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Two underrated games I love are SOCOM Tactical Strike and Unit 13. Coop in Unit 13 was a great deal of fun but often overlooked #1.1.8
I was always a multiplatform owner. This is the first generation that I did not purchase an Xbox. After numerous issues last gen that I recounted in a recent post, I did not support MS this generation. The other fact influencing my choice was the decision by MS not to focus on core gamers, a move they began making at the end of the previous gen. And then of course their DRM attempt with the X1 that, were it successful, would have taken away more rights from gamers than any company to date. As... #3.1.2
That is one of the things I have liked about Sony platforms since day one. Diversification. There was always something and in equal parts no matter my mood. There was never this public perception of "We have to expand our portfolio so we aren't seen as a one trick pony." It just simply was. Of course there is always planning but it never felt like that because it was practically in the DNA of the Sony ecosystem. #3.1
Fall 2016 is a very likely date, though they could bump it up to summer 2016. TGS will give us a very good idea when the king will arrive.

Recent Interview

"When asked by reporters about the chances that GT7 will be released 2017, Yamauchi said that "people will not wait so much" and added that "we are talking about Gran Turismo, we must not wait so long." #1.2.9
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So you were the guy that kept shooting me... #1.2.1
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It isn't a one or the other proposition, especially with their diverse natures. But it has to be a true SOCOM, not the gameplay we saw in S4.

MAG had some really great ideas. Some executed well and some not. I would like to see a 2nd one. With everything learned from the 1st one and having done things never before attempted, Sony could really deliver something unique. #1.1.5
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Once again it is up to me to keep the discussion on track. I let you pull me off once. It will never happen again. The article is about Peter Moore and the execs at Xbox laughing. The title shopuld have read:

Peter Moore Recalls Sony Announcing PS3 Price Point of $599: We Were All Yucking It Up Backstage Because We Knew We would Be Getting More From 360 Owners Than $599 And They WOuld Not Realize It Until It WQas Too Late

The full experience on the 360 cost m... #1.1.55
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What does it say? You know the old adage, "What the mind wills, the body fulfills..."

And I thought your question was hilarious :P #1.2.3
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I am not sure who you were ordering from but they gave you bad information. The Ratchet and Clank delay was announced back in early May.

As far as the article mentioning slaes stall, this is just one more sign of buyers putting less emphasis on games from previous generations. #4.2
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Hopefully we will see something from Deep Down at TGS - which would be the logical place for new info. And like you I am really looking forward to the Beta. #2.1
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Burn those last two bubbles in a wall of text I didn't read. Here is it is in a nutshell.

PS3 full experience $599

360 full experience $399 + 7 years of Xbox Live.

The truth is simple. If you really wanted to game the 360 cost far more.

You can toss in trade ins for HDMI, Wifi, proprietary play and charge cable, HDD if you like. Go ahead and deny it.

Shortsighted people buying on price alone were had. You... #1.1.52
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No one is putting words in your mouth. You said MS forced Sony to redesign the PS3. I gave you two cases where Sony redesigned previous consoles and it had nothing to do with being under pressure.

You then admit it was MS that had to redesign their console - and not just because of RROD either - but because of Sony. You can't have it both ways and you fail miserably in this act where you insist on following me around N4G.

You do think a console is redesig... #1.1.40
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Your comments are rife with errors saltybread.

First you think revisions that may remove features to produce a less expensive console is somehow a sign of deseration on the part of the manufacurer. Wrong. One does not indicate the other. There are instances where this may be tru but it is not a hard and fast rule.

And you completely changed the subject since you could not back up a reason for design changes when the hardware manufacturer is the sales leader.... #1.1.33
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No moldy, just no.

Oh the Xbox released years and years ahead of the PS3 when people were still writing in the dirt with a stick. "Hey Bobby, you can go back to school now because we've deiscovered paper!"

Just stop.

Sony forced to redesin the PS3? Ahahahahaha. Is that why they redesigned the PS1? Is that why they redesigned the PS2? Ahahahaha you never think before you post.

Everyone saw HDMI coming and MS ma... #1.1.22
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Does Peter Moore recall people like myself paid $599...and that was it?

Or does he recall how they danced for joy knowing they had the Rent America crowd locked up.

Launch 360. Did you want multiplayer with that? Add 7 years of Live. Want HDMI? Well there is a trade in and you lose money. What about WiFi? Ooops. Forbid you should want a larger HDD. I remember standing in Best Buy with a 1TB drive for my PS3 in hand and the guy in front of me was paying almos... #1.1.13
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I read you remark. Replied, then realized I misread it. Then rereading I thought, I have no idea what you are talking about in the first part. The latter makes perfect sense and I agree with you, but the first part seems more related to some earlier posts in a different thread. #2.1.3
"Stop Bitchin."

WUT? #2.1.1
On right now in Far Cry 4 coop. #1.1.5

The worst thing is they had to know without question what the fans wanted.

Yet some moron had to say, "Look. We know what the fans want but let's give them something else."

Does anyone else understand the monumental stupidity that had to go into making the design decision which led to this point? #2.4
It isn't just about rebuying. Technically I purchased 3 with trade ins.


I picked up the Premium at launch. Even beat the Gamestop manager onto the reserve list. He never figured that trick out. But it died at 13 months. Sent that back. It took over 2 months to get a replacement. The one they sent me? Dead out of the box. I send that back. 6 more weeks.

When that comes back I get one that works and what do we discover? The D... #2.5
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