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@No limit? Did I say the Titanfall bundle? No. I said the X1. There are people still buying Titanfall. What other big titles does MS have between now and the holidays? Oh, that is right. And your less expensive game is being outsold by a console. And your console is being outsold by last gen consoles.

You can't read a simple term such as X1, can you. You couldn't even see the difference between X1 and X1 Titanfall buindle and therefore I can no longer waste time with... #1.1.11
First, people should go back and look at what IGN originally wrote in their preview:

What changed between that instance and the review? Did they unpolish the game? Why wasn't this mentioned by IGN? Fans say no, that Titanfall improved. Then why didn't the score go up since the preview comes across as if the game was a 20 on a scale of 10.

A... #1.1.13

5million are the number of consoles MS has shipped to retailers. Some good math by persons over at Gaf put the sold to consumer numbers 4 to 4.2 mil.

@Septic, requiring the combination of PC and X1 sales to take number 1 with a 2 week launch lead on the nearest competitor is hardly a reason to reach for the trophy. On a day by day basis, inFamous sold faster than Titanfall. #1.1.17
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Consider that on the US Bestseller list at Gamestop right now, the X1 is not even in the top 50 items. Something to think over when Titanfall is supposed to be a system seller.

Also, dead is a subjective term. It does not require a company shutting down servers for a title to be deemed as dead. #1.1.2
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You are correct. After taking gut punches, Polygon who had initially misrepresented the facts had to tweet and be exact:

Titanfall was the biggest gun MS had until the holidays. The 5mil sold to retailers could now take months to move. Bu July you could be looking at 10mil PS4s sold to consumers versus 5mil X1s sold to consumers. #1.1.14
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Cold Fire, there is what he is saying and there is what NPD has thus far released and they have not broken down the Multiplatform sales, and Titanfall is a multiplatform game.

This type of intentional deception by MS happens all the time. Its par for the course and that is why you have to watch closely to the words chosen. #1.1.12
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inFamous was the fastest selling game last month pushing more units per day than any other game. We also do not yet have split figures on the Titanfall X1/PC sales either - or any multiplatform game.

The gap in April between consoles will be much wider than March. #1.1.9
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Titanfall is the number one selling game when combined with the PC version. We do not yet have a platform breakdown. #1.1.4
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Funny as hell tuglu.

The title of this article is misleading as Titanfall is only in 1st when you combine PC AND X1 sales. We do not have a platform breakdown yet. #1.1.17
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Numbers as they are some of the most hilarious gifs. #1.1.13
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I broke down specific sales numbers from the top 4 US sellers and said this would be the case. I tracked those companies daily. Of course I was ridiculed for my statements. owe me a beer because I went there.

EDIT: Using the same data I did for March the gap for April will be much wider. #1.1.4
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Just announced - PS4 won NPD. #1.1.17
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I know that is what they originally said, but if there is some last minute issue with nico nico they may want to pull that feature so they can still drop the update. I do not necessarily believe that to be the case but by the way it was phrased it clearly leaves that open as a possible, albeit less probable change. #1.1.5
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It seems more likely that by removing that line Sony IS NOT confirming 4/30 but instead indicating a date other than that Wednesday. The other reason to change the text would be the update is still happening on 4/30 but the nico nico feature is not. #1.1.2
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Haven't been gaming long, have you? I say this because it is obvious you do not know what happened with Gerstmanngate. This isn't an unconfirmed post. When it occurred it was the biggest story in the game indistry for a month. It was a huge affair in the gaming community. Gamespot almost closed its doors.

This will upset some but the most likely reason is the developer was having difficulty achieving a resolution and framrate that would not subject the game to ridicule and reduce sales to the point it would be unprofitable.

Only a certain percentage of any console userbase is going to buy a particular game. Considering the installbase for the X1, if bad PR for the X1 version damaged sales, it would reduce and already small number to one sure to put that version in the red. #1.1.7
Ha ha Jo, I know the feeling. I was so hoping they would drop this early since the testing on the update is complete. I really want this on my home PS4s. I use both Vegas and Adobe for video editing and it's good that the Sony Vegas team helped with the software on this update. #1.1.2
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This is an odd game license because Sony actually does have a stake in this due to it being part of the movie license. They do not have sole control but they are involved in the game licensing in this instance. It falls along the same lines as lunchboxes based on the movie rather than the comic.

Sony actually would benefit in having this game on more platforms. #1.1.5
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Excellent Smithers. *rubs hands*


I am going to give Sony a 50K lead. #1.1.6
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NPD is released tomorrow. This is going to be very interesting... #1.1.1
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