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If you think Truefan was the only one expecting the X1 to start outselling the PS4 then you are operating on a selective memory. Revisionist history does not change history and it fools practically no one. #1.4.6
^^^Yes, yes it is. I do not take advice from media outlets, but if I must glance at any comments regarding The Order, the piece at Joystiq was far better written and with a modicum of insight and acumen.

"The Order: 1886 Proves That Visuals Don’t Necessarily Make A Good Game - Gamer Headlines"

And this article proves that access to the internet and a website do not make you a writer of any skill or worth. #1.1.2
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@Tyler. Hopefully. All of the PS4 titles detailed in the conference are being localized in Chinese (Korean as well) except for a few and even those are getting Chinese subtitles. It is obvious Sony is looking long term but not wasting any time with targeted games from day one. #4.1.2
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Konami is acutely aware of the US and EU markets and their practices. Nintendo has always marched to the beat of their own drum. I just think it is something else. I could be off the mark, far off but we'll see.

Also 37 could be 3rd of June which makes it a Friday and much more possible. #1.1.2
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Plenty of great Vita news at the briefing just a few hours ago. Not just remote play but new titles.

Also new Vita titles, like the PS4 titles are getting Chinese localization as Sony pushes into the PRC market. #4.1
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I watched the conference and one thing to note was almost every game discussed is being localized in Chinese. The few that are not are getting Chinese subs in the game. Sony intends to push their software line there...hard. #7.2
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That is a Saturday. It doesn't exactly fit. There could be something available to public in 37 days such as a playable item. #1.1
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Saying "looks like" is incorrect in this situation since those runes actually are Norse runes and actually spell words in Futhark Norse. It's like saying those look like English letters when they are Russian letters and they actually spell real words in Russian.

The stone arrangment though is not similar to Stonehenge. Also remember that Stonehenge is in southern England and not likely a structure built by the Celts.

Vegvisir is unmistakeable.... #1.2.8
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It is vgchartz and that is the very pedigree of incorrectness and lies. The PS4 passed 10 million well over a month ago. Sales in the US alone in that time since have been over 200k. Now add in the rest of the world and as usual that kid in his basement that runs vgfud is under tracking the PS4... again.

vgfud also ignores the fact that MS numbers are shipped versus Sony's which are sold through.

There is a reason n4g allows this trash to be published whe... #2.1.11
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There are plenty of ways to make it informative without the title being hitmogering and the gloating over the deception as if it were a joke. The public isn't laughing.

There is intention, and then there is the result. The latter often matters more than the former. Particularly in cases where the benefits of the error weigh heavily with the creator rather than the audience.

There is a dearth of decent journalism in gaming these days. If there is one issue... #1.1.5
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I asked a question. "Celtic theme?" Right off the bat I asked a question and then couched the question with a statement. Coaching in this instance is stating there was nothing in the trailer Celtic themed but rather Norse themed. The question still stands.How is that rude?

Instead of replying, "The Celtic theme exists in the actual setting of the story. You may not be aware but the dev diaries have stated that the setting is actually..." That would be the... #1.2.6
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You didn't upset me so much as you blacklisted yourself from I and my friends ever giving you a click. Ever as in Never Again. I hope it was worth it. In this age of gamergate and the public along with developers beginning to see that the press are really the enemy this is the tact you chose. You could have performed a service to the public but you went for cheap hits instead. I hope it was worth it.

Instead of phrasing the title in an informative manner you defaulted to... #1.1.3
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Do what you must and sleep well at night. As far as the killing of the prostitutes, just remember...they deserve it.

Do I really need to add /s?

They're video game characters. Get over it. If you have an issue with imaginary characters dying then you have bigger problems than those in a video game.

Sites such as are just one more example of idiots with a platform interfering with a gamer's hobby.

Shut up. Ju... #1.1.1
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My my, rude aren't we. And no I have not watched all of the diaries. I did however try to provide factual information, none of which is changed by your comments. Those truths remain. I did however avoid acting like a 5 year old. #1.2.4
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Celtic themed? Those are not Celtic Runes they are Norse Runes. Though the Vikings did invade and live in the land of the Celts and there is much cross culturalism that occurred because of this.

If we look at the original trailer there are actually a few clues. The video commences with a paraphrase from Friedrich Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil. Depending on the translator, the full quote is, "He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not b... #1.2.2
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It isn't funny at all. I have to wade through the crap to find the news. That is the current state of affairs.The fact that you agree only makes it more evident the so called gaming press is nothing more than a collection of pussbags. N4G is well aware of this issue yet refuses to perfomr even a single action that serves the gaming demographic.

And a disageree? A little petty. #2.3.5
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It is only for Japan. All Warner Bros games released in Japan will be exclusive to the PS4.

The problem here is the title of this article and its related podcast are deceptive hitmongering and it is unacceptable. Its despicable. This clown in the podcast actually says, "I hope I tricked some people with that one."

You, your website, and your podcast should be banned and tossed down the same trash chute along with garbage like vgchartz. The public,... #1.1
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^^^No you are not. You are still working in the journalism induistry, albeit poorly, not the film industry. You are not an actor, director, producer, cameraman, or even best boy. When you are a critic you are a leech. You are a snot rag with an opinion that is worth absolutely nothing. Its good to watch this slow awakening of companies as they realise interfacing directly with the public frees them of having to curry favor to the bloodsucking press. And the more entitlesd the press acts the m... #2.3.3
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You are confusing the compression of assets on disc which are decompressed on the HDD and then streamed with the type of compression used in, for example textures, when they are compressed. I can take a movie in digital form, compress it with a program, then decompress it and play it alongside the original version and it is lossless.

Its the differnce between compressing an audio file with WinRar versus compressed audio. The issue here is you have mi... #1.1.9
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