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I find this is one of those instances where EA just fucked up and got some bad press, but it seems like those instances are happening more often. EA needs some good PR to make up for their Customer Service mishaps or just fix the mishaps all together.

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GabeN is overpowered IMO, I think its time for a NERF '-'

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Gabe = Heavy. POINT PROVEN

Kojima > God. he gets YOUNGER with age

Great read!

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"Why is it that almost every gaming site has writers that cater to an under 12 crowd?!"

I stopped reading there

Why is it that everyone must think that if the writer's opinion sucks, that it "caters to an under 12 crowd"

Get a sense of reason or better yet just keep it to yourself

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really cool inteview, so far the game sounds intresting. hope to see some gameplay soon

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Oh gabe you and your supposed files :P

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Damn I thought Boon would have had it with those Mortal kombat skills

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Kreyg you never fail in reporting the best gameing news! I think we should have a news cast for you!

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Support the cause we want to break $7,800!!!

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