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There is absolutely nothing from stopping someone from joining the military, completing basic and AIT and filling a billet, and then claiming they need gender reassignment surgery. At that point the military pays for the transition which begins with a clothing allowance for cross-dressing. Then they begin counseling and eventually drug treatment. All paid for by the military. During this time they are non-deployable. Then the actual surgery. Then a recuperative period lasting 6 months or more...

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No, you are quite wrong.

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I understand what you are saying. But remember, you get what you pay for. I wouldn't buy a Viewmaster if I wanted to watch HD movies. It isn't as if the Steamlink is slightly less capable. Its far behind. The Shield Pro is in a whole other league. And it is singularly responsible in pushing me to buy all Multiplatform games on the PC. It is singularly responsible for my building a brand new PC.

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I have a Steam a box...with two controllers, on is unused. Why? Because My Nvidia Shield Pro stomps on the Steamlink.

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Being the best of the worst is no longer enough. Goldeneye was good in its day, and I am old enough to have played it at launch. But once I take off my nostalgia goggles I see it has not fared well.

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Random thoughts:

It would work if they would stop hand-holding you through games as well. That sort of idiocy needs to change. "Bond, pick up that cell phone lying on the barrel by the door." WTF, I am four levels under ground. How are they watching me? Also the stupidity of getting a certain kill or finding a secret area and a magic floating and revolving 007 icon comes flying out. Arcade is not the way to go.

They just need to give the Bond fr...

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Plenty of people are missing the point. Ausgamers is a fan site wanting a game, whereas Sony actually has a game.

There has been and will continue to be a lot of wanting from the non-PS console crowd. Well, you can want till the sun goes down or you can just give up your ridiculous hate, buy a PlayStation and try being a gamer for a change.

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I do not think hard but I think tiresome. I remember playing The Surge and with the first 15 minutes all I could think was, "Really? You force me to go into this room to replace a battery so you could respawn these enemies again? No thanks."

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Wasn't this article written three years ago? Or four even? We have been hearing about the death of the Vita for so long it is ridiculous. Yes games and support have dropped. But they have been calling it dead for years and as is often the case, game writers are wrong and wrong accompanied by the inability to see how they have been wrong for some time.

I guess if you keep saying it is raining long enough eventually you will be right. But no one should mistake such predi...

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Number 2???? No.

Being in 2nd place does not mean you are right behind 1st Place. The numbers make that very, very clear. And being in 2nd place doesn't mean you are way ahead of 3rd place either.

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ESPN doesn't receive FCC complaints. The FCC receives FCC complaints. ESPN would receive notifications of violations. Then it is an actual violation, not a complaint. The bodysuit doesn't violate the FCC regulations.Why? Because the FCC has no real authority over the cable channels. The FCC can posture if it wishes, but they are toothless. Draconian organizations that threaten advertisers over archaic indecency laws are the enemy of free speech on cable.

This is an...

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Never trade any game device that has at least 1 game on it you really like unless you have a 100% ironclad, guaranteed way to play that game - or any others on that device about which you care. Otherwise you will regret it. Maybe not immediately but sooner or later you will say, "Damn, I wish I could play game XYZ. I shouldn't have traded that console."

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Can someone explain to me why some idiot people, I do not call them gamers, thought they could just import their Destiny character and keep on leveling up from that point?

And like Shin, Genuine-User, and several others I do agree. Some people just seemed determined to ride that old hate train straight into game deprivation. Well I say good, not the sort of people I want to find myself in a PvE with anyway. See how that works? No, those same dullards likely do not.

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BOTW is a good game but it lacks the serious feeling of desperation I get from both The Witcher and Skyrim. For me, and others may not feel the same and that is fine, but it fails to present an adult quality and a grittiness that I get in The Witcher and Skyrim.

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He actually died on Chris Cornell's Birthday.

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No. It is PS4 and PC.

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It hasn't failed to sell twice. That Dreamcast has failed to sell about twenty times. He has been listing it on a seven day sale since early April.

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"...and it has a Kraken."

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"Once this site gets rid of all the fanatics I think the rest of us could actually have a rational discussion"

This is where you fail to realize that you are one of the people that need to be removed. First into so many Sony articles, attack, attack, attack with the most ludicrous remarks. You more than qualify as one of the very people that prevents rational discourse and an honest exchange of worthwhile ideas.

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