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Maybe you do not understand the context of what you posted. When you reply to what I posted then you care about what I posted. When your remarks are to the reasoning of what I said rather than why I said them then you care what I posted. And honestly that is the truth. Your last remarks fly in the face of everything you have written here. So please, continue to "not care". You have 5 more bubbles to not care at which time I will most wickedly close out this exchange.

Hate prorders? Some people like Collector's Editions and the trend lately is to only produce enough such items so they sell out in the first hour or less. So unless you want to pay $400 for a Collector's Edition, you have to preorder. #7.2
Maybe you couldn't tell but you care. You have responded twice. That is caring. No matter what you say your actions define you otherwise. Go ahead and care again. I have time.

And too late. Instead of discussing matters with a degree of rationality, you decided to make this about people instead of issues. Everyone is mad mad mad, right? You did that and such an action is pissing.

I am saying you have no idea who here has been involved in developmental wor... #1.1.14
Dee, you know nothing of my experience or anyone else's for that matter. Making that sort of statement is little more than arrogance. You read something with which you did not agree and rather than attempt to use facts or logic, neither of which support your case, you instead make remarks about the person that posted rather than what they posted. Adolescent tactics at best and failing ones at that.

Where am I mad? If someone states something that doesn't worship a dev... #1.1.12
The Witcher III is a phenomenal title.

However downgrades are not inevitable when you practice honesty from the first reveal. Rendering so called gameplay on systems beyond the specs of 99% of the gamers and/or the inability to properly prototype your game leads to downgrades. It is one or the other. Or both.

The trend lately is undeniable. Intentional deception, and sometimes the development teams are ordered to do this by those holding the purse strings, de... #1.1.9
Exactly. I platinumed GOW3 and am still picking up the PS4 version. Epic titles are not bound by restriction to a single generation. #5.2.1
Oh look, its an intelligent post.

$50 does make more sense. But what will happen is retailers will then run sales knocking even more off the $349 and it will hit $299 on occasion. #2.3.1

That is what I miss most - the manuals. I have the original manuals for games such as Klingon Academy, Falcon 4.0, Black Shark, Janes Dangerous Waters. Massive tomes that you could pour over for hours. That said I just took a break from The Witcher. The Collector's Edition is well worth the money. The art book is even better than the last one.

Very enthralled with this game as it takes me back to the original more than the second title. Someth... #1.2.2
I do disagree with this article on one point:

"While I don’t agree that anyone’s opinion is trash..."

I'm sorry, but have you spent 2 minutes reading tweets by Gies?

If you will not honestly identify a problem then you cannot fix that problem. If Mike Miller does not wish to say it then I will. The opinions of Gies (and Crecente) are trash. The opinions of Polygon on the vast whole, are trash. They are a cancer, a foul icon symb... #1.1.6
Brian Crecente has been working around the clock to create the same idiocy he oversaw at kotaku. Gies is doing more than his share as well. #4.2
"But I notice that u didn't actually answer the question"

And as q8kik said, you haven't made a remark about a TellTale game. So you dodged their remark by stating what you would do. There is what you would do and what you have done. Different animals in your case.

As regards your not caring what they think? You cared enough to attempt to justify your remarks, so you do in #7.1.3
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@blackblades. Its simple, no comment posted means no ability to disagree. One agree/disagree per posted remark.

EDIT ha ha just saw Army's remark posted first. Spot on. #1.2.5
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Oh the poor are being victimized by the rich. Someone please help because my current state of poverty couldn't possibly be my own damn fault. The world owes me! #1.1.2
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A website like Dualshockers that reports gaming news instead of having 9/10 articles comprised of some dullards shortsighted opinion or else the pieces consist of an adolescent clickfest discussing the best boobs in gaming is a site that has more worth than most. #2.3
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All I could think of was this:

and that orb: #2
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Kojima's departure was driven by Konami's plans, not the other way around. Kagemaza Kozuki's decision to move not only to the mobile market but the E-gambling market, drove this decision. His known dislike of Kojima's time consuming development habits combined with the above led to his removal as an exec and the shuttering of KojiPro.

EDIT: I am happy with this. MGS is done. Kojima needed to be unshackled in order to continue to create. Any major company will... #1.2.3
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Lay in torment, Konami. #3.1
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Well it's a little different this year as current plans have Nintendo and Square Enix both going at June 16 - 9am PT/ 12pm ET.

Fight. #1.1.1
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The closer they try to get to what made the original great, the farther they find themselves off the mark. There is a character that uses a grapple and his trailer came out a few weeks ago. He blows up buildings after he climbs them.

In a search for identity, AC has forgotten itself. #4.1.1
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I actually preferred AC III over all of them. You had more training to complete in order to earn your right to the Assassins Robes and the fighting was the most intricate and brutal of the series versus that hack hack knee jump cashgrab instant assassin AC4. #11
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