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What a cock! The loud and whinny of the internet are deplorable but Fish does himself no favours #78
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Would be great if it works!! Make selection (PS4 Europe) and it then says to come back and make the selection again on the 17th!!

Also the FAQ states that you need to play ON the 27th @ 8pm PDT in order to get an exclusive emblem. Which is 4am BST 5am CEST which seems a bit off. I'm hoping the FAQ is just badly worded and they BY the 27th not ON #27
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Sure EA still loose as they've lost out on some million plus sales by not being on the playstation, surely that would have worth EA stumping up the cash in the first place. But instead they gambled on the XBox One outselling the PS4. While they ended up having a reduced financial risk they've lost in profits at the end of it all. #1.1.15
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@TheDivine Agree with a lot of what you said but Sony are still exploring more interesting concepts just now doing most of that through nurturing the indie dev. The PS+ free games so far have offered some nice games.
And there's definitely not a lack of survival horror at the mo Outlast is great, Daylight and the evil with are both looking very interesting. #1.1.25
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A global price drop will be the very last thing they do if they really are in the position that they have no other choice. Right now sales are going well, not as good as PS4 but still going at a good pace. Compared to last gen launches both consoles are doing amazingly well.

Right now they can sell almost as much as they can make so personally I think they'll use the new country launches as a reason to keep the current price and make the most out of the holiday season. On... #2.1.2
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@Septic There's already been enough leaks from various sources confirming that the console released a minimum of 6 months ahead of it planned release and the timing of Titanfall and the DX12 releases add extra weight to that.

Sony really caught them naopping, while Sony made a massive miss step with the PS3, MS really shouldn't have under estimated them, for starters they seem to just assuming they had all sown up at the end of 2012 and just seemed to stop bothering... #1.1.8
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From a potential install base of 3.7million 700k is pretty decent that's 1 in 5 XB1 owners having a copy. The hardware sales boost was never going to be mind blowing especially when it's also available on PC.

I think they'll be happy with those numbers the big question though is was the money MS paid for the exclusive console deal enough? I suspect that when the deal was made EA were expecting XBox to be dominating the PS4 #51.1
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Respawn have done a good job with Titanfall so here hoping that the PC sales have been good. Such a shame that MS/EA decided to pull Respawn into the console wars a multiplatform release would have done a lot better for them. #55
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Guess we'll see once we have it to play from the few full res screen grabs and the video Sony released today showing gameplay I'm leaning towards SP telling the truth, the leaked video was heavily compressed so you can judge texture quality or other fine details from it. As for the lighting there a difference between looking better and being technically downgraded. Bright sunny scenes will always look more detailed because you see more detail in real life when things are better lit. #1.2.11
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Pretty shocking both from Sony and the writer of the article as he fails to mention that the Mp is still 1080 lines. And on the flipped side Sony (and other devs for that matter should be stateing XxY for resolutions and not the HD standards 720/1080.

As for the grander PS4 vs XB1 debate this doesn't change much as the only comparisons that really matter are how each system handles multiplat games. #90
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Why should every game be massively multiplayer? Bigger isn't always better. 6v6 gives you the opportunity to play with a team made entirely of friends, it's alot easier to communicate and coordinate your strategy.
What do you gain from it being 32v32 it unlikely to change the number of people fighting in your vicinity.

Massively multiplayer can be fun, but personally after a while I start feeling insignificant. While in Titanfall you feel like youbmatter to t... #2.8.1
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But they're not the same as human players they are weaker and behave in a more predictable manner. They work in the same way as enemy AI in any single player game. #2.7.2
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One you play it you'll understand 6v6 is just right the players are the elite soldiers who get to pilot the meks more then 6 meks a side would be too many. The Ai soldiers then flesh out the ranks but they are very much like single player Ai enemies rather than multiplayer bots and add a nice extra layer to the game play. #2.3.1
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Your right that the consumer will decide but he's allowed an opinion and after playing the game at EGX I would have to agree with him. It's a very intense game and it left me grinning from ear to ear can't wait to play more. #2.2.1
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Trouble is that there are more then enough people willing to pay the price so they'll keep charging it. The corps having nothing to gain from lowering the price at this stage as anyone who can't afford it will carry on buying the cheaper last gen games.

Also comparatively this is one of the cheapest console launches. When N64 came out the games were £50 - £70 which is over £100 in today's money.

It's fairly basic economics of s... #9
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@Are_The_MaDNess I think your missing the point a little there clouda5 gave expensive as a reason not buy Next-console while at the same time saying PC was better in every way, which it isn't because PC is even more expensive then NG (for hardware anyway)

As for who'd want a gaming PC "that weak" how about anyone who can't afford it. Consoles from a hardware point of view have always been a good value proposition, not just on a direct comparison of hardw... #2.1.4
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I've never understood the waiting for it to come down in price argument that many people give for waiting. I can understand it if you simply can't afford it at the current price. But if you can afford it why wait your just missing out on 6 to 12 months (or more) use of the console so your £/$ to month cost generally works out to be the same (if not better) by buying as early as you can.

If there are no games available that you want to play that's a genuine re... #8
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@thezeldadoth - and then there are those of us who aren't elitist pricks who have high end PCs and games consoles as you get the best of both worlds and the choice of all the games. #1.1.4
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I doubt this has detracted much from development of TR2 as all the improvements to the engine will be from the work they are doing for the next game and this will generate extra cash to fund development #1.15
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Thing is, both system have clearly be designed so that the next gen consoles can use the same tech but faster allowing both backward compatibility and familiarity with the hardware. Which will allow for shorter cycles as all in development software work on the new platforms much like iPhones and Android phones today. You might even get a situation where a game will run on both PS4 & PS5 with the only difference being res or frame rate. #1.5
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