Nazi Killa! Death to all Nazis, Killers of innocent Men, Women, Childrenl.


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Make it 3. Confirmed available, downloading it now.

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They're replacing it with Poker. I'm all in!

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I sorta like it too. Just felt the control of the NPC made it feel somewhat cumbersome. Would like to see more AI with you controlling during specific situations/puzzles or difficult combat situations. Not constantly.

The innovation is there though, not sure about the execution.

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Please God don't make it free. Like a nightclub, I'd much rather pay to get into private club than go public. Same with Schools.

PSN and free are fine. Just don't take away the paid service for those that find them more desirable. To each his own.

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No, I don't burn books. But the Nazis did. And when they ran out of Jewish books to burn they burned Jewish men, women, and children in ovens. But that was only about 6 million. 18 million forgotten Russian, Polish, and other plain old European innocent defenselss men women and children were raped and butchered by the Nazis brandishing their Universal Symbol of Evil that must be destroyed on sight, the Nazi Swastika.


I'm well aware of ...

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Use your last bubble to tell me "what" is ignorant about it.

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What part of my comment is racist? Saying that no one except Hindus care about Hinduism, I stand by that. It's simply not a part of anyone's pop culture and the fact that Hunduism uses a swastika is an anectdotal fact compared to how the world relates to the Swastika which is synonymous to Naziism.

When anyone other than Hindus see a swastika, I think any reasonably sane person would agree people see the Nazi symbol and don't think about Hinduism unless they are...

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For fucks sake no one gives a crap about Hinduism except Hindus. The Swastika is synonymous with Nazis, World War II, The Holocaust, Racism, the death and murders of over 100 million.

So you want to worship the Swastika go to India. Everywhere else, you get what you get if you're stupid or anti-social enough to want to drape yourself in it.

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Forza 2?

People into driving games tend to be fanatical at times.

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I disagree about Andorid being the definitive platform, but I appreicate your comment. Bubs.

BTW, Windows Phone is the evolution of Windows Mobile and there's no chance of MS dropping support. None.

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This makes absolutely no sense. Just about every electronic device and peripheral can be torn down. Chance of anyone making their own, the same as any other camera device, wii stick or move stick.

MS doesn't care, one it promotes connect and two, the #1 GUI is Windows, anything to sell more Windows. But keep going with the crazy consipiracy theories, just don't walk outside in a lightning storm without taking off the aluminum foil hat.

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Might be time for a secons line here too.

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It is for the Xbox so naturally they're going to design it to work and be powered by the new 360S as efficiently as possible.

They didn't say this Kinect was "made for" PCs, they said they left it open. All the public/free development and buzz throughout technology that is going on with is why it is to their benefit to have left it open. It will eventually be on PC. You will need an external connector unless they can change its power footprint since they c...

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Yea, I used to upgrade my video every 6 months when I gamed on PC. Since settling on consoles, After you load up with memory, PC upgrades are rarely necessary.

While I don't game much on PC anymore, I definitely helped fund NVIDIA and ATI, as well as 3Dfx, 3Dlabs, who made PowerVR? and everyone else for years.

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I absolutely believe them. It would be stupid not to. It works from Xbox with Lync (Office Communications Server) and Intel already has prototype similiar hardware it is developing on PC. (FWIW, Intel has also showed prototype Move/Wii-like motion control devices on PCs as well.)

Why keep making webcams when you can sell more Kinects? It will have to shrink though.

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XBox 360 will be huge regardless, but yeah, GT5 will do well for Sony too. There's plenty to go around. If they're competing, well, my money's on Kinect, but both will sell lots.

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There is no spacial problem, there's a population density problem. There's one in San Franscisco and many other places too.

If they're that cramped, they're probably not gaming anyway.

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MS won't provide any official drivers for a while. But if you think they're not happier than a pig n sh#@t to see this ...

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