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Hopefully the game has a 2 hr cut scene!!!! :3

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Oh trust me, I know im in the minority of thinking Homefront was that good of a game, but I was just taken a way by it. Of course, when it comes down to it this is a list of my top 5 shooters. Though Homefront did have its flaws, I do feel like it tried something different from most FPS games, and it worked to an extent.

As for Resistance, I agree that the Sci-Fi aspect of everything was kinda cool, it just wasn't my type of game for whatever reason.

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"Gears of War 3 (Most likely would have made the list if I had an Xbox and got a chance to play the game)"

As I said, Gears would have most likely made the list if I owned an Xbox and got a chance to play it. As for the other two, Killzone 3 wasn't great (And the multiplayer was shit when it first came out. Maybe if I went back and tried it again after patches it wouldn't be as horrible) and neither was Resistance. I thoroughly enjoyed Homefront. Wouldn'...

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Though it was better in a few ways, Killzone 3 was a giant pile of meh for me. I really didnt enjoy it, and didnt even finish the campaign. Just kinda put it back on my shelf to collect dust....

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You speak truth, brother

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Eh, I dont care how good it is im not picking it up until after I finish ACII.

*turns into noob*



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Isnt this old?

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Though I agree with some of the things such as the hint system (Though you can turn it off and NOT get the hint) and at some times the gameplay (I never had issues with clashing buttons), its hardly enough to eclipse the experience that Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception creates. (Especially enough to give it an 8.5 over). Though I respect your opinion to rate the game as you please, I still do think the game deserved higher than an 8.5, and to take points off for the things you mentioned isn'...

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I have heard that Halo has a good story, though being on PS3 hasnt let me try it. And Resistance seems like ti puts more of an emphasis on story, Its really just the war based games that have a really hard time getting an engaging story, and it really turns me off! Lol

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>In the article says he loves BF3
>Somehow you see that as me being too stupid to realize its bad
>Didnt read the article

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Lol, thats like being skeptic about RockSteady formally announcing another Batman simply because they were wrong about something before...

I guess you have the right to be skeptic, but if you are skeptic about this you are basically saying you are skeptic about all things that game companies formally announce...

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As I said, it was obviously a typo. As Epic has told Eurogamer, the game is an Xbox exclusive, "Period".

Why would they be lying? Lol

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Yeah, they told Eurogamer that it is not happening in response to this story. So that would be a no.

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Holy crap thats what I thought too

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Yeah, that will be in 2012. Confirmed today by Ubisoft.

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Ha, this made me laugh at loud! Its completely stupid, but its funny! Almost like that misprint calling MW3 MW2.5 the other

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I dont know if Capcom can deliver on this. I hope they can, though

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Eh, good preview. I wont be picking this up till we get a price drop, and I finish AC2 and Brotherhood

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