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I still don't think this game is enough to justify buying the whole system.

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I buy this 100%. Makes perfect sense to me.

Also, in response to demand for the NES classic...RetroPi guys. Seriously. $35.

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I'm just happy Captain Marvel made it in. Beyond that, they could pick anyone. I guess it'd be really weird to have a MvC without Wolverine in it, too.

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Oh yeah, just like the Wii U.......oh.

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Actually, the article is marked 'opinion' which are literally subjective

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This looks like a closed macbook with one of those huge clamshell cases on it.

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Droppin' Truth Bombs

I'd even keep the WiiU graphics if we could just have a regular controller and 3rd party support.

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I think you're absolutely right, and honestly, I'd never want Nintendo to change that philosophy (Focusing on Fun, rather than hardware power). That's what makes them so great. I just think sometimes their drive to innovate, rather than make games more fun and accessible, makes them more difficult to interact with. That's when innovation goes from being a great thing to a liability.

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Literally 1 sentence of this article is about the NX, and it focuses much more heavily on the issues I've personally had with Nintendo's model of forced innovation over the last 20 years.

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I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the feedback!

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Love this idea. Almost too smart for me to believe nintendo came up with it.

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Yes, definitely pass unless they do some major patching on the controls. Its rough.

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I think a lot of the vitriol here has to do with the backer experience. Delays out the ying yang, now codes that don't work. However the game itself performs (and from what I've heard, its pretty terribly) the actual business end of the whole thing has been one screw up after the next.

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its like watching a slow motion train wreck
you don't know why you enjoy it, but you do

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Game looks pretty interesting, shame no word on console releases.

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I wonder if the gravity stuff in this game will be enough to help it stand out amongst all the other arena shooters we seem to be inundated with lately.

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Great pilot episode! Hope to do more soon!

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FINALLY I can play my favorite game again without the horrible dubbing of the 3DS version. Immediate purchase for me.

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This is really cool. Particularly cool that it looks like Rocket League is going to be the testing grounds. Fantastic game.

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Great video! Shame the game focuses so much on competitive/tournament fighting game players. I definitely won't be picking it up because of this.

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