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I'm glad there are a few ppl who like this one. I think the maps are better than Black Ops and MW2 but below COD4. Plus, I like the idea of support strike pakages.

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Actually all the Armored Core games are made by From Software not just this one. AC V does look better than some of the more recent entries though. The persistent online mode sounds interesting.

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Probably just looking for hits. It's not a game most people would rate this low even though it's a few years old.

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Haha I'm hoping for the same thing, jump from $20 credit to credit so I don't pay more than $40 for Uncharted or Skyrin.

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I usually buy new from Amazon and can't remember the last time I paid full price for a game. For example I waited a month to buy Deus Ex and got it for $40 instead of $60. Deals are out there, they just need to be found.

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My online problem with OnLive is the slight input delay while playing first person shooters plus the resolution not being that great.

Maybe using a wired internet connection would fix this...

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You still don't have to play multi-player. The devs have already said clearly that you can get the full experience through single player. Besides just buy the game new and you'll not be paying extra for multi-player.

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Amazon seems to have it for a fairly cheap price.

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I pretty much clicked on this to ensure that Homeworld was included and sure enough it is. I approve.

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Fair enough, I already knew about Paris but didn't need to know about the nuke. I even avoided playing the beta so it doesn't spoil playing the finished article.

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Hmm.. might want either put spoiler in the heading or change the title all together. I didn't really want to know this piece of information till I found out in the game.

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Well that did kind of startle me at first but it's not like you're totally out of control. I've actually crashed while in DFM once, maybe I'm just that bad haha.

I guess if you don't like the combat system then that's that. I personally am having a good time, waving my controller all over the place in a vain attempt to turn those few extra degrees to avoid missles lol.

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It does feel like COD but do you think you'd like it more if they changed the combat but kept the sci-fi type story?

I've bought this game and really like it but was kinda disappointed about it being set in the real world. I'll give this story a try though and see how I like it.

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Hmmm can't say I agree with you here. How is it more repetitive than before? It still consists of shooting down planes and bombing stuff.

In fact there's more aspects to combat like DFM, counter maneuvers etc.

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I'm the same way, I try avoid the betas now cause it ruins the wow factor when I play the actual game for the first time. Just did it recently for BF3.

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Yup, also, I rarely see any of their new ads on TV. I saw some of the older Kevin Butler ads but I'd like to see this one on TV as well.

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I've played it for about an hour so far and I really think it's worth the 8 bucks. For that I wasn't expecting a hardcore RTS experience but instead you get a unique interpretation on an old genre and a solid game underneath.

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Dammit, I was about to say the same thing haha.

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It's....different. You have to be more patient and mis-timing your tackles means the attacler can easily get by you leading to opportunities.

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Why would a beta for one of the most anticipated games of the year and 1 week early expansion packs not go down well?

PS fans will be happy for the 1 week exclusivity while 360 gamers probably won't care waiting a week instead of a month or whatever it is for COD on the PS3

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