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"Taking back gaming at"


I still think this whole thing is a hoax to drum up publicity. The whole thing is convoluted and confusing, but apparently interesting to a large group of people (just like MGS...) Smells too strongly of Kojima. #2
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I'm probably going to try to dig a little deeper into the game to see how much things change as you unlock new characters, etc, but I just don't see this as much more than a mobile "time-waster" experience that I can't play on my phone. #1
Its not so much a matter of the game being "bad" from what I understand, but more so that it isn't an actual Metroid title, which is what everybody actually wants. #10.1
Consider how frequently Halo titles are released, then how frequently Metroid titles are released, then ask your question again. #2.3
The end of Bastion really hit me in the feels. Not that it was "sad", per-se, but it was very moving. #5
Half of these games are just old games with "better" graphics (particularly insulting given some of the games are like 2 years old).

I wouldn't count Destiny, either Gears of War, Journey, or Rare Replay as "new" releases. (Although I am sort of psyched for Rare) #5.2
Psyched about this game, but the tank portions of it seem so not-batman-y. It just doesn't jive with the rest of the experience. #1
Where the heck did you sell it for $35, the trade in values for it are between $8 and $15. #28.1
This game has totally fallen off the radar for me. They had a lot of chances to make me care, but they just keep botching every new attempt. Shame, because it had some really great actual shooting gameplay. Just an embarrassingly lazy story and repetitive, grindy gameplay. #3
As a person who watched a shit ton of anime in his day, I can say for certainty that in almost every instance, the japanese voices are ALWAYS better than the english ones. Subtitles are such a bitch though haha. #2
Everyone has differing likes and dislikes, I don't think its really fair to say that its "sad" that people get excited for things that you don't like. That's a pretty egocentric stance to take. #2.1
Backward compatibility was something I wanted a lot, and complained about the lack of, a lot. I was floored when they announced this. I couldn't believe it. #3.1
I have a really hard time believing that a game playing at 30, 40, or 50fps instead of 60fps impacts a person's gameplay experience so heavily that it actually takes away from the enjoyment of playing. #1.2
Its sad that marketing groups have been able to latch on to random features like "GRAPHICS" and "FRAMES PER SECOND" and use them as buzzwords to sell games to people who don't know any better. I understand that 60fps looks better than 30fps, but the majority of people who see 30fps without a reference of 60fps are not saying "Ugh, this looks terrible, must be 30fps." When you compare them its more obvious, but is it really worth stripping features out of the... #2
We Love Fine also used to feature some great content from some of my favorite comic creators Kelly Sue Deckonnick and Matt Fraction, although since the site's update I havent seen anything from them. #5
I too love blowing huge amounts on money on stuff related to games that aren't games themselves. My unread Hyrule Historia still glares at me every time I walk past my book shelf... #3
Unfortunately, Bethesda has been famous for their bug-riddled releases since Daggerfall, so I wouldn't be shocked if the game was an absolute mess for the first couple of days. #14.1.1
Just remember, its a Bethesda game so its going to be buggy as all hell for the first week or so. Maybe longer. #14
Definitely looks better (graphically) than FO3 did. Hopefully doesn't fall prey to the Skyrim/Bioshock Infinite style "things look nice but some textures are embarrassingly terrible" syndrome. #7
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