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"Taking back gaming at"


So its Dark Souls but faster, prettier, and with a gothic theme. Why didn't I buy a PS4? #1
The ones that shoot are my favorite....

Okay seriously - Original plasma pistol from Halo CE. You can literally go through the whole game with one of those. Everyone is so rock hard for the human pistol, but the plasma pistol in that game, fired as fast as you can, is SO OP. They demolished it, along with the human pistol, in Halo II.

Also, the Barrett 40 cal in Call of Duty 4 was my jam. #1
I completely love Torchlight. Its one of my favorite games of all time. I also love Diablo. They're practically exactly the same game. I've played tons of other dungeon crawlers, none being quite so similar.

The term wasn't meant in a derogatory way, which I think was fairly clear having stated my great affection for both games. #1.3.1
Guess I never got far enough in to see that that is how the other ones worked. That's pretty cool though. I'm definitely itching to jump back in and see what I've been missing out of since the game launched. #3.1
I see. I must admit I never got that high in level and only played it immediately after the game was released and without any of the add-ons. From what I knew, that just struck me as really crazy, wiping out all the normal health potions. #1.1.1
Very weird to me, the changes to health potions. I can't really wrap my mind around how they're supposed to work now. Guess I'll have to jump back in and find out. Seems a little silly to me though, having a bottomless health potion that only heals to 60%. Like, why not just include regenerating health at that point? #1
I love halo a ton but the MCC is the biggest pile of garbage in history. Did you suffer through 100+days of the online not working? Unacceptable. #1.1.2
Space would be AMAZING #4.2
As someone who really hates ambiguous endings, I definitely hear what crimsonfox is saying. They always piss me off. Although the DLC does a nice job of sort of helping things along, in some ways at least. #3.2.2
Certainly wasn't trying to be obvious about the fact that this wasn't real or anything....definitely wasn't part of the joke.... #10.1
best comment ever haha. #8.1
So we fooled you then, huh? Happy April! #6.1
So I totally want this game now, and I can say I've never even heard of it until reading this. Sounds great to me. We need more games built in the style of the old days, when mechanisms and game design were more important than the count of how many individually-modeled hairs you could identify on your in-game attack dog. DOG HAIR PHYSICS SON, WHO NEEDS GOOD GAMEPLAY WHEN WE HAVE DOG HAIR PHYSICS!? #2
Bummed this is exclusively a PS4 title. But then again, what else is new? 2D darksouls style seemed really interesting. #2
Glad to see you have a firm understanding of my argument... #2.1.1
I think a lot of people wanted this, actually. That's why this is such a big deal. What has me the happiest about all this is that rather than just slap a bunch of their old games onto the itunes store with reworked touch controls (which is the WRONG way to do touch controls....) they've said that they are actually going to develop NEW games that are build around the medium that they are designing for, which has always been one of the few things Nintendo is really really good at, almo... #2
Yes, this. Its a real shame, because I really don't want to have to buy a PS4, but there's just nothing coming down the pipe for XB1 that is of any interest to me at all. #8.1
Its not a matter of being "out of games" its a matter of the Xbox One library of games being abysmal. I should know better, I'm a third gen Xbox user, but if you don't want a same-old same-old shooter, you're basically out of luck. #3.1
Yes! That's what I was thinking of. I know I didn't just pull that out of no where. Thanks! #1.2.3
There are some truly hysterical points in the game where Dinklebot says something along the lines of "I'm about to tell you some really important story stuff, oh wait, no time, never mind." Its funny because it shows a great amount of self awareness on the devs part, although I feel like just putting in more detail probably would have been better. #5.1
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