Next patch with Final Stand DLC remedies that issue! #6.1
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The game feels much more responsive, easier to get into and overall much more enjoyable, but there's still room for improvements, especially with how little the commander still get points and the system of how keeping a flag under control will gain you commander assets, these assets need to be persistent or at least something the other team can get to and destroy similar to Battlefield 2 (if anyone still remembers that) #4
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Paragraphs next time plz #10.1
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The same reason you'd pay $50 for XBL Gold. #4.3
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Really beginning to see why you've only got one bubble! #3.3
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Really, just one ball? What happened to the other one? #12.2
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One word: Tentacles. #3.1
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How does an article with 'facts' as this even get approval? Standard of journalism seems like 12 year olds are now also allowed to troll and get approval on N4G. #7
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Professionalism on the internet is a joke these days if I'm honest, the issue is people that review are letting their person grudges or preferences play into the review and not actually reviewing something for what it is.

It doesn't help when it seems like some certain sites are getting paid to praise a game, it just feels like the whole system of reviewers is broken and their trustworthiness isn't exactly solid either. #8.1.1
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I'll gladly trust the opinion of someone with one bubble that has a good habit of constantly bashing the PS4! You're spot on sir.. /s #2.1
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Ladies and gentlemen there's more proof that virtually anyone with even the most basic of English skills can slap on a score to a game they're talking about and become a reviewer, providing more proof to the argument that reviewers these days are holding less and less merit.

Seriously though, da fuq did I just read? Barely even a paragraph long.

And please don't begin disagreeing with me making the assumption I'm bashing Driveclub, the game is... #8
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