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sold all my ps3 games and console today retiring from gaming. @ 54 church is the way now.

good bye gamers torch is passed on.........

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" I PREDICT becuz ps4 will be microtransition,no ps3,ps2 BC. almost every game is some-how some-way connected to cloud most gamers will feel short-changed Hesitate to invest in ps4. including myself,so far ps4 is not appealing and has no warrant games to play as once SNES,PS1,PS2 did. any good game end up on psn instead as a physical disc. and that is the MAIN reason im not buying a ps4 (lack there-of) fun exciting games. "outside" of action rpg,multi-player,first person sho...

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if CRASH is coming back will it be physical game? or DLC only?? if its a DLC activison can ram it up their ass.
if physical disc ya-HOOOOOOOO!!!!

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what i know so far about ps4 (no BC) not looking appealing, specially using cloud for (BC for ps2,ps3 games) also the 720 not desirable either with Allen wake,Halo,Forza,Gears only. this new generation of console do not have much to offer far as games to want. military, first person shooters,zombie killing,action multi-player role playing games not for me.

i'll pass at 55 time to hang-up the controller.


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in the voice of VEGETA

9000?? super saiyan 4


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if only CALL OF DUTY, IMFAMOUS,BATTLEFIELD COMPANY,GOD OF WAR,LEFT FOR DEAD,GRAND THEFT AUTO,RESIDENT EVIL matter of fACT all!! first person shooters and all survival horror type games should follow dead space Departure.

REBOOT classic ps1-ps2 games instead.

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anyone know where to watch E3 now??
G4 off the air now.

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this is the most BULL SH'T rumor yet.
who approved this mess??

if MS release early again without fully doing Quality control TESTING i don't think they be able to afford RROD fiasco again that would be suicide.

no announcement,no advertisement,no conference show here in Seattle.

therefore FLAMEBAIT!!!!

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Aman to that............

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Not only for 3DS but wii-U as well that'll be day one buy.

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if OUYA was to be release it should took its maiden voyage before now ps4 will ship wreck it.

ps4: AHOY! there are you lost ouya?? Gulp.gulp,!! im sinking........ no one is buying me,gu,guuuuuulp.

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if the ps4 only have digital games and no ps3,ps2,ps1 backward capabilities then it is not worth buying imo.
if we only see destiny,call of duty, uncharted,imfamous 3 type games fk no its not worth need to cover ALL!!! ps gamers not only the hard core. just bought a NEW!! ps3 40gb today instead of ps4. dont give a-rat-ass what ps4 price will be if only multiplayer games is developed. GT6,NFS,RATCHET AN CLANK non violent games is offer. stick with my ps3-ps2 anyday against...

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Basicly this site for social networking about rumors and opinions of "WHAT COULD BE"

ok, no wonder im getting disagrees all the time not following the flow of speculations and lies.

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and to think i was going to buy Mercury Steam next game CONTRA not now.

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slow day at the office slipped by the admin. while they sleeping.

on topic:

Criterions NFS not worth buying unless you like BURNOUT mixed in. bought their Hotpursuit returned it to retail (sucked) bought their MOSTWANTED returned it to retail (to much like burnout) garbage. NEED FOR SPEED was not in either game just the title slapped on NEED FOR SPEED last time i checked was about exotic cars racing from point A to B fun along the way out running COPS!!.not h...

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LOL, THOSE ARE THE 5 main reasons im not buying PS4

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and next week article title will be

PS4 IS DOOOOMED!!! WII-U is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! DREAMCAST said hello....

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well if they stick to fps only games i'll stick with my ps3 7 years is enough for action shooter,first person shooter, online multiplayer shooter only games.

something fresh an new not shooters is wanted these days.
did not say sony made those games you mention all im saying: new ip's besides first person shooters need to be made for ALL games young and old to possibly buy ps4. what sony ...

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am i the only one not impress with ps4 yet??

no backward compatibility ps1,ps2,ps3.. cd's now

nothing so far impress me enough to want one.

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"ps4 need NEW ip's not more of the same"

I agree same shit for 7 years is enough!!!

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