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Personally I think car diversity is most important.

Think about, would you rather have 10 Toyotas, or the top model from 10 different car manufacturers?

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You can never have too many cars. However when the developer is sacrificing quality of the cars and game, just to get a larger car count that the competition, that is unacceptable.

Sadly this is what Sony forced Polyphony to do, sacrifice quality for quantity.

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I saw that one, Im not so sure why everyone likes this guy so much. KB comes off as kind of creepy to me, in the ad where he smells the chicks hair, that only made it worse. It doesn't help that I can't stand blondes.

I wonder what would people think of KB if he was part of a Microsoft ad campaign? Anybody here think for one second he would be as celebrated?

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What ever GT5 is, 1080p 1080i, it does not do it very well. Screen tearing is off the charts, and the shadows and reflections look like crap. Forza beats it in those areas hands down. We have all seen the footage.

GT5 also is not locked at 60fps, Forza beats it there as well, so when its all done GT5 often looks like crap, Forza looks good all the time.

Poly should have cut back on the cars on screen and went with 720p, which most devs say is optimal for this...

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But it was you guys who said the damage was "unlocked" at level 40? How can you guys criticize IGN and others for not knowing "wtf" they are talking about, or not having played the game long enough, when even you guys didnt know "wtf" you were talking about?

Further more, the confusion on this issue just proves how much of a mess the game is, how can millions of people who are playing the game not be able to figure out something that is so simple...

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@ Major Nelson:

Thats because your sitting in the land of make believe.

The graphical and audio flaws in this game are inexcusable for any game released in 2010, GT# fans everywhere should be outraged after what you guys went through to get this game.

The fact that you are not says a lot about what this is all about to you. Gaming has turned into a big pep rally for two massive billion dollar corporations, and nothing more, its sad.

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Um your kidding write?

OK the first one was crazy, but it seems like he is crazy over his product and developers getting hyped for it. Not sure what part of that makes you think he is pure capitalist?

The guy is a billionaire, money is probably his furthest concern.
And wtf is so wrong with being a good capitalist? what would be better? if he were some kind of evil socialist instead? That would be great hey, he could force everyone at MS to turn in t...

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This was one of the 3 most honest reviews I have read of GT5.

Given the issues that were described in the review I would say 6 out of 10 is fair. Did any of you actually read the review or did you just fly off the handle and cry "xbot"!!!!?

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I agree, I played it at someone elses house too, its fun to monkey around in for a while, so many options and so much to see and do. But when I felt like cutting to the chase and playing a sim racer, I felt like putting down GT5 and firing up Forza 3.

GT5 is kind of a mess to get around in and get anything done, and that music makes me want to chew my own ears off.

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NO not all of them, a few are original to this gen, they just still look like poo.

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They went for quantity over quality, period. To be fair I think that was Sony who pushed Poly to do that, Sony only cares about bragging rights and PS3 numbers being bigger than 360 numbers.

Quality and actual performance is secondary for Sony, just like PS3, looks better on paper than 360, but in real life, 360 is the better gaming machine.

Same here, GT5 looks better on paper, and sounds good in reviews to be able to say 1031 cars, in real life it is a slop...

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Well I can guarantee the real version of the car doesn't have all those jaggies.

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IT funny you say that, before the delay the game drove very different. Remember right after the Forza 3 launch, people played GT5 at events and found the physics to be horrid in comparison, right after that they announce a delay for GT5.

Now suddenly the cars drive just like the cars in Forza, hey Im just saying, this proves that competition is great for gaming.

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After 5 years the game play experience should be done, Im sorry the fact that the game has glaring flaws that need to be fixed with updates is insane, Poly could really use some lessons in game development from Turn 10.

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No probably not, im thinking they will be lower than expected for a while. Sony never brags about failure.

Not trying to be a troll here im serious, I dont think they will talk numbers until they are respectable enough for GT series.

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This game was in development for over 5 years, and it needs updates already????

I have been reading this all over the web, that it needs updates, geez polyphony, what gives?

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you cant compare GT5 to NFS sir, they are two different beasts all together. You have to compare GT5 to other sims. If you dont like sims then you will never like GT5 or Forza no matter what they do or dont do.

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Who disagreed with a guy who is actually playing the game????

This guy sounds legit, I believe him, not to mention we have all seen what he is saying is true from videos online.

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How do you come to that conclusion?

Other games simply put the cars that the gamers/customers want to see the most in the games, since this is a Japanese game first, it has lots of Nissans and odd choices in premium vs standard, if judged by our western tastes.

Dont blame it on manufacturers, the Veyron, Porsche, all those cars are premium in Forza, and they can be smashed and tuned.

What is missing is a result of Japanese tastes and way of d...

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LOL spoiler alert, that was actually pretty funny! :)

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