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Not really into racing games anymore but was interested in this. After all the problems and still no PS+ release date, this game is off my radar now. I'll stick with Alien Isolation, Evil Within and that new Borderlands game. #20
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This game looks so retardedly insane #17
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Scrolls 9 pages. No sign of HELLDIVERS? #18
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Soul blazer #7
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I like it. I just run around by myself and do whatever and if I happen too run into some other players or they join up with me, so be it. #12
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Where is Helldivers? #12
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Is this an opinion piece because lately game news is just that. An opinion. #22
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Of course I'll get disagrees because what I said is complete nonsense but who really cares. Diablo?? Really?? I thought only people who gamed on a PC play that? Maybe I just don't care because in the end it is only just a game but gamers need to chill out over petty crap such as this. I honestly can't even believe I'm wasting my time commenting on my own comment. #20.1
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I was actually talking to a friend about MS today and they're not chasing carrots. They've dropped the ball so hard. Wasting money on Tomb Raider, GTA thing. The money that these ass hats are pissing away could be used for so much and they don't even know it. Money can't buy love, happiness and it sure as shit can't buy consumers but maybe I'm missing something?

Forget about 1080p and just make some damn games. #20
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I can kinda agree with that statement wether he's trolling or not. I've been playing in bands for 20 plus years. Released 3 CDs, one of them on LP, played tons of shows and I'm still not satisfied. #24
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I've been stuck on the last hallway now for 2 days. The whole baby crying thing happens too me in so many random places the first time and for the life of me, can never get the 2nd. I will say this though. It has my skin crawling with goosebumps even though I still know what's going happen. #7
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I played that demo for 6 hours yesterday and couldn't figure it out. Missing 2 picture pages, I've done everything imaginable and I know I have to be somewhat at the end and don't want too give spoilers ( even though their already out there ) but holy crap. Super f'n creepy. #85
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A lot of people forget or don't even know about Way Of the Warrior that Naughty Dog made and was released on the 3DO...

I have a bunch of matches from that game recorded on a VHS tape. #14
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I watched that video last night about the beta and thought to myself. " $14.99 to rent Darksiders for 90 days? " I can go buy it used for that price but why would I when I think I got it free from PS+ #31
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With all this talk MS has been boasting for months about the " cloud " it's seems like it's time for that age old saying.

" Either put up or shut up " #14
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Mexico's Independence Day is actually September 16th. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated by some town that won a battle. #3.1.1
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I actually traded my X1 already for a Wii U today. Wind Waker HD looks awesome so far plus I never finished it when I owned the Gamecube. I also downloaded Metroid and Super Metroid so as far as " nostalgia " goes. I'm 44 and will play the crap out of those games again. Until next year when the X1 has more appealing exclusives maybe I'll buy it again but for now I'll just stick with my PS3, PS4 and this system. #15
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If you take the " console wars " so seriously then why have this quote on your profile page...

"Quit your petty console war gamers" #1.2.9
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Here's a ridiculous comment.

Even though I already own Quacamelee on PS3 I'll download it for free on X1 just for the sake of having an excuse to turn it on. But odds are I will just buy it for PS4. #11
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I've made this comment before but this game wasn't even on my radar and never paid any real attention too it but I don't think it's that bad. People should stop believing everything they see and read because odds are that in one way or another you're gonna let down. #11
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