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That is why I said Dice or EA...

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I am trying to surmise how they did amazing work... again. I look at the last 3 major releases and cannot fathom how such a statement applies. We have BF4 which was eventually tuned but was a disaster for over 6 months. Battlefront???...nuff said. Hardline? Really. I am not sure when 'again' applies. I look at Dice on twitter attacking Activision for the latest COD reveal and I do not see the high horse on which Dice or EA have a right to sit. Fall off? Yes. Be thrown and kicked? Cert...

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You do not have to live on N4G to know the nominal opinions held by prominent posters such as moldy. You mistake casual observance for dedication. You might wish to rethink pointing fingers about living on N4G. You will only poke out your own eye. You have posted 303 comments in 160 days. Far more than have I during the same time period...

I also want to thank you for proving my estimation of you. You feel cheated by something that does not affe...

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Your remarks drip with the characteristics one witnesses when an individual has failed miserably to conduct even the barest modicum of research.

First, moldy is a well known Microsoft supporter, not a Sony defender.

Second, how does someone else having a more powerful PS4 affect you or any current PS4 owner? Leaked documents reveal Sony has made it impossible for developers to offer exclusive material for the 4K version. No ex...

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He does not understand opinions arrive in several shapes. Uninformed and informed are just two and they are vastly different.

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"Xbox One 二代" means "Xbox one generation two", not "Xbox one two".

Full Translation:

New Project
AP5 XBOX One 2nd Gen Project

Project Start Time 2014 March
Client : Microsoft
Product : XBox One 2nd Gen
Machine : Kingston

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No it isn't like a government telling people that. How absurd. And you failed miserably to even counter the point that I made which was in the leaked documents. A point many people here are ignoring. The standards on the PS4 version cannot be compromised. You cannot have exclusive material on the PS4 4K version. There are numerous other points in the leaked documentation where Sony enforces the matter with devs that the PS4 version cannot be less in any department except visual fidelity.

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How is anything you have purchased obsolete? Have you not been paying attention to the unconfirmed rumors? How does someone owning a 4K version of a game affect you in the least when you get exactly the same content? Sounds to me as if you are one of those persons that spends a great deal of time with binoculars observing your neighbors and what they own and then rushing out in frustration for a new car when they drive up in a recently purchased automobile.

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Exactly Nitro. How is this screwing gamers who will still get exactly the same game they would have received had a PS4 4K version not been introduced? The idiocy of some very sophomoric writing attempts is absurd. If there were really a gamer behind that article he or she would not be concerned with a matter that has absolutely zero effect on them as a standard PS4 owner.

@Next gen (anyone else see the irony in the name considering the remark?)

Yeah, let...

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Darth, you have no business employing such attacks. You do not even have a PS4 or X1 yet have been as active if not more so in voicing your opinion on which side is this or that or who lacks what than have many actual purchasers. Lack of ownership has not made you immune to pulling yours out and laying it against the ruler.

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Sony doesn't need to do anything soon. 99% of forthcoming PS4K customers are not even aware it is occurring. It is self entitled small minded websites that are acting as if Sony owes anyone an explanation. PS4s are flying off the shelves. Customers still want them. They are not losing one iota of support when the PS4k premieres. Seriously push square and their ilk need to stop attempting to create controversy for the sake of hits for their failing sites.

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I believe it is well along in development without seeing it. Studios in this day and age do not sit idle. They either contribute or they are closed. The fact alone that they are not closed says they are deep into development of some title Sony views as relevant.

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If you go back and look over the history of they are anything but a group of hardcore gamers. They specialize in clickbait. It is their modus operandi. Any rare occasion they have ever produced a passable article it has been the broken clock scenario - right by accident and then only for a minute.

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Circle fires your weapon because that is the way it has always been in R&C.

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After going through the entire game with Kim, this happens:

Followed by this:

But for me the top death is here:

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Why? Because he has acted like a crybaby. He isn't Solid Snake. Solid Snake is a fictional character. Hayter is a voice actor. He doesn't own that character and no one owes him an explanation for anything. And if Solid Snake caterwauled like Hayter then the mission would never get completed.

He wasn't a Kojima Employee or a Konami Employee. He worked under contract. Contracts are terminated or not renewed. Even further it would have been a new contract. But Hayter...

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Best Buy Unlocked Gamer's Club members get 20% off of every new purchase. Hard to turn down.

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No Death the point is if they own a PC there is no need to own an Xbox. Since everyone ever has a gaming PC - just ask PC purists - there is no need to purchase an Xbox. By having a PC and a PS4 you have all of your bases covered.

The point being there is a reason to be online with PS4 exclusives because they are indeed...exclusive.

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Is Sony dumping their exclusives to PC? You missed the point.

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We will probably never know. And I agree some people are likely just siding with Kojima. But many did so before he left Konami. Before anything blew up. If you go back and examine Hayter's remarks when matters first began to occur you can hardly say he acted in a mature manner.

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