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Same here. Amazon just sent me an updated release date for my Stonemason Edition.

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Being offline on a console or PC doesn't stop you from playing digital games anymore than playing those same games in disc form.

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"Now you are a PC player? Hahahaha!!"

Always been a PC player. Since before consoles existed. Love my PS4...exclusives if you know what those are.

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Salt? Ha ha I'm a PS4 and PS owner that has and unplugged Xbox.

Salt is you not answering the question and deflecting. Salt is from people that have no exclusives. If you have an Xbox exclusive coming then by all means post a link. If not then I suggest you get some lime and tequila to go with that.

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What exclusives? Is there some news that no one has seen where these games will no longer be on PC?

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Concern isn't really the point here or the purpose of the article. Is anyone else familiar with the continual clickbait trash published by It's why I have them IP blocked at the hostfile level.

Nothing in the intelligent reporting on God of War is cause for concern. It is being made in house and chaired by Cory Barlog. This write up is nothing more than a desperate attempt to stir the pot for the sake of ad revenue. A perfect example why pretend journal...

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What? I had mine through there when it was first announced and canceled shortly after when it went live on Amazon.

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Yeah I preordered from Gamestop and then within a few hours Amazon opened up and I grabbed that and canceled the Gamestop version.

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"Hopefully they will. Competition is always welcome."

But fake competition is bad for the gamer. Competition that continually makes hollow promises and siphons away gamers to fund a platform that does not deliver is not welcome. A company that expends money to divert the attention and focus of developers onto games that are eventually canceled or simply burns up their time on ill conceived projects actually does harm to the industry.

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I do not mind unboxing videos of collectors editions and such. But I really despise them putting something like this one the web. It is basically a finger in the eye to real fans of the game that cannot get these kits. And the kits instead go to the single biggest enemy of gamers the world over - the worthless so called press.

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Reads this "VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI "...

Sees SLI support...

Breaks into happy dance...

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"The loot box system in halo 5 is probably the best set up there is"

That is a contradictory statement. When it is a form of multiplayer that allows you to purchase superior weapons then there is no such thing as a good setup.

The Last of Us? Do you think I am going to change my mind because you brought that up? You are blindly allegiant but I am not.

How wrong you are. You can excuse scab behavior because it is on a system yo...

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"i actually like halo 5 too."

Really? HALO 5 MP had loot boxes ahead of EA MP games. It still has them. They are called REQ Packs but they are the same thing as loot boxes. HALO 5 has gotten a complete pass on this.

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Can't wait to turn out the lights and fire up the Inpatient.

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"...will be the reference platform for the game development."

So its multiplatform. Okay.

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"people actually think microsoft "woke up"...LOL probably for like 2 seconds and fell right back to sleep like a baby."


What has Microsoft done to prove they have woken up? Talk about it? I am amazed people can be bought off by talk. Someone is asleep alright and it is people like the individual that wrote this article.


Talk is cheap. Redmond has done this agai...

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"Amazon worlds 3rd largest retailer gives a pretty good sample."

Actually it doesn't. It is good for trends but not necessarily hard fact data. Notice the top two selling consoles in that list for 2017. Both Switch SKUs. But Switch did not take NPD so obviously the Amazon data is in this case skewed. As I said, it is good for showing trends but it is not empirical evidence of industry sales.

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I build all of my systems and have for decades. Its a hobby plus I get my system exactly the way I wish. Regarding issues, this is completely overblown. A great many of these problems about which you read are inexperienced persons that slammed a PC together or purchased an upgrade without understanding compatibility.

Games I have work without major issues at all. That's over 345 on Steam alone. I even run Dosbox and play games that are decades old on my Win 10 system. ...

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Ha ha I saw the title and the site and this exact thing crossed my mind. Polygon saying do not ignore this game is like a flashing sign that says run for your lives.

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"You speak of lies well that statement is the biggest lie of them all"

No he doesn't. The Xone S is a great console. Imagine where MS would be if they had taken all the money and resources they devoted to the X and poured it into content a couple of years ago. There is a reason the Xone S is outselling the X right now. Redmond chose poorly. Bragging about your fast muscle car is fruitless when you have neither the gas to start it nor the track on which to race...

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