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My gf is an independant professional translator (english to french) and she struggles hard to find contracts. Most of her time, she writes articles for French press and blogs or translating technical stuff for a norwegian company. If you guys know english-speaking folks looking for a french translator, or places to check for that kind of stuff, I'd be glad to transmit her the info.

Your article is nice, but I'm wondering: why are you emphasizing it around "an age...

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"My character is someone that never needs to eat, sleep, piss and poop in a fantasy world and I care about realism".
Wow seriously, guys. I feel ashamed to be a gamer if this is so easy to be infuriated and showing no respect to someone that worked on the game I like.

Was there the same uproar with Skyrim when we had talking dragons, chicken defense force or heroes Fus Roh Dahing things? I just can't imagine how it would translate in the cinema industry:...

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I think the sole concept of "gaming journalism" is wrong. Most of "journalists" aren't journalists but simply bloggers that reposts their news from other websites, and give their opinion on those news. It has nothing to do with actual journalism or any form of investigation skill.

Plus, this guy didn't recognized Uncharted 2 and realized too late his mistake. Ok, it's fine to me. Everyone can do a mistake and he realized it soon enough. There&#...

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## Spoiler Alert ##

Please don't read further below if you don't want spoilers on Quiet's future.

---------------- *** ----------------
Yes, it is true. If you have a 100% bond with her and if you complete mission 45. This mission starts automatically once you finish Side Ops 150, which is unlocked after beating mission 43.

In short:
- mission 43 unlocks side ops ...

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Does it fix the completion bug? I can't get to the 100%, most secondary objectives during main missions are blocked (I already have done every main missions and every side ops).

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Totally agree with you. I'm a huge fan of Legacy of Kain series, but Dead Sun was clearly not the kind of Legacy of Kain game I would like to see. I don't want a generic-looking game with generic mechanics about stuff that clearly is not respecting the universe it's supposed to fit in.

(the hero was supposed to be from a race of vampires having the same abilities as Raziel while Raziel had those abilities because he was resurrected by that squid ...

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I love Shingeki no Kyojin but I have mixed feelings regarding a video game about it. I don't see how a fast-paced squadron defeating giants slashing their only weakness (a part of their neck) can translate into a video game, especially if it's developped by "Generic Warriors" Omega Force.
I don't know, Shingeki no Kyojin isn't that classical shônen manga.
Was the 3DS game any good?

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I must be high because the logo seems to me like an ASCII version of that famous scene from Shining...

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Dear Sega,

Please localize your f*cking games, the whole world is not Japan or America.

Thank you,

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That's actually pretty surprising or stupid from Polygon. Not that I read Polygon (I care as much as for Kotaku......), but when I used to work for JeuxVideo (the French equivalent of IGN), I remember there was a speciality for each journalist: one was specialized in RPG / Nintendo games, one for sports / racing games, one for shooters, etc... So when they had an event for FIFA games they sent the one specialized in sport games, when they had an event for RPG thy sent the one specialized ...

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I frequently check job offers from video game industry and few weeks ago, I saw Warner Bros were hiring people for their studio at Montreal, working on a "DC related AAA game", although I don't know if it's for a new Batman Arkham game or a Batman Arkham-like game with another DC superhero. But it's very likely Warner are already working on what's next after Batman Arkham Knight.

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I'm actually glad the trailer is like that. At least, Bethesda don't try to lure you with CGI, target renders or live action trailers. I wont have to think "Yeah that's what the trailer looks, how will look the game?".

After Watch_Dogs and Alien: Colonial Marines fiascos, plus the nunerous overly epic game trailers for underwhelming games (EA, Activision and Ubisoft say "Hi"), I think gamers deserve more fairness about the correct representatio...

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The Crew did that and it was a terrible idea. Unable to play for th first weeks, lags and glitches, lame players behaviors, connectivity issues between friends, unable to play the game without a good connection. This was a serious pain in the ar$e to promote when I used to be sales events organiser for Ubisoft. You're here to show the game and say people "Go buy it !" without being able to let them play it, just watching the game's opening.

And then in two o...

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Well, I have to admit, I'm quite surprised about all those articles regarding Bloodborne's difficulty, because I don't find it that hard. Sure, it's challenging, and I died plenty of times, but I still find it much easier than Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, thanks to those healing mechanics.

While normal mobs are quite easy to deal with, bosses can sure be a pain in the arse, but I still don't find Bloodborne particularly hard, and I hope I'm not al...

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I've been playing the game for 30 hours and I love it. Being a huge Demon's Souls fan, I only have two complains so far: not being able to fast-travel from one spot to another (and considering how long are the loading screens, it would have made a big difference) and I feel some weaknesses in the level design, espicially in Yharnam.

Yharnam is a huge victorian city with beautiful architecture, and it feels really awesome when you traval through the city for hours, the...

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In my opinion, considering Hotline Miami 2 has recently been announced for March 10th, I actually want to believe Sony are negotiating with the developers in order to get Hotline Miami 2 in the March PS Plus line-up, which would then be delayed to March 10th.

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I'm a huge fan of the Legacy of Kain series and I have to admit this Dead Sun doesn't feel in any way like a Legacy of Kain game. It seems like a generic-looking game with generic dialogues and scenario. It is sad that the game was cancelled because it seemed to be pretty advanced in its development, but I'm still glad it did because it has nothing much of a Legacy of Kain game and I don't want a OK game to soil the quality of a great series, just like Square Enix did with Thi...

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Oh ok then. Sorry :)

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French dude here. I don't know if someone already did it (I'm actually quite lazy to check it out), but here is my translation of this "Verdict" part.

"French dude here. I don't know if someone already did it (I'm actually quite lazy to check it out), but here is my translation of this "Verdict" part.

"Gameplay: 4/5
Simple but quite effective action sequences, many QTE and a bit of not very inspired stealt...

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As a mere Youtube and Twitch user, I think this can be either a very good news or a very bad one.

If Google intends to relax their Content ID policy regarding video games, then this acquisition would give to Twitch better servers and customer services (and if you've ever been on a regular Twitch channel during League of Legends' LCS or while thousands of people were playing Pokemon with Twitch, you know how great it would be to have better servers...).

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