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Remember all of those many with fond memory. 1080 Snowboarding needs to bump one of these though. Not sure at moment which I would replace with.

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Pre-ordered min like 10 minutes ago on best buy

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Coming out of rest mode the ps4 turns on but the screen stays black for me. My controller light bar is a white/very light blue color not the normal blue. when i press and hold the ps button for several seconds screen pops on and an error code appears. Suggests to update the system and asks if I want to report the error. Once I send the error report the system then seems to run without any further issues. Hopefully gets fixed soon, kinda scaring me it just wont boot up one of these times....

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Mortal Kombat II on Sega Genesis

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using sling tv, hulu plus and netflix along with hd antenna. Not enough info has been given out on this system and the price is a bit underwhelming. Also, I have now invested in 3 amazon fire tv hubs. First tried the roku sticks and they were garbage. Finally able to break away from DirecTV where I was paying $110 for a basic package, 3 boxes the 2nd and third box incurred a fee, hd and dvr fees. My wife slightly missing her TLC and Bravo trash tv shows but oh well. I'm sure they w...

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Pretty cool. It would be fun to be able to have something like this at home to bike whenever you in February in central NY state where it is less then 5 degress out at the moment and roughly 2 feet of snow on the ground. Literally every time I pull my Pathfinder into the garage and see my bike hanging I close my eyes and cant wait for spring to be here.

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Please come to the PS4 and Vita

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@ Pandamobile

I agree the game will be a success overall. I don't think the X1 will be the reason for the success however. I suspect the success will be mainly due to the 360 install base. Unfortunately the take off on the new systems will not happen until the next version a few years down the road. Just not enough X1 systems in houses to make it much of a success on its own.

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I have received 3 systems for Christmas over the years first being the Original Gameboy that came with Tetris and I also received Super Mario World, Sega Genesis that came with Sonic 2 and also Madden and lastly I received an Original Xbox with Halo and Dead or Alive 2.

All three made for fun and memorable Christmas mornings!

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just a disclaimer I have not touched an X One pad but its not the first time I've heard the pad felt cheap/a back step to the 360 pad.

360 pad was a great pad. very usable to all games besides fighters in my opinion. Liked it more so than the ds3. Love the love feel of the ds4 so far.

The bumpers are the thing that looks awkward to me on the new Xbox pad. I'm sure its a great pad though.

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Wow that's crazy. Plus she was telling him he could cut cable if he went with the One which is flat out wrong. Kind of weird though because the Gamestop I tend to stop at most had more pro Sony staff. Funny thing is the last time I was in it seemed as if there was an entirely new regime of employees in there. I know that tends to happen frequently though.

This seems like a very Microsoft move though so can't say there is no way. On the other hand this guy could ...

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I'll give it a try! Thanks for the help

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I attempted to watch my first bluray this past weekend. It was the lack of audio options that had me baffled. I was watching Lord of the Rings: The fellowship of the ring.

My setup has my ps4 and ps3 running via hdmi to a hdmi switcher which then has a digital optical cable running to my receiver. My receiver has no hdmi options.

All I could get sound wise from the movie was pro-logic II or no sound at all. If under options I had dolby digital selected i...

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Winning an award/trophy and not even earning it. I truly am One gifted individual. I really should say I cannot accept it due to not being deserving of [email protected] it.

I can's say no to a trophy. Thanks, it will go up alongside the two Fantasy football trophies that will be coming home this 2013.

I am many things, troll I am not. Past two generations leaned more favorable to the Xbox brand(had an xbox live account since the day...

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In an market research report provided to IGN, it was revealed that the PlayStation 4 is the quickest-selling console in history.

Sony sold over 1,000,000 units in 24 hours in North America (Canada included). This sure looks to me as if Sony was truly faster selling more consoles in one 24 hour period of time vs. Mic...

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Been using my Tritton 720's. Never took the packaged mic out of the box.

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Have only been able to mess around with the practice mode. Wanted to play a few rounds last evening but continue to just get a searching for game icon. I waited a few minutes and started up bf4. Hopefully I will be able to get into a match soon.

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Do you know where to find the 1.5 system recovery file? Only The 1.5 update file is on the official U.S. Playstation site.

I downloaded the supposed 1.5 update and system recovery a few days ago from another site, but would much rather download the file from Sony's official site.

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That is why you want DLNA. You can stream your music/videos from your PC and not use any HDD space on the ps4.
Have been using this feature a ton since 2006. mainly for music but some home video use. For music it works flawless. Home video tends to be rather choppy for some reason.

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aka 3rd party studios will make their games on par regardless if one system is ultimately more powerful. It is good business sense. All comes down to first party studios. Unless...COD is truly running 1080p ps4 vs 720p Xbox One...LOL I kid I kid.

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