The game is rigged


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Did Aaron Greenburg secretly write this article?

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Sony will move more copies of God Of War 4 than MS will sell Xbox Ones in the remaining 9 days of the month. Edit. They probably did that in one day...

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The only reason I clicked the link is because the reporter on dudes left looked like Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator.

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MS really needs to get it together and the beauty of " True 4K " can't hide the ugly fact that they are seriously out of their league right now in terms of quality 1st party support.

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No it’s not but whatever MS put under the hood of the X1X is no joke. Even Dead Space 1&2 have so much detail in the levels and animation that I never noticed before and I played both PS3/360 versions. HA. I even threw on Condemed, an original launch title and even that game had some slight improvements.

Definitely worth the $499 and I haven’t turned on my PS4 Pro since last Monday.

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Don’t know how, but it looks totally insane.

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Play Alice - Madness Returns. I threw that game on and was blown away, it looks completely different.

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I told a friend this past weekend that it wouldn't surprise me if game retail stores secretly raise their prices on select 360 and Xone games.

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Undertow gave my original 360 the RROD.

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I haven't commented on here in quite some time but I did see that this game got delayed. I also watched those videos that were posted of Crackdown 3 and it seemed a little underwhelming. So I guess as maybe some people have already stated, it's probably for the best it got delayed but still not a good sign.

On topic though. I was on the fence about buying the X1/X but seeing that Crackdown got delayed and myself not really being into racing games that much anymore,...

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Better open that jar of exclusives and make sure you have any too spread out because the sandwiches you're feeding us are pretty weak and I'm tired of the same old baloney.

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After reading a majority of these comments. It's ( almost safe ) to say that it really doesn't matter who is running the Xbox division because if you don't have diversity in your games portfolio and keep releasing the same core games, gamers will become unsatisfied with your product no matter what you say to them.

The only reasons why I've held onto my X1 is that hopefully one day Below will get released and Crackdown 3. Aside from that there is only a spat...

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Considering I still play and buy 360 games this kinda seems like a legit idea, although I would rather have it included with the Gold membership as to not paying another $9.99 a month. But if it saves me money then so be it.

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I haven't paid sales tax since day one and thought that it varied from state to state. Which if that was the case, I live in Oregon yet pay sales tax when purchasing something from the MS store.

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Has anything been said if Crackdown 3 will be launching on both X1 and " Scorpio " or just Scorpio? If that latter is the case. That would be a dick move on MS considering their track record on games as of late and forcing people to buy that system because only these " new titles " will take full advantage of the hardware.

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You can't spell feminist without men.

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Xbox's achilles heel are the people who run that division. You want to fix the user interface? Get rid of everyone, stop posting on Twitter, focus on your job at the company you work for and not what Sony or Nintendo are doing.

On topic.

The UI is a bit of joke and filled with way too much clutter, but what do I know? I turn my X1 on once a week now and that's only to see what the GWG are and if anything is coming out ( indie titles better than fi...

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These comments, geez...... " The Lol At You "

The game swirling with rumors to be announced, gets announced along with a video. Then " boom " everyone starts either complaining, assuming or flat out just being asses. It's like some people can't even be grateful that there will be a follow up to this game and I guarantee that when the game does get released. People will come on here and still complain because this or that didn't happen, why Jo...

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