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Well according to you Unspoken, a console doesn't require unique titles to launch. Apparently in your view multiplatform titles are just fine...

You and so many others screaming over the launch of Scorpio when the games will also be on other platforms including one far more powerful. Not that power matters most, games matter above all, but I am merely pointing out your power argument doesn't hold water...and in this case neither does your game launch criticism.

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I for one am getting it. Also glad to see they have procedural mission generation to extend the life of the game.

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Monster Hunter isn't a series that has a demonstrated history of multiplatform release.

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"Yeah, the Ponies' pudtugging about that last gen has come home to roost. I can't wait for E3."

Last gen has come home to roost? I agree. Last gen where MS stopped focusing on games. You do realize the implications of your own remark, do you not? And regarding Sony supporters commenting in an Xbox thread...

Pot meet kettle...

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@Unspoken ,

"Hey another Xbox article with Sony fans. No sursprise."

Allow me to introduce you to Moldy...

And I own two Xbox One S consoles. How am I not supposed to comment? And stop sidestepping the issue. MS has had all the time in the world to develop exclusives for a worthy console - the One S. It is a great console finally but Redmond decided more hardware was best. Personally I feel betrayed having invested in them and...

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No Epic Buffet. Do you buy a 4K HDR capable TV as a room decoration? Would you purchase a top handling sports car to keep in the garage? The relevance of power is subjective and never outweighs the importance of games as the dominant reason for owning a console. Otherwise you could hook up the most powerful PC in the world and just stare at a blank screen.

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Scorpio has no exclusives EpicBuffet. Xbox One/Xbox One S/Scorpio/ PC. That is the family and Scorpio shares games with all of them. Microsoft mistakenly fell for the Mine Is Bigger Than Yours argument. They took their eye off the ball which should have been focused on software. The Xone is plenty powerful enough. Redmond is chasing the wrong rabbit. Sure they get to brag about having the most powerful console but what does that get you at the end of the day. Bragging rights? Matters little w...

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Disagree all you want. There are no exclusive Scorpio launch titles. PC/XboxOne/XboxOneS/Scorpio. That is your ecosystem, for every game. Why deny it? You celebrated play anywhere now you want to pretend that policy doesn't exist.

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Also let me suggest the Soul Reaver series. In addition to the best collection of voice acting ever, it was the story, the questions of fate versus free will, the illusion of choice that made the games for me. It is also why the idea of a reboot make me sick to my stomach. They nailed it the first time. Exercise some creativity and decency and leave that series alone.

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Best first person VR title to date. Using the Aim controller feels less like playing a game and more like being in the situation.

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It should be realized that MS does not expect to sell a ton of these units. They have said so themselves that Scorpio isn't for everyone, even implying it is not for most gamers. Because of this they not only need to recoup the cost of each unit but they have to spread the recovery of the development, marketing, etc across a much smaller user base than the standard console. Due to this $399 seems to be a very unrealistic expectation.

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"...this opinion piece is as good as trash.."

Actually I find trash to be of a higher quality. I am sure chewing gum wrappers have more worthwhile information.

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Times GTA went too far? Never.

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These are the sorts of sites other persons in gaming leech industry think are part of the great media that make a living off of our pastime. I received a PM yesterday from a certain site because in an earlier post I railed against these succubi websites that take from our hobby and add nothing in return. Their slanted opinion was I spoke "wankery" as they termed it. Well defender of the gaming press, allow me to borrow from the song... how do you like me now? Yesterday it was Forbes...

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Forbes will write what they will write but the fact that these types of articles are continually approved serves none of us regardless of any platform allegiance. Personally I think the persons at forbes that compose these pieces of trash ought to have their computers taken away and a court order should restrict them to media more suiting of their ability, for example... crayons and finger paint.

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I could be more melodramatic but I felt the ground I covered was sufficient. As an individual that represents an industry (not gaming, gaming press writes about an industry in which they do not work) which has shown a special kind of propensity in making mountains out of molehills, your labeling of my post as melodramatic is the height of hypocrisy.

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What the writer of this piece never bothers to acknowledge is that it was the leeches, the succubi, the remora of our hobby that started and promoted the trend of "Its like Dark Souls..." and they are the ones that continue to perpetuate this fad. The press. It is laughable that he says "We've been peppered with claims" when it is people like him, the very enemies of gamers everywhere that are responsible for the peppering.

Let me break it down for ...

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As long as they are getting a key I do not see the issue. I play tons of Early Access titles on Steam without issue. I even play Alphas that you purchase elsewhere but access from Steam - Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr for example.

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I can't believe you are bragging about the way games will look on a device that will be easily outclassed in the graphics department by another device where you can play those same games - the best version of those games on the very same day as the day they launch on Scorpio. If you had a true exclusive on the Scorpio I could actually understand it and say "Good for you!"

But here is a bitter pill. The very day games launch on Scorpio they will be better on a...

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If you are referring to graphics, magic 8 ball PC says no. And define best? I can't remember walking away from a memorable gaming experience, the kind that sticks with you for years and thought, Wow I will remember the way that game...looked...for years.

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