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What type of system are you running it on? I had the same problem with my Macbook Pro, but all I had to do was install the boot camp drivers from the OSX Install Disc. If that doesn't work, go to realtek's site and download their audio driver for Vista.

Running 64-bit on a Macbook Pro and I'm loving it. MS really did something here....of course, they had to!

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Kid Icarus is one of the most incredible games on the NES, and perhaps of all time. So many great memories from that game, and I had been crying for another iteration of that story and game. However, now that it may be coming back...well, I'm not totally sure that I want it to. I almost liked the idea of it being that one amazing game, which didn't need a sequel. In the age of so many sequels and remakes in movies, games, and starts to become refreshing to see something great ...

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WWII is obviously the most epic of modern world conflicts, but it is time for a rest. There are plenty of other conflicts that can be good and still incorporate modern warfare tactics and weaponry. I mean, we could go the first Gulf War, the current War on Terror, or plenty of other conflicts in the past 20 years. Basically, any conflict that has "red dot sights", "scopes", automatic weapons, and "UAVs" (OK, there are no conflicts with UAVs but you get the point)...

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nice shirtz

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Yeah, I do know. That's what I mean, the screens look old. Also, at this point, several months after launch, I'd like to see a few "original" maps rather than rehashed single player maps.

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Is it just me or do the graphics in the screen shots look like they're from an early build of the game. "Dusk" and "Broadcast" definitely don't look on par with the final version of COD4. Also, it says "rumored" maps. To me it just sounds more like a best guess, so I'd take this with a grain of salt.

To be honest, I have higher standards than a few reworked maps from the campaign.

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Where in my post, of which I'm assuming you're commenting towards, does it say that Blu-Ray didn't win the format war? I didn't say that and I don't see anyone denying that Blu-Ray won, of course it did. I own a Blu-Ray player (aka PS3) and have invested money into buying movies for that format. I like it, I'm going to keep it, and it's not going anywhere for years to come. That being said, your comment is exactly why I get so frustrated with many of the posts on this site. All I'm saying is ...

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Sore loser? Who are you talking to? Obviously not me. I own a PS3 and have 20 Blu-Ray movies to go along with it. In fact, I had both formats and just got done ebay-ing my HD DVD collection. It's only a matter of time before DLC is the winner of all formats. In the near future, when flash drives and sim cards can store 80+ GB then there is no need for a disc of any kind. HDDs will be your "hard copy" not some flimsy disc. This isn't a personal attack, this is fact and WILL be the fu...

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No doubt that BluRay won this most recent "format" war, but the point is that it's not necessarily going to be the format of choice for everyone. DLC is going to win, eventually. If you don't believe me then I suggest that you take notice how Itunes is now the second largest retailer of music...ahead of Best Buy. Yeah, that's right. If Netflix partners with some hardware manufacturers then watch out Blu-Ray or any other format for that matter. I like my Blu-Ray movies and I'll conti...

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Ummm....Resistance2 and MGS4 have nothing to do with GTAIV, neither does GoW2 (guy below). So, let's talk about how bad ass those screens are and how I can't wait to take a boat to the Statue of Liberty and murda some fools (in the game, of course).

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Thanks for posting those specs. I knew it was a beast (for it's size) but never knew it rivaled the PSP in that aspect. I have no doubt that it's capable of handling games, graphically speaking, it's just that the lack of a d-pad or joystick would make it difficult to control a complex game. I'd definitely be into an add-on via USB for a mini controller of sorts though!

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Don't confuse this with a true handheld gaming console. The games will surely be fun and innovative, but also very simple. I own a couple of Zunes and I think they're great, and the software is now much better than the original software they released. The addition of games will be very nice and just one more thing to add on to an already cool gadget.

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Unnecessary comment. Zune is hardly a flop. No one had the expectations, including MS, that it would be the ipod killer. Only the media hyped it up for that to be the expectation. It's in second place in the mp3 player market (granted with a large margin between 1 and 2) and is a good device. I have an ipod Touch, ipod shuffle, 8GB Zune, and 30GB Zune. I like each of these devices for different reasons. I'm excited about the possibility of free games for the Zune as one more thing I can do wi...

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It's the idea that these small developers can get feedback on their ideas, and maybe land a contract with MS to get on XBLA or better. Brilliant idea by MS, because this would give them a great way to recruit new/innovative developers to work for them on bigger projects. Good for MS and good for XBL gamers. Smart.

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To be honest, I've caught myself talking about games in front of other people and feeling a little weird. I'll be talking to a friend at a party or something, saying "I killed that little b*tch and his friend too" and then realize I'm getting weird looks. I can definitely understand some old lady's shock getting a call like that.

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You're joking, right? Cause the 80GB isn't selling well at all. That may be one reason that Best Buy is deciding to close out their current stock of 80GBs and then not offering it after that.

Sony needs to stick to the 40GB right now, sell some units and then see about a new model with some additional features in the future.


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9 out of 100 mp3 player owners have a Zune, and 8 out of 100 computer owners have a Mac...oops. We'll forgive Steve this go around.

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This is a great idea for the Wii. Graphically, there is a strong comparison between Dreamcast games and Wii games.

Give me SPEED DEVILS! That game was one of the best arcade style racing games ever. Loved that many good memories!

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I agree, normally 800 points ($10) and it's a new game, and not some rehashed arcade classic. This is better than what I expected, so I'll happily download it free of charge. In all fairness, I think this is a good compensation for lost time on LIVE for those few weeks. People were wanting free year subscriptions and 2000 MS Points, and that simply was not going to happen nor was it even owed to us for the inconvenience. This is fair.

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Does 27 years old count as a kid?

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