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Why imagine the PS4 or Xbox One without 3rd party support? What does imagining get me? Flights of fancy do not wizard up new Wii U titles. Reality matters. Sony and MS pursue 3rd party support aggressively. I bought a Wii U for games. Hooray for the 3DS but the 3DS having titles doesn't help when I purchased a Wii U.

They made a bundle off of the Wii. Where did that money go? It should have gone into games for the Wii U. #6.1
I think the graphic is actually showing where Battlefront begins rather than it only occupying that one sliver in time. Design Director Niklas Fegraeus stated publicly the game spans several years. While the SP may not, if they have a separate SP, the MP certainly employs locations that were years apart. #2.1
I am not so sure. Star Wars Battlefront is a copyrighted term. Disney is attempting to solidify the canon and control it more directly. I do not think this is a toss out haphazard listing. Also consider how many novels/characters/games they cut from the expanded universe in a single whack. No this is deliberate and my vote goes with this being directly tied to the game. #1.2
If you take his remarks and accept the fact a "whole bunch of people just internally at Valve said they wanted to do it" then everything else falls easily into place. #1.2
Well at least they are doubling the framerate from the 30fps it had on the PS3 and 360.

Oh wait, I thought this was a stripped down version of Portal 2 without the humor or inventiveness. #1.1.14
Eh, mistakes happen. #1.2.2
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Compared to the other SOCOMs, SOCOM 4 was bad because the MP was completely different from previous titles and what people wanted was the gameplay they had previously enjoyed.

Confrontation turned out to be good but you wouldn't know it from some people. Persons that liked SOCOM 2 didn't like Confrontation because they played it for the first month or so then quit. It took 6 months and over 600MB of patches but eventually Confrontation had a really good SOCOM II vibe.... #1.1.3
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Just as the developer isn't a fan of the cinematic experience, neither do they like pushing each piece of hardware to its relative limit. And looking at the design and gameplay, it is apparent they also have some degree of disdain for an original idea as well. #1.1.10
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You can use a DS4. I purchased one specifically for that purpose. Just plug it in to the PS TV and hit the PS button on the controller to assign it and then you can go wireless. After that you only need to pkug it in if you want to use the PS TV to charge it. Personally, I use a separate stand alone charger but the point is it functions like a normal controller on a console. #4.1.3
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Wii U vs PlayStation 4: When The Idiot Opinions Of So Called Reviewers Do Not Matter To Real Gamers #1.1.5
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This article is supposedly posted on March 28th. The writer might want to check his launch date for the game since he has it wrong. #2
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ND games do indeed deserve it. Not because they are ND games but because the quality of those titles from ND happen to deserve it. #15.1.2
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It matters because otherwise it demonstrates the site is devoid of standards and as such are allowed by influence to freely damage our hobby without accountability. Such disparities do not occur when there is a functioning and capable editor in chief that actually does their job. #1.1.16
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What I dislike is the constant twitching. Bike games have done this since Road Rash. The physics are set so the riders constantly twitch from side to side - which doesn't occur in real life. Instead there is a slight up and down bobbing from some road surfaces. And leans and popups feel fake because of the speed at which they occur. #2
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"Have you ever thought that they might be right in that review?"

Considering their past actions and the sheer mountain of indiscretions? No, not for a second, not for a moment, a blink in time, a fleeting moment, and angel's gasp.

No, just no.

And chrismichaels above is correct. The staff at Polygon must have screamed like they were having their lungs ripped out. #1.1.6
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There is something utterly satisfying about wreaking havoc in a map, taking down one player after another, being a pain and a hindrance to the enemy...with default weapons. Here is Johnny Payola with his tricked out M5000 and you shred him with an AK-12. #1.1.5
He has good friends at Ubisoft but I would rather he wind up at Deck13.

Using a small company to poke Konami in the eye would be much more satisfying.

In all seriousness I doubt he will join a company again but rather form his own, take truckloads of money from companies to build IPs for their platforms while retaining the IP ownership himself. Most developers could never do that, retain the IP, but then again Kojima isn't most developers. I don't se... #2.1.1
I believe you may have been replying to me though it was misplaced in the forum. I did not go full tilt but rather rewarded you with the facts and common sense necessary to eliminate any doubt. After all, with the mountain of evidence already avaiable you still insisted upon taking that very tack.

My remark about thinking people perceptive enough was simple honesty. If that stings somewhat how is it my fault if you tossed common sense and simple knowledge out the window when... #5.1
Persona 4 or Persona 4 Golden as Persona 4 Golden is on the PS TV and on the list. #4.1.2
I have yet to feel this game is being unfair. Almost every time I have perished, I can tie the responsibility back to my hurrying - "He's almost down just one more blow" and then we simultaneously kill one another or he crushes me with a sliver of his own life remaining. Else, in a rush to get back to an area I am taken down by some lesser enemies I normally would hew down like weeds.

The other times it is often my not paying attention to my surroundings as I we... #5.1.2
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