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I saw influences from Titanfall, Battlefield, Crysis and even a little classic CoD 4 tbh, it looks and will most likely play similar to most of the newer generation of Call of Duty games but it's just a shame they won't take it back to the old school CoD 4/WaW formula which was simplicity but enjoyment at its peak..

Speaking of CoD 4, anyone else notice how similar that music piece at the end of the trailer sounded like CoD 4's multiplayer main menu music? #12
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I'd commend treyarch for dealing with this in the correct manner, if the game game's hit detection was decent, let alone giving the host to someone with an actually decent internet connection and not giving all the other players a 2 bar connection.. -.- #3
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Lol, "manaendez" "patients" :')

Bet you didn't know there are four seperate endings and if you don't kill Mason and shoot him in the leg he survives.. Endings are based on decisions you make throughout the game, I like how you didn't know any of that and decided to post your comment anyway.. Lmao.

Overall I enjoyed the campaign but zombies are underwhelming and annoying as all hell, takes too long to achieve something on it... #9.1
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How is getting paid by corperations/people or even general bias a conspiracy? The majority of the time there is always a reason behind something, Kotaku are obviously doing this for some benefit so you tell me what it is.. #1.3.3
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Journalism use to have standards, now even a monkey could walk into an internet cafe and acidentally post an article on Kotaku that's complete jibberish and somehow thats labled "Journalism", what the hell happened to the human race? :/ #7
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You know with a username like that people might actually expect some intellect from you, turns out your LOGIC is FLAWED.. #1.3.1
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Looks pretty amazing if I may say so, I'm hoping the map sizes are decent though, especially now that they've completely remedied the input lag on PS3! I'm loving BF3 now! ^_^ #6
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And don't kid yourself in making the assumption that reviews mean everything, let alone a game just newly released upon a biased media who will rate anything that's been around longer better and anything else a "clone". #1.1.1
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Hell yeah send one my way! ;3 #1
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Another corporation sinking low, why? Because they've got your money and they know they'll get away with doing what they feel due to people not doing anything about it. Ridiculous. #9
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All PS3 Gamers don't have to pay an annual online fee, how's that working out for you? ;)

Unless your gonna use a legitimate argument against the PS3 then do reply, otherwise, do shut up. :3 #3.1.1
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When something seems like something, it most likely is. #2.1
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I got locked out of MP yesterday but I jumped on today and it seems to be working (Surprising tbh) and all my mates can play now too, ya'll might wanna give it a go now cause it seems to have been resolved. #6
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It's a fustrating issues I'll give everyone who has the issue credit for not snapping their disc in half, but c'mon people it's only been two days since release, the majority of most games have multiplayer issues on release day, even though it virtually is the same system over and over again in CoD and they probably should have worked the kinks out by now, it's still the same with most games, so just sit back for a little and I'm pretty damn confident this issue should... #5
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Ya'll are feeding the troll.. It's obvious he wants hits, so why hit it? #15
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How to get banned in Call of Duty: Play like a pro and get banned for apparently boosting, it happened to me and hey I really did appreciate that one month ban for playing the game legitimately. -.- #9
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"Kids who think they are hard"

Well Im sure the nerdy kids have a 1 inch hard on for CoD ;D bahaha #5.1
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What happened to gaming in the old days? Honestly these days we're all wall street buyers and sellers, I miss when gaming news was actually about new games and developement procresses and interviews, these companies have been around for generations and so have we as humans, it our natural ability to survive and if anything surpass if we feel we can, Sony have been around too long to just go down now, so relax people, take a seat and catch you breath because just like a hurricane or tornad... #11
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Google translate strikes again! #1.1
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