The game is rigged


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Why does this remind me of that Berserk - Guts Rage or whatever that game was called that was out on Dreamcast? I had that game and it was super killer.

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Lol. Nintendo firing some shots at gamers already by saying the NX graphics will better than Wii U. Too funny and what I'm supposed to do? Buy the okay version for $60 or spend $200-300 plus $60 for the best? Same with MS and Sony. It's a time like this were I'm wondering if I should just buy a pimp computer and start gaming on PC.

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4? 4 out of what? I like the game

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MS ended the console war for themselves when they originally announced the X1 and have been irrelevant in the eyes of some people but in true Hollywood fashion. There has to be sequel, a feel good movie for ages where the fat kid loses weight, gets stronger, comes back to defend his turf and get the girl.......

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Depends on how one views " Megaton "

God of War was pretty much a given since it was announced that Corey Barlog was returning to Sony and it would seem rather odd if that series didn't have a game on PS4. Crash Bandicoot was a given considering the Uncharted 4 appearance and clamor from fans and lastly Spiderman. Which could really be the only megaton since it's exclusive to PS4 ( from what I read ) and looks really impressive.

For my...

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Here's MS's new pitch and if some of you are old enough to remember George Bush as President, you'll remember this great idea he had.

" No gamer left behind "

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Is the PS4 still $399.99? If so they seem to be doing a great job all around " delivering " solid experiences for every type of gamer by the library of games they have to offer right now ( exclusives or not ). MS seems frustrated or should I say " Everyone at the Xbox camp seems butt hurt " that they are no longer on top, no confidence in their current console so they scrapped it and made the console they should've made in the first place. Granted Sony hasn't re...

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For a second I thought it was some RING type of game or SIREN. Totally had me fooled.

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It took MS how many years to finally put an end to the external power brick?

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Why does there need to be an offshoot version of the Star of David/Pentagram on the controller? Edit. I mean to what purpose does that serve?

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I just noticed that when viewing a game in PSN store the backgrounds are different for each one. Kinda cool looking I guess.

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Yeah totally. I think each game had 3 discs?

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I still have that game ( D ), box and all. Have D2 for the Dreamcast as well.

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If there's no customers in your restaurant buying your food, you need to change the menu and make better food. Seems to be the case with the Microsoft if this analogy fits.

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Hahahaha....... It's honestly a legit question too ask ( if you haven't played either one and looking too buy a console based on a exclusive game ) but certainly not on this site because it's not going to go over well.

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Sounds awesome. This game ruled

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I'll plug mine in once in awhile, have maybe 10 games for it still. Good times. The Shadowman and Soul Reaver portss look great on it.

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What's disappointing is not the fact that articles like this are written, it's the fact that everyone takes the bait.


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I quit reading the review once I read the PROS and CONS ( or should I say contradictions ) but then went back and read it for the laughs then noticed the person who submitted the article, wrote the article and I'm guessing got the game for free?

It's one thing too have an opinion but when reviewers are low balling games because they end up not being what they expected or not like them because of personal preference then what's the point of reviewing the game if...

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the load outs are lame but I guess when a lot people are playing COD you gotta give them something they can relate too.

I also had too change my original comment because I misread yours.

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