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How does it feel to know you hate PlayStation but your envy of it, its games,and its supporters pull your strings. Sony makes you act like this in such an uncontrollable (for you) fashion. Your svengali awaits. Dance for us, dance dance dance!

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Xdev have been behind some great projects and have assisted on some landmark titles. Their pedigree is a sure sign this will drop jaws.

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If they are waiting on PS4 sales they should hold their breath...because I want to see them turn blue and pass out for making such a decision. PS4 owners are not going to jump on this game en masse until it is in the bargain bin or the used game pile. SE made their bed and now they can lie in it.

And it is hilarious that comments are disabled for the video. Even they know what they did by stabbing PlayStation gamers in the back for a paltry sum and telling such a ridiculou...

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Congrats Sony

*3.5 million PS4s out the door in Q1 2016. This is compared to 3.0M in Q1 2015.
*Game division posted 44 billion yen operating profit.
*Company as whole posted 21 billion yen net proft.

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No. They built their own linux distribution but they do not own linux.

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Personally I do not wish to wait until MS is in a position to simply flip a switch and then we must rely on their good graces not to do so. Particularly when they have shown they are willing in the past and it is in their best financial interests to do so. What kind of shortsighted person lets a megalithic corporation reach that threshold?

Edit: uth11 posted this a few days ago:

No. They only need a couple of weeks notice and it will sell out. The Neo is just another PS4 SKU for Sony, They aren't in need of salvation. They do not need Neo to rescue the PS4 from doomed sales.

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SJW agendas in gaming are becoming a dictatorship. Support them or be damned in the public view. I have said before that games are art but when art is subverted by a majority or a minority then it ceases to be art and instead becomes a tool of a political or social agenda.

And do you have any idea ho many minorities and women are employed by Trump? Or are you buying into the Socialist line? He didn't forget the people in Orlando. You know, the gay people. It isn't ...

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Fantastic. It is great to see Takeshi Kitano in game.

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Saw this over at reddit and it fits:

"Seeing how Win 10 is free, them pushing everything to whatever their store is now called, shifting XBO focus away from the XBO to the PC. Financials a mess for the division. Yeah all of these signs point pretty hard to it making perfect sense for them to go try skullduggery like this even more so when you look at their past and even present actions."

He is right. Just look at Redmond's actions. Everythin...

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"i guess he really doesn't have serious issues with windows after all."

Since this is the political season....

If you work in government and you discover lies, corruption, and cronyism, do you run off to another country or do you stay and try to fix the one of which you are a member. And in the process try to serve and protect the people that put you there. Which? Some people are the runaway type and some are the stay and fight. It is relati...

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It is not easy but you take small steps at first. It is very easy to keep your windows install and run a dual boot with Ubuntu.

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Direct X performed far worse than Open GL and Glide when it appeared. Nvidia cards performed far worse than Voodoo cards when they first arrived.

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So you aren't even going to acknowledge you made a mistake and took a jab at me when you were dead wrong? You just want to say pay no attention to the man behind the curtain? That the Wii U is outselling the X1s at Best Buy? Its a week away from release it had better move up at Gamestop. And it was being outsold on that same page up until two days ago. Once it releases within a week it will drop again.

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No Horsetamer you are wrong, Best Selling without the preorder filter puts the Xbox 2TB system about 7 pages down. Using the preorder filter hides all of the currently available items that are outselling the Xbox 1s. We are discussing bestsellers period to include preorders and current items. The X1s is even being outsold by the WiiU Mario Kart 8 at Best Buy. I don't know if you are unaware of how the best buy reporting system works or if you are trolling my comments to try and hide the t...

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It is indeed. Look at this:

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They do not have the money to do what they want. That is one of the biggest misrepresentations concerning MS. They did not have the money to stop Kojima from going with Sony. They did not have the money to stop Hello Games from going with Sony. Or are such issues about respect and creative freedom?

They didn't have the money to stop Sony, a company which I am constantly being informed is in dire financial straights. MS is not made of money...

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When people take such actions to appease the public, regardless of the percentage, their art becomes dishonest and thus far less than it might have been.

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