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Why would anyone want Konami to finish this game? Kojima gone and due to the circumstances Del Toro won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I would bet an even dollar Reedus would balk as well.

There should instead be a petition to Del Toro asking him to get with Kojima in a few months and make a horror title with Reedus. #1.1.5
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If a horse race is one lap and the fastest horse running twice as fast crosses the finish line before other horses complete half a lap would the announcer say he wins by a nose? #1.1.13
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Really? 10 pages for 10 covers? Clickfest. #2
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A long time ago the word imbecile was used to refer to an individual that was mentally disabled or possessed a prominent mental handicap. So did the word idiot. Those words have chanmged and evolved over the years to encompass new definitions of a negative aspect.

The word feminism is similarly evolving. It is no longer isolated to the definition you provide but instead now bears direct negative connotations. The fact that sites are unprepared t... #1.3.13
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Where did I say it was mean? I am saying your remark calling people DC enthusiasts in a general undocumented manner as if all DC supporters attacked the sound in Forza is steeped in salt over this entire affair. I am not the first person to reference salt...which is obvious if one reads through the remarks in the thread.

I am saying that people should provide references instead of "they say" which is a broad generalization and precisely what you are doing. Such comm... #3.2.2
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Speaking of the albumn, I picked this up and it's pretty decent. Also the PS1 disc version has 4 bonus tracks not on the standard CD version. #1.1.5
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That is rather the point. If he fed her, then another would show up...and another...and another. It would never end.

You hit that first door to door salesman in the head with a no soliciting sign so all the others in the neighborhood do not even bother to walk up the drive and ring the bell. #1.1.5
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Drive Club entusiasts? That is a broad term and a bit salty at that. Do you see anyone on this current board that stated that very idea? Or is this one of those, "Well that's what THEY say" situations as if a few people speak for a massive DC audience. #3.2
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We can only hope that once Kojima finishes Metal Gear and gets settled in a new situation with the KojiPro Team, he will reconnect with Del Toro, Reedus, and everyone involved with PT willing to give Konami a much deserved middle finger. Hopefully at that point they then go to work and really scare the daylights out of everyone...Konami included.

There are two projects I would like to see Kojima make after leaving Konami fully that not only would... #1.1.2
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And still, with official numbers now available they are far far off the mark. Vgchartz...they couldn't hit the ground with their hat in 3 tries. #1.2.1
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The point people are making is in select titles the choice is non-sensical. A female Master Chief? Female Snake? Female Kratos? A male Major Kusanagi? Male Deunan? In some instances it simply is absurd.

That said the ability to play as Kelly in a HALO title that dealt with the original Spartan IIs or playing as The Boss in a Metal Gear prequel (oh wait, no Kojima, no Metal Gear), or as Briareos or Batou (in games with a female lead) would make sense. The latter actually occu... #1.2.1
If you think the word naive equates to name calling then perhaps you should go back to school and stay in class this time.

Or you can simply look up the definition of the word naive: "...showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment." Those latter 3 qualities you handily demonstrate, hence naive.

I am hardly the whiner. I am not the one crying under the false assumption someone called me names. What's next? I pulled your hair too? Took your... #1.2.7

"Yao’s shop in coastal Tianjin sells more than 40 PS4 titles, including banned games like Grand Theft Auto smuggled across the border from Hong Kong." #5.1.11
Just curious but where do you live that is so much better than America?

Australia perhaps? #5.1.4
It is being done right now. The problem you are discussing Rooted is if they are using engine assets. A huge chink of Skyrim mods do not and are created from scratch. #3.1.4
Every person that posts talks about how they would gladly give money. Then the answer is a donation button. They already have this at Nexus Mods and have for some time. Of course now we get to the point where people say on a forum one thing they would do versus the reality of the follow through...or lackthereof.

I think the people that say they would give money in a split second are the same group of people that own monster systems with 10 video cards in them. #3.1
In this case a great feature of the game only functions if you are playing it as the same time as your friends. While the Nemesis System if wonderful, it only has meaning if you are avenging friends rather than some faceless gamer you never met. So not buying it works for the Nemesis if your friends wait to play it with you. #2.1
I would have agreed with you 15 years ago. But in this era there is no reason online titles sahould not offer current graphics resolutions and effects. #2.2
Autistic? They may fail at art but you fail at humor. Not because you poked fun at autistic people but that simple comparison offers no mental sleight of hand, the reference doesn't amuse. The analogy falls far short of anything resembling wit.

Since Double Fine sells games and you do not have a sitcom I think more people find their art style pleasing than find you funny.

All of that aside I looked at your post history and it is obvious why you think the... #2.1.2
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