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Pfft. Who cares. I held out for the PS Plus version and it didn't happen. Bought the retail and it kills. #10
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Start walking and stop talking. If you got something up your sleeve that's great news that's under wraps but as of now.

Pfftt. #11
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Apparently so. #15.1
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I haven't played this game for a few months so I'll maybe jump back on it and it'll seem fresh. I just got tired of the grind & the fact other games have released since. #7
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Whatever happened to the days of figuring this stuff out on your own and getting p!ssed when your friend pulled it off and you couldn't. #6
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Was gonna say..

" Is this the early 90's again? " #1.4
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Wave Race
Doom 64
Blast Corp
Mario 64
Golden Eye

I still own both Turok games and Doom 64 but gave away my N64 years ago. #12
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Well..... I already own it, done beat it a few times but sure. I'm a sucker so I'll buy it again but it better look more pimp than what it already does. #46
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I wouldn't consider myself an average gamer but the only reason this game is frustrating for me is because I always just want to run and smash dudes so I always end up dying. If I took my time and studied the enemy moves then yeah it wouldn't be as punishing. #26
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I still have the Kileek big plastic box #1.3
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After paying for The Order1886 Collectors Edition and being completely bored with it I'd fork over $9.99 for this classic.

Unless it's April Fools joke.

But maybe The Order should've released today.. /s #11
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I'm horrible at games like this but I'm buying it regardless of how many times I die. #31
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Well I guess I have to hold onto my X1 for another year. And when is BELOW coming out? #16
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So. I troll this site all the time but rarely log in and so here it is.

I love/hate MS/Xbox but you know.... They have some good games and unfortunately they screwed themselves in the beginning of the X1 launch but it's nice too hear/know that someone wants too step it up.

I don't give 2 craps about competition or a war because this isn't the 80's/90's. I just want games and right now neither Sony or MS have sh!t. they do but they don'... #19
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I'm not gonna agree or disagree with any of the comments or the review but..... I have owned the game since day one and I've yet too finish it which is surprising for me. #17
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Thank You, from the bottom of my cold black heart. #32
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It seems like video game news has turned the likes of US Weekly, People, Hello and other dumb chatty mags. #33
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Stoked for this game and now I just need an update on Shadow of the Beast and my year is set. #17
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edit/off topic I guess..

Graphics are great. Life is great. Depending on your controls it could be awesome or suck..

People should stop being so analytical and enjoy things for what they are because wether it's a game or life, either way you're gonna pay. #7
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Good for them but after where I'm at and no spoilers it's pretty damn boring. The developers created a vision that they wanted and its great but with beauty comes destrution and its few and far between for me so far.


I bought it day one and thought I'd play the hell out of it and I havent.


Or I could just say... All of the few gameplay footage shown before it was released was sick but then you have wai... #20
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