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The game could not find its identity. Is it a shooter? A survival title? One of exploration? What about the classic Tomb Raider puzzles? In its quest to be everything to everyone it wound up being little to anyone. Jack of all trades...master of none.

It isn't Uncharted. Of course neither is Uncharted 4 for that matter. Must we have so much drama in everything? And I wish TR would not try to be Uncharted. I miss the games with little shoot...

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All they had to do was double down and act as any hardware manufacturer is expected to do. Put original IPs behind it. When they realized they were in trouble they should have organized and put together 5 Nintendo 1st party titles. Those would take 2 years to get out. So the stop gap is they then pay, yes PAY money to 3rd parties to get some major games on the platform. Ports could have been handled in less than 6 months.

Nintendo is the most risk averse of the big 3. They ...

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The article hosts these two statements:

"Nintendo's Switch plans are disrespectful to consumers"

"...but the way the Switch is starting to line up has me considering taking my preorder and cancelling it..."

But the writer has not done so. How disrespectful has Nintendo been? Not bad enough to make him cancel the preorder. So he is either a person that just takes insults and doesn't mind being stepped on or th...

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Wake up Mr Freeman...

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Ding ding ding we have a winner!

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I think this article is written by game...wait for it...spew. Because they are spewing some things. Some incorrect and some downright ridiculous. And some simply an opinion they want everyone else to follow. Good luck with that, no sheep in this barnyard. Skyrim may be old but having the reworked edition is fantastic. I own the PC and PS4 editions and am so glad bethesda did not "let go".

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And? Many of us loved and still love that game.

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I can't count the hours I spent in SOCOM 2 in Sujo, Sandstorm, and the best challenge of all - playing Enowapi as a SEAL. Breach mode was always my favorite. There was something about using Feral on Sujo and hearing her scream Frag out. That and the M14 that you could hear running across the map.

SOCOM Confrontation was better than some people realize. ...

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You said it would be bad. But it has more of a story than DS. And having played the beta and followed the development closely I think the story will be better than DS. I didn't say it would be a great story. No. But a bad story? I disagree with you on that one. Whether or not Team Ninja has a history of great stories is a matter of opinion. Also no Ninja Gaiden story has been just one story but rather multiple intersecting journeys.

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I actually like the story since it is more involved than Souls games and they decided to borrow from history.

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History says no? Guess what? Actual hands on by me says yes.

Say what you want. I played the betas. Fantastic and I can't wait. And in case you aren't aware: Nioh Betas > nameless hater on internet.

Funny you do not realize how many of us played the beta and loved it. Simple proof you are not a PS4 owner and only fear games like Nioh.

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With such a short battery life, they won't be playing on the go as much as Nintendo wants people to believe.

And Phil, of all the remarks I see here, yours most fits the disreputable ones you so readily describe.

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Glad Trump won and I am looking forward to Knack 2. First one had wonderfully deceptive combat that was all about timing. Loved it.

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Can't say it's ridiculous until I see how it is implemented. I can't say it's ridiculous until I understand how it will affect the story. Suppose a character you meet and like disappears tragically in the game. Then the DLC shows they didn't die immediately and here is what happened. Would I want that? Absolutely. Do I want DLC that fits between 2 chapters in the game and I go back and play later even though I now know what happens at the end of the game? Probably not.

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Amazon's email to me gave a new release date of the 19th. Can't wait.

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His remarks were in relation to the Switch and Wii U. The sort of thing you are asking is a PM question. And if you are into Japanese games there are plenty of titles.

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Just curious and I mean that but could you define "kill it"? Do the games have to launch this year for "kill it" or will you be satisfied with games that are shown that are not given a launch date along with enhancements for current and past titles?

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Has Microsoft actually formally and firmly (key words) stated the launch date for Crackdown 3? I am getting beta in the fall launch Spring 2018 vibes. Maybe it will make it in 2017 but after the Scalebound cancellation and their remarks about Crackdown 3 coming along nicely you would have thought they would have been more specific about the launch date.

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"Sony has awaken the giant."

Sony woke themselves up? Newsflash! Sony is the giant and if they have gotten this far asleep I can only imagine what things will be like now that they are awake.

Hardware shmardware. Its about the games. MS can't learn that, Nintendo has not learned that, and you have not learned this either.

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Exactly. I will bet if you drop those cartridges and step on them right they will break. There is a limit to how much carelessness a product is supposed to withstand. Blurays are fine unless you play frisbee with them, use them as coasters, or simply do not know how to care for things within a fair degree of reason.

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