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Game looks pretty interesting, shame no word on console releases.

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I wonder if the gravity stuff in this game will be enough to help it stand out amongst all the other arena shooters we seem to be inundated with lately.

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Great pilot episode! Hope to do more soon!

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FINALLY I can play my favorite game again without the horrible dubbing of the 3DS version. Immediate purchase for me.

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This is really cool. Particularly cool that it looks like Rocket League is going to be the testing grounds. Fantastic game.

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Great video! Shame the game focuses so much on competitive/tournament fighting game players. I definitely won't be picking it up because of this.

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Personally, I'd say no, but that's just my tastes. If you think you'll like it, why not?

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Agreed, the Mario Kart and Mario Maker bundles (the only ones available right now for MSRP) are a great value. Shame the SSB and Splatoon double bundle is like $500 online now.

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Not to mention New Super Mario Bros. U. Prices on that are insane right now.

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Psyched about this, but wishing I hadn't just ordered a $30 copy of Super Mario 3D world over the weekend. Oh well...

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Never tried it, but maybe this is a good reason to take a look.

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Really hoping that A) Mass Effect actually makes it out this year, and B) that its writing is substantially better than the writing in Mass Effect 3.

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It definitely depends on the LPer, and there is a ton of garbage out there, and a ton of people who don't fit your (somewhat narrow) definition of an LPer, like the Game Grumps, but its definitely out there. I find there's just as much of that present on Youtube as on Twitch, and just as much garbage on Twitch as on Youtube

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Definitely agree regarding the LPers. There are a ton of great ones but also a huge HUGE amount of complete garbage as well.

While I probably wouldn't critically talk about a game I hadn't played before, I still don't really see how its different than dudes who have never held a football analyzing sports statistics and critiquing plays, etc.

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Right there with you on #1 and #2 and definitely watched a lot of games I have no interest in specifically because of the LPer (#3), particularly the Game Grumps.

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Yeah I recognize that its not fair to judge a post-apocalyptic setting against a fantasy setting by merit of interest in those concepts alone, but I just feel like Skyrim was inherently designed around capturing a sense of excitement and wonder with every area, as Fallout 3 managed to do by showing us landmarks we recognize in extreme disrepair. The setting itself, and particularly the Boston setting, weakens their ability to do this by recognition alone.

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I figure a lot of people consider these 2 games to be pretty much the same thing, but they just don't evoke the same sort of emotional response in their exploration. Skyrim fills me with wonder and curiosity, Fallout makes me feel like a dude with a grocery list staring ever at the floor.

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Don't really understand why Cloud is even in this game. He's not a Nintendo character, and has never appeared on anything on a Nintendo console. Also, he's Cloud....who cares?

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oooooh snap who's excited!? This Guy

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Sorry, too busy with Halo...

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