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I am giving an opinion about what someone wrote but what I am saying isn't an opinion? Is it fact? What is it? You do realize you sound delusional, right?

I am not the owner of the truth. The truth is for everyone. If it is inconvenient for you as you wallow in your Sony hate then that is something with which you alone must deal.

Where did I say my statements were true but instead I presented them as a community consensus. Wait, what are my statemen...

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And the Xbox now has zero exclusives.

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A consensus? Ha ha. Did you go to school? Ever? Either way, thanks for proving my point. Want the simple definition of a consensus? "A general agreement about something : an idea or opinion that is shared by all the people in a group" Agreed opinions about an opinion. Wow.

Basically you wish the article's creator to have an opinion but not the people that come here to express an opinion. If you look, most of the opinions expressed here FORM A CONSENSUS. They d...

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And you sound like someone bashing other people who are expressing their opinions on a game forum...WHERE PEOPLE COME TO EXPRESS OPINIONS.

People have an issue because the person that created the article does comprehend not simple gaming ideas such as "set pieces". I will not call them a writer out of respect for journalists, but they are having a tantrum in here posting everywhere because they want to stick it out there and when people slap it they have an issue....

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"Does the writer know what qualifies as a set piece?"

No. No they do not.

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Sooner or later you are going to have to realize some things. Here are just a few of many:

1 - People with common sense hate the article
2 - You are wrong
3 - It looks like a desperate attempt to gain clicks
4 - It it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck...its a duck
5 - You have zero ability to analyze a game
6 - Amy Hennig isn't the center of the universe
7 - The Druckmann > Hennig
8 - Hennig left Naugh...

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PS2 couldn't match Xbox 1 or Gamecube in terms of power. How did that work out for you?

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Here's hoping for a Momiji based title.

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Go back and look at articles on the BF1 reveal. Very few of us tried to warn people about EA and Dice. After BF4, Hardline, and Battlefront we tried to say something. We were shouted down and attacked.

Its the same as people praising Ubisoft over Watchdogs 2 after their history. Are people that dense and forgetful? You should make these companies prove themselves before you through yourself into traffic for them.

But because BF1 is the shiniest new thin...

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90%? I find that number to be a little low...

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Kingthrash isn't the one repeating statements:


"Xbox reflects Gates' revamped corporate mission from " 'a computer on every desk running Microsoft software,' to 'anytime, anyplace, any device,' leveraging our software and PC assets," Bach says."

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The PS2 says hello. You know, the biggest selling console ever that was underpowered compared to it's two competitors that generation.

This is electronic Darwinism and contrary to what some erringly think he meant, he was not saying the strongest survive but rather the most adaptable.

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And you are a person that cannot distinguish between brutal truth and infantile insults. Are you going to also deny MS was untruthful? I find it both laughable and telling you did not touch the subject of Redmond's actions.

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Nier Automata looks amazing.

Nioh is one of my top 2 wanted games the rest of the year.

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When you learn to use an adult's vernacular and do not have to resort to an adolescent's new found fascination with vulgarity then you might get a response.

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News flash: The PS4 is still winning and will continue to win. You won't stop that with multiplatform games.

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This is what it has come to? Yeah, it is what we have come to when a company blatantly lies to people and of all things about size. You apparently think it is okay. How about a company lie about the abilities of a console? Where do you draw the line? Which lies are okay and which are not?

For someone that thought numbers matter MS decided to lie about theirs.

And here if you want news about the great games coming out:

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Sony is well in the lead. They do not need to combat anything. And the reason they didn't announce a console 4 months out WAS SO THEY COULD STAY IN THE LEAD AND NOT CAUSE PS4 SALES TO DROP UNTIL NEO IS RELEASED.

It doesn't matter what the horsepower is of NEO or any other console, Generations are not won and lost by power. Not even a major portion of the victory or defeat is dependent upon power. It is about games and message. Any company t...

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Reskinned Second Son? Bitterness thy name is Sheridan

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"Sony doesn't do multiplat games."

'nuff said.

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