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"Life is a great thing, especially when lived to it's full potential."


Well that was a completely uncalled for rant, are you lost on the wrong article? #6.3
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Needs a little more polish and a few more environmental things added for a nicer visual experience, but otherwise it looks quite good and plays amazingly! #4.1
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"Consoles at least for last gen"

PS3 and 360 still get the shaft. #2.1.2
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... What?

That trailer left me thinking "wtf did I just watch". #4
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Lemme answer said question with two words:

It won't. #9
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I'm not sure how much this will still improve BF4 for console players, all this does is allow people with higher framerates to send specific hertz of updates based on their fps, however consoles at least for last gen are capped at 30fps, so what improvement will that see? #2
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Can N4G have more articles like this please? This instantly caught my attention amongst all the doom, gloom and fanboy articles! Love it. Hahahaha #11
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Is there any hope of articles like this going away is the more realistic question.

Every day it's apparently doom and gloom for one of the consoles currently on the market, I suggest we all as a collective, intelligent and knowledgeable group begin boycotting these damn articles. It's getting out of hand. #3
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Cause skeet shooting people flying around isn't annoying enough already? I think this is the pinnacle of annoying and complicated gameplay with AW to be honest, I miss the simplistic days of CoD. #2.2
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Yes, let's create a video on how to gain a higher KD on a much more team oriented game.

The reason multiplayer has gone to shit so much these days is due to people caring so much about their precious KD and camping the whole game or ruining it for others by pointlessly sitting back and sniping the enemies. If you wanna help your team, especially on a BF game, PLAY THE DAMN OBJECTIVES AND WORK WITH YOUR TEAM. SIMPLE. #4
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Common sense?! No way, I must disagree due to my personal preference of console! /s

But seriously, your statement is obvious yet some people don't want to accept it. #4.1
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It's a bit early into the new generation as well, I don't think the engines are currently optimized well enough to perform at their peak with the new gen hardware and it also doesn't help devs are just slacking off with some games and barely doing anything to improve optimization.

I feel maybe in a year or two we'll see some much better optimized games with better graphics, textures and frame rates once the devs know what to do for both consoles. #5.1
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Why do sites insist on comparing the console versions to the PC? The PC is obviously going to trump both of them, but that's just common knowledge.

Regardless, the PS4 is most likely going to be the slightly more superior version of the two consoles due to resolution and perhaps better hardware capabilities. I don't understand these comparisons and what they're trying to prove in the end. #8
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Mario? Lost it's appeal? Sir you are utterly insane.

I haven't upgraded as of yet this generation, mainly because I've seen no necessary need as of yet, but when it comes to games that still appeal to me and get my attention on a regular basis, Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda are easily up there with amazing single player stories as well as fun multiplayer aspects of some games as well. Sure, third party games may not be best on the console, but first party has yet m... #7.1.1
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This is what's frustrating me; everyone is saying this is 'modifying' your console. This is not a modification, this is using the tools provided by the console as well as some address editing (essentially what you do when you enter a custom IP address that's static) to enable you to fool your console to installing the Beta firmware.

I can understand people feel intimidated by this as they consider it a hack or mod, far from the case, this is simply just instal... #10.4.1
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And yet look at the amount of disagrees I get for being knowledgeable of the subject.

I forget not to write comments on N4G sometimes. #10.2.1
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How's that adding to the point I've made? I've stated it's the beta firmware and said there will be bugs?

In fact here, enjoy this quote from the website.

"Some people on external sites are saying this could brick your PS4, or that this could install some sort of “backdoor” on your PS4: those statements are false and based on nothing. The technique below does not install anything harmful on your PS4, it points the console to the official... #10.1.1
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For everyone who's stating that this method will brick your systems, actually have a read of the article.

All you're doing is installing the official Sony Beta 2.50 Firmware onto your console that is available to the beta testers, no chance of bricking the system, but as it is beta of course there will be bugs.

It's very simplistic stuff, but that being said it's only if you really want to see what the fuss is about, best option is to wait til... #10
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Ganja Kazooie was what I thought it said at first. Hahaha #9.1
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Dunno why but all I've got is the image of you in a race car with the PS4 strapped into the passenger seat. Lmfao #5.1
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