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Not necessarily. Uncharted, for example, was never initially penned as a series per se. If it'd flopped, there wouldn't have been a sequel. I'm the original author of the article, by the way. Plus it was more a reason for me to have a moan about the typical gimmicks some developers use, I'm sure there are other ways other than insanely obvious cliffhangers. For example, Bioshock. The tone and setting and such is very unique, whilst the storyline doesn't necessarily continue into 2, given that... #3.1
Hooray, this is exactly the sort of inane attention-grabbing journalism that makes N4G what it is. Congratulations Dualshockers, you've done it again. #65
I feel like I'm in isolation here when I said that this news doesn't make me feel anything at all, haha. Good read, mind. #6
Not according to Wikipedia they haven't, thank God. At least they've got something to improve on now. #1.1
What strikes me as odd as how this game is AVERAGING 7.5 on N4G. Granted, that's out of 2 reviews, but this game certainly isn't worth even half that much. #1.1
Goddamnit guys, how I loathe you for being there... #1.1
I was in two minds as to whether or not to get this game, I've not exactly been a fan of the rest of the series. Hell, after this review maybe I will? #1
Never been a fan of the Halo series. However, free IS free... #6.1
Strange, I've started playing it again too. And HC is also my flavour :P What a small world. #1.1
Which is fine, until people insist on comparing the three. Then you get problerms. #2.1
They're looking for something more than an arcadey romp which is to real life warfare what Glenn Beck is to level-headed journalism. #7.1
I've now got a 360, but bizarrely absolutely zero desire to ever play a Halo title. Funny, that. #1.1
I almost feel like I'm the only person who was genuinely repulsed by the trailer, it just felt like Devil May Cry, minus any good points, plus a head of unrequited titillation. No thank you Sega, stick to what you know, Football Manager Live is good! #1
$5.00? That's expensive anyways, but with the bizarre lack of them actually abiding by current exchange rates, likely to be about £4.00. #4.1
Sweet jesus, I might just buy it on the 360 for this! #4
Who said anything about 'tabloid'? ;) #3.1
God, it's almost as infuriating as Glenn Beck. #2
It's time like this that really bring gamers together, gamers versus the world. Sod the pissy fanboyism everybody gets bogged down by, down with the papers! #1
Alternatively, rather than speculating about the article for no reason at all, you could read it? Just a suggestion. #1.1
Ooooh, this definitely looks interesting. Although I can't be the only person who keeps getting the title of this and Sector 9 mixed up, surely? :P #1
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