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@The_Infected. That was when?

See my point?

How much is it being played now? Outside of a screaming article or two, what is the REAL player demand forwarded to Sony? This article does not know and neither do you or I.

Here is a lesson Sony knows that writers on these cheap sites, which is every site, do not realize.

The gaming media does not represent the public. They only represent themselves.


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Sony, like any company, isn't made of money. They have to prioritize. Not all squeaky wheels get the grease. I think Sony knows what the numbers are as regards players and demand far more so than you or I. They are ahead this generation because they have put their money where it is the most effective for the greatest number of people. Things are not always perfect but they have done a great job. So there will always be that one game that doesn't get patched and it will upset a vocal m...

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Why? Because they are actually damaging the franchise. It is the scorpion and the frog all over again.

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It isn't hurting Kojima and all the people that followed him out of Konami. They own themselves, have a free hand and get to make the game they want on their terms

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Kojima > you.

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I don't think they will win. When they lose, I hope all the defendants counter sue for legal costs, lost wages, negative image impact, and pain and suffering. Drive digital homicide completely out of business. It will be a good day when they are auctioning off their office furniture to pay for the suit.

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You are dead on the money. Far too many gamers have zero resolve and thus will always fall victim to their own inability to stave off playing a game and take a stand. This is why we not only have unwarranted paid DLC but unwarranted paid DLC for broken games. Because the public just bends over and takes it from these companies rather than unzipping the sheepskin and putting down their foot. EA is laughing at gamers all the way to the bank.

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No one listens though - 500 days ago...

"I have been railing against this development plan since day one. This and idiotic matters such as no drivable AT-ATs. I had someone actually tell me if people were driving them rather than AI then they wouldn't get to the target.


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No it isn't. It is the expansion we warned you about.

When it was first announced that there would be no space battles in Battlefront, those of us that voiced dissent stating that such engagements were a staple of Battlefront, we were attacked repeatedly...and on this site by mad hordes telling us that Battlefront wasn't about space battles. Never mind plenty of us were veterans of BF1 & 2. We were shouted down and attacked. But we fired several warning volleys ...

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But it won't. COD will outsell BF1 this year and for a reason. People like it. It is not just the fact that it is bundled with COD4. Despite the initial hate for this iteration people have seen the campaign looks great and they are changing up the MP. Despite which you prefer, sales will definitely favor COD. And after BF4s lagfest, after the joke that was Hardline, after lying about Battlefront, Dice is the one of which people should be wary.

I am still laughing how I ...

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Sitting on something until what they, a multi-million dollar company judge is the right time, is not letting it go to waste. Letting it go to waste would be handing it over to the wrong people to destroy. Sony went through a period of bad blood with Ninja Theory. That seems to have passed. Perhaps the time is nigh when they (NT) finish their current game that they would be the people to revisit the game.

Or it could simply be that with the apparent death of Nariko Sony as...

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Heavenly Sword wasn't forgotten about by Sony, They saved an Xbox game that was dropped and then when it appeared on the PS3 it was attacked relentlessly using one of the favorite ploys called "its a short game." It wasn't but that didn't matter when you had one Sony hater (non-PS3 owners) after another discussing how they "beat the game in 5 hours" What is Sony supposed to do at that point? I think HS is incredible with a wonderful story and some remarkable m...

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"... with the Xbox One Scorpio looking to be a far superior product offering than the PS4 Pro,..." I am curious how gamingbolt sees the PS4 vs Xbox or the Pro vs Xbox. If they call the difference between these two products "far superior" I can only imagine how they refer to a larger gap. Oh wait, its gamingdolt...

Maybe they should analyze software...oh wait again, that would require actual deductive abilities.

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Driveclub has you covered...

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Bethesda wanted Sony to just allow mods to go right onto the PS4. Sony wanted Bethesda to QA each mod so they didn't end up with constant crashes and glitches. It is after all, Bethesda's software. Bethesda refused. Sony knew what would happen - issues on the Xbox that are not Microsoft's fault at all are an example. Yet Microsoft has had to field tons of angry phone calls that are Bethesda's responsibility. At some point Bethesda needs to hitch up their pants and take respons...

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No, we would rather journalists start previewing and reviewing games for the target demographic instead of for themselves. It is too bad most gamers are so young they cannot remember when writers crafted articles with the central purpose being to inform the audience rather than beat their own ego filled chest and drone on about what matters to them.

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It is a serious statement about your life that there is nothing better you could do with it than continually making accounts where you act in such a manner.

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Still play Ghosts to this day, SP and MP. Just introduced another person to it 2 weeks ago. Love that game.

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This isn't Jurassic Park. Often things are the way they are because life got it right the first time. And it was Sony that found a way. Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you. Today the bear gets you and that bear is Sony. It got you, me, it got this generation.

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Like Blacktar, I love the underwater the most. I just wish Bioshock 1 had not warned me who the antagonist was in the first 20 seconds of the game. Wholly unnecessary.

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