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Oh my life, I want Watch Dogs and Beyond and The Last of Us right bloody now. #2
Oh my Christ, so many fantastic names. #1
Thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated :) #7.1
I'm surprised, even the fabled Yahtzee seemed to really like this game. Might check it out anywho... #4
If he is contractually obliged, which I doubt/hope he isn't then in essence that's his own making. Plus he pushed this peripheral like there was no tomorrow and seemed to take genuine offence at something that wasn't even his creation, merely had his name plastered all over it.

Also, it was Robomodo who made the game, Activision funded/published it. #6.1
I hadn't played the first two, but I'd played the third. Keep up ;) #8.1
Just now:

'@fourzerotwo #MW2 PS3 Update: MP Servers gradually coming back online. Some users may still experience issues. Also, EU Players get Trophy patch tonight' #107
*sigh* Not WARCRAFT. Oh deary deary. #2
Interesting. But can it walk the walk? #2
Whilst I didn't play through the whole game, this definitely looks like it's worth a watch. October 28th, people! #1.1
I spy inane fanboyisms spewing up all over this comments board, failing to recognise that it's an article praising multi-plat games.

Fools. #2
Whilst I don't agree with you, I have bubbled you up, so to speak. :) You beat most of the inane 'lol, xbots' chatter that frequents these parts. It wasn't intended as a serious piece of journalism, more a whimsical pub-talk-esque type thing.

Have a good'un. #47.3
It's an editorial, if you don't like speculation or subjectivity then I'm not quite sure why you clicked on an article with two of these 'overused' words in. What did you expect from an article of this calibre? If you expected anything other than light-hearted speculation, then you sir are ill-informed. #47.1
Especially with the banter at the end of the game, which I won't go into for obvious reasons but I genuinely found it quite funny, quite a few moments in the game were like that. #14.7
Why don't you actually read the article? It's PRO-Uncharted. #24.1
Well no, just your immediate dismissal of the game, considering it was released on Friday in the UK, just seemed a little unnecessary. If you don't care for the game, then why did you click this article in the first place?

I'm not a fanboy at all, quite opposite in fact. Just your 'Pah, NEXT!' attitude doesn't serve anybody any favours, especially with this gaming getting such high review scores. #21.2
In my eyes, Killzone 2 only pushed the bar graphically. Uncharted seems to do so in almost all facets, perhaps asides from plotline, but the way in which it's executed, acted etc. surpasses most, if not all games. #18.1
Clearly you missed the point of the article, young paddawan. #6.1
Gah, on the Wii AND A Disney game? What's NOT to like ;) #3
Haha, classic. #1
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