The game is rigged


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Xbox's achilles heel are the people who run that division. You want to fix the user interface? Get rid of everyone, stop posting on Twitter, focus on your job at the company you work for and not what Sony or Nintendo are doing.

On topic.

The UI is a bit of joke and filled with way too much clutter, but what do I know? I turn my X1 on once a week now and that's only to see what the GWG are and if anything is coming out ( indie titles better than fi...

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These comments, geez...... " The Lol At You "

The game swirling with rumors to be announced, gets announced along with a video. Then " boom " everyone starts either complaining, assuming or flat out just being asses. It's like some people can't even be grateful that there will be a follow up to this game and I guarantee that when the game does get released. People will come on here and still complain because this or that didn't happen, why Jo...

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Based on the cover story photo, Mario is on Xbox.

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Between gamer's on here bickering about who has " True 4K " or selling the most systems at every chance they get and the rest of the divided states whinning about Trump, I've about had it with news sites. It's all people are doing is pissing and moaning 24 hours a day and these news sites ( yes even in video games ) are just feeding it too people 24 hours a day and you're all eating it up. I'd say it's unbelievable yet it's not. I...

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Pretty sure there are some rapists from the U.S. on the lam in Mexico. Also quite certain there's some rapists at your local church, mini mart or your next door neighbor.

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I had been going to the same GS 2 or 3 times a week for I don't know how many years, maybe 10 or 12 until they closed it a few months back. Never had a problem with the employees and they knew me by name, what I wanted and never gave me the run down.

" phone number "

Thinking I'm only gonna get maybe 15/20 for some games, end up getting 10/15 more because of the card or whatever trade deals were running at the time. <...

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And I haven't even played this game.

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That code if you translate it to latitude and longitudes puts you in the Sahara Desert. Apparently there was military operations conducted there in Northern Africa during WW1.

Piece of cake if I'm correct.

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When googling " How many people fought in WWI " then quoting it goes wrong.

Maybe you should've typed " was there blacks in WWI " and it would've told you 350,000 not 1 million.

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Is this Spencer's way of slyly implying that PSVR is nothing but demos and experiments?

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Because I rarely use it? And most of the games I would play on it are accessible on X1 now except for say Crackdown and The Suffering or I have them for PS3.

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This is good news because I'm getting rid of my 360

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I have a Nintendo for Nintendo games and will buy 3rd party games for either the X1 or pS4. But if I only own a Nintendo, I would gladly take all the 3rd party support it can get because it seriously needs it for them too succeed.

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Are these out now or on Halloween because I didn't see a release date.


Forget that question, they're not out until November 22, so just in time for that holiday I don't celebrate.

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I read the beginning part of the article wrong. Thought for a moment it said " Microsoft are on top as far as N4G numbers go "

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Sounds legit thanks

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Wouldn't it depend on what kind of " experience " you're looking for? I mean if I just want to casually pick up and play some game with friends, sure yeah the Wii. But if I can't afford Occulus or the other but want to immerse myself in a world then yeah I'd go with the PVSR. And the thing is it's barely been out 4 days, with a handful of games and it's already being bagged on as a " casual add on that will go away in 6 months " is pretty dumb to as...

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This is good and all but for me it's still not a great selling point and making me want to run out and buy one. The reason for that is and I'm not a technical engineer but how is it that Sony can add an HDR update to the regular PS4 which will tide me over until I decide to buy the Pro, but why can't MS do the same thing for the X1? Did Sony already have it in their system and just added some code and presto?

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WWI was definitely brutal trench warfare.

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