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PUNS! #1
Luckily the new update is making it so that legendary engrams ONLY give you legendary items now. No more "oh good, another blue item....wooo" #4.2
I tend to go back and forth between multiplayer and single player experiences. Single player is always for the story while multiplayer is for the competition #7
I agree with all of this. After being pretty disappointed when I first played it, I realized last night that (at level 10) I'm really loving this game. Its cool. Its just plain cool. I really wish there was more of a grand story and narrative associated with it, but considering it to be—for now—a Cloverfield I-don't-know-anything-beca use-why-would-I-in-the-first-pl ace sort of story is helping me to enjoy everything else about it.

TZR better have a group together for... #7
I'm definitely interested in this game...but not sure how it'll play on a handheld. #1
To be clear, I was only joking in the article about them pulling the game off of other systems. I think discontinuing support of the game on these other systems would be the most likely event should this deal go down. #7.1
I think this is the most likely thing to happen, should this deal actually go down. Notch will leave Mojang, and the skeletal remnants of the company will be instructed to divert all updates scheduled for Minecraft to instead be used to create Minecraft II which will be an Xbox/Windows exclusive. They'll just let the first game die on the vine, which would piss off a lot of fans of the franchise. #5.2
I have to agree that the direction they are going in is one that is very different than before. Its what I always want to call the Mass Effect or Resident Evil syndrome.

I'm just seeing too many parallels in my love of ME2 and my extreme disappointment in ME3 (and I don't even mean the ending, I was surprisingly okay with the ending)

Suddenly the games are all about shooting dudes in the face and hiding behind walls and for this game it just didn... #2.1
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Who needs a booklet hiding the picture on the inside of the sleeve when you can just replace the artwork with the legal document? Amirite....?

No I definitely see your point. I'd have loved to see the art on the inside of ME3 rather than the "buy our stuff now" leaflets. #14.1
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Halo 2 took 18 days, 23 hours of my life, hours that I'd never trade. I don't know if it was because it was the first legitimate online experience I ever had that I consider it the best, or if it really legit deserves that honor, but I'd like to believe it does. In the least we can establish that it is the foundation on which console online shooters were built. #5.1
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I'll just leave this here....

http://www.escapistmagazine... #26.2.2
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I wonder how long it will take for PC gamers to lose this snarky attitude toward "lowly console gamers" that they've had for a decade now. Yo dude, since, I don't know, Halo:CE consoles have had a claim in the shooter market. Its not going away and massaging your pc gaming ego by insinuating that console shooters are some freak of nature isn't helping. Personally, I play shooters on both systems because I'm a gamer, and I don't try to make my choice of platfor... #26.2
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doesn't that prove the point that the only reason they are putting BioWare's name on it is to sell more title? #4.2
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you've won the best comment ever award #4.1
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The "Sony Hacker Flees to South America" article doesn't actually appear anywhere on the site. I'm a bit confused as to what you are talking about. #7.1
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awesome, post any pictures you take at our facebook for instant internet gamer fame! #1.1
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It really comes down to what Notch keeps saying. "Its lawyers being lawyers" Copyright law at its finest. #1.1
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I admit "loophole" probably was a bit leading and there could be a better term, but its obvious that Sony was at least sort of attempting to hide this. A 30 day deadline, the information buried on page 17. This isn't hate on Sony, it was a good try but when it comes right down to it, it really doesn't matter. #8
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The idea of copyrighting a single word sounds a bit ridiculous, especially when that's not even the name of Bethesda's game. I can definitely see Bethesda suing if their game was called "Scrolls:Oblivion" or "Scrolls:Morrowind" but I'm sorry, does that mean that no other companies can use the word Elder in the name too? #6.1
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Yeah the poster comes inside too. I kinda would have liked a Halo Reach thing with all the characters as statues, but meh, poster is pretty rad too. #4
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