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You are good lvl. But not that goof. All one has to do is go read your post history and it is one Sony complaint after another. There are only 2 or 3 remarks on your entire first page of comments that are not about Sony. All of the rest are Sony related and complain, downplay, or dismiss Sony in some manner.

Transparency has bitten you in the backside. It is fairly obvious what you are doing is simply trolling every Sony article in which you comment. You try to act concerned... #1.3.6
@xbl skull,

"People seem to forget Microsoft dominates every generation of gaming. Xbox + Windows is where the best gaming lies, best exclusives, most powerful systems, best graphics, best services, best peripherals, best hardware."

Are you calling Microsoft liars? #1.1.11

It won't be the last time. If anyone thinks any of these kids will ever become a productive member of society then they are kidding themselves. #2.1.14
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Sony has already hinted there will be various packages of Morpheus, such as with and without PS Move. It seems reasonable a game or demos would come with those initial packages that premiere with the first release of Morpheus. It could be a single demo disc or an included card with DLC codes. I believe that is what Sniperwithacause meant. If you look at their post history they have been around here since 2008.

On a related note, this game will come p... #1.1.1
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Did you not listen to the trailer? You had better blow your nose because that trailer voice over stinks of a generic no imagination idea. It doesn't matter what it looks like because the idea is like the superman version of Ambien.

People acting like you make me laugh. If this was any other designer you would be laying into them. Look at your post history. But it's Clifford.

And I have seen it. A Nexon F2P Arena Based shooter with preset types and gen... #7.1.7
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That's what you would like to see? Well Septic, I would like to see you read. I wasn't talking about games he worked on in the past. I was talking about this game. Everyone else understood that fact. Everyone else knew instantly what I meant. Everyone else actually read what I posted. In my remarks it is patently clear I meant this game. But for some reason you jumped in your time machine and took a trip to the past without reading anything. #7.1.5
There may be some legal issues involved. Look at Matt Damon and the Bourne Conspiracy game. He wanted a title that was more like Myst instead of a shooter so he and his likeness bowed out. #4.1
My initial hype for this game is paying off. Looking forward to it. The game and the character have both evolved nicely. #3
You do not know that. You do not know what terms he and the company he is with are seeking for their title. Did it occur to you that he already approached Sony and MS and both said no, so now he is appealing to the public to in turn put pressure on the very entities that have to date turned him down? Does it not seem very odd that at the point of reveal he has not already had some dialogue with hardware manufacturers?

You do not know if having seen the game, MS and Sony both... #7.3.1

People seem to forget things he stated earlier. Now he shows up with his hat in hand. No thanks.

Besides, he told us if we do not like certain games or practices (I'll include self promoting persons that feed off the industry) to vote with our wallets...

http://www.eurogamer.... #7.1
"100% agree my friend..."

My friend. The secret friend...

Looks at post history. Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, you seem legit...

Do you not realize how you look? People such as yourself are a laugh. Are you really so oblivious to your own past? Do you think for a second anyone with half a brain cell believes the slightest thing you have to say concerning Sony or a Sony product? #1.2.18
Intelligent consumers aren't willing to fork out $60 for a cinematic experience? So you are saying anyone that purchases this game or The Order lack intelligence. Troll much?

How can you claim what you say is correct when you make such a blatantly erred statement? You can't and you aren't. #1.2.6
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Yes, by all means let us blame the consumer for the 99.999999% of the time these incidents occur AND THEY ARE INDEED the consumer's fault. The number of phishing and other scam incidents that occur so far outnumbers actual hacking attacks that you can't even see hacking when you stand on a pile of the phishing reports.

But this has become the age when nothing is an individual's fault. Being careless with personal information is the equivalent of driving, swerving... #3.1.3
No. I understand what you are trying to say but nothing beats intellect. Usually cases like these aren't hacking but matters of simple idiocy.

It is the old axiom, "A fool and his money are soon parted." #1.4.1
Oh snap, greatgamer made something up...again. People like him are pitiful.

It's called "this isn't a hack but some idiot that was careless with his personal data." Yet people like greatgamer, driven by jealousy and anger rather than love of gaming, will say and do anything to downplay Sony. #1.1.4
But the game's attraction to buyers scares you so much that you feel compelled to come into threads concerning a title on a console you do not own and attempt to downplay it. In reality, all you are doing is tying a flashing billboard to your head and advertising the game. Maybe Sony should rename this title...

https://upload.wikimedia.or... #1.1.2
Now you are going to get on a soapbox and talk about petty? Really?

Of course its real. Did you do anything for him? Did you send money, contribute to a foundation? Or did you just go on about your life. At least have the honesty to be what you are. #15.1.3
DS4 all the way. I agree the light bar should be set to turn off completely but do some people really want to argue about console features that can't be disconnected...until they are? #1.1.6
You should get some help for that... #15.1
On top of all the emotions and voice work, that scene does something else unprecedented. It reveals to you that practically everything you believed in 20 years of gaming was a lie. That the majority of the great battles and enemies you encountered were actually working on the right side and you were a puppet avenger for The Patriots. You were manipulated down until the very last fight with Liquid Ocelot. Nothing you had believed for all of those years, all of those encounters, adventures, and... #2.4
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