The game is rigged


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If I may state one my sometimes ridiculous opinions but it seems too me that quite a few of these AAA titles from both Sony and Microsoft have been letdowns or not up to gamers standards. There's only been a few games I have enjoyed on both systems but a majority of those have been small indie titles where as some of the major franchises have been garbage.

Just seems like everything is either a remaster, delayed, doesn't live up to the companies explanation of wha...

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Why are you quoting me when I already know what I said?

People shouldn't come on here and complain about how something is " immoral " when they are probably guilty of thinking the exact same thing. I also don't even know why I bothered commenting on this or why I'm even replying to yours because it's pointless. If people wanna fake rape some video game character and rub one out while they're doing then go ahead, makes no difference to me becau...

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I really don't think a majority of these comments hold any water on this topic considering how some gamers probably have weird sex fantasies when it comes to certain female game characters and what they would do to them. Also in this day and age if people can't differentiate wrong from right or fantasy from reality then they should probably not play video games, watch television or movies and most importantly. Stop trolling porn sites.

Everything is a fantasy and t...

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I haven't even played this yet but seeing all the hate of what you were told the game would consist of in the beginning versus what you got in the end, it sounds like a sham but at the same time I wonder if anyone even fully understands what is going on in this game if that makes any sense? I mean. When I come across a comment or a video that is remarking about how the ending sucks because when you reach the center of the universe there is nothing there or nothing really happens except pu...

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I was really interested in No Man's Sky when it was first announced and now that I see what it entails, I'm passing on it ( for now ) and not because it looks terrible or dumb but I don't have the patience when it comes to crafting items. I'm also broke plus still playing other games.

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Not really proving anything considering consumers are paying for said services ( PS+/ Gold ) too acquire these free titles. Then in turn, the free games that are offered each month you really don't have a choice ( or do you on XBL? ) and so you get what you pay for. ( If you wanna go that route - Get what you pay for ) then I could say that the titles that are offered for Gold next month are not good and I deserve better ( which I don't but that often seems like the mentality of some ...

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Interesting... Aside from some people bringing up how killer the PS3 was compared to the 360 when the article is about the X/S and Scorpio. Is anyone commenting going too even buy the X/S when it comes out or what? Who cares about last gen......

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I've seen the most random people become obsessed with this game. Here in Portland there are now people riding around on their bikes staring at their phones or just randomly walking in circles. You ask someone if they need directions, they start ranting about Pokeman. If you wanted a zombie apocalypse you now have it.

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Yeah, the irony. But you gotta admit that these situations that they are in have almost become free advertising for Sony. I'm also wondering if the companies that are coming after them are randomly generated.

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I must be out of the loop because I didn't realize The Last Of Us 2 was even happening. Guess it's not so why bother writing an article about something if it's not happening? Oh wait.. It's N4G. The forest of never ending flame articles and where people try too put them out with rumors and thought provoking comments only to stoke the flames even higher.

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I rarely comment on this site anymore and thought I'd troll ( drop ) in for awhile but I am looking forward to this release and finally having a game on the X1 that I will actually play online with my only friend. I'm sure as always there will be tons of hype, people will nit pick and hate on it for stupid reasons instead of looking at that those changes as step forward in the series and possibly offer players experiences that the previous games lacked due to hardware constraints.

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This happened last weekend when MS offered Halo 5 for free Gold weekend play. XBL store was non functional almost for me. It's also funny how MS is capitalizing and making mad cash off of this at the price they're selling it for because before it was announced as BC they were still selling this game for 20 or 30 dollars for the 360 via XBL

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Well shit. And here I thought my copy of Super Castlevania IV was worth something. It still has the original shrink wrap on it. So much for idea of being young and keeping shit in top shape for the future because, the future is here and it ain't worth shit. Not even Dracula X for SNES on there and I had that game.

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I downloaded this last night after I realized it was free. Lots of symbolism going on with the projectiles that the bosses emit from what I've watched online. At one point in a video I saw a boss surrounding himself with the Borromean Rings.

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One could say it's a Shen Ring, Ouroboros, it's a dragon eating it's tail which means something about the circle of life/eternity/infinity ( something like the holy trinity ) You also have to look into the fact about when satan tempted eve and god removed his legs hence turning him into a snake. Even the symbolism of Mary standing on the snake or dragon. The Egyptians used it, the Aztecs used it, Greeks and even Christians use this symbol. There's also that story of Babel whe...

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I own all 3 on both PS3 and 360 but that doesn't mean I'm entitled to a free copy. I'll end up buying the remaster even if it's just minor differences.

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Bloodforge..... I actually liked this game until I got to a certain point and the terrible camera angles reared its ugly head and cheap shots galore. Maybe I'll try and finish it.

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Will those consoles be counted as systems sold?

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I've always been interested in playing this game so for me or others that have never played it, sounds like a good offering of content. I guess? Edit. By why not Morrowind or what that game was called on the original Xbox

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