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Keep baking those pies. Someone else will certainly come along. For some reason all of these hiding people make me think of this: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

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Thanks Inzo....coffee just shot out my nose over that remark ha ha.

Seriously though its only one more day....

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Really been having a blast with this. The most fun I have had in a coop title in quite some time. Well worth the money. From the gameplay reveal trailer and the remarks by Sienna Fuegonasus,


into the closed beta and now the launch the game has been fun fun ride. Can't wait to see the support for this. The first game had tons of great DLC so I am really...

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That is always something people ignore. They tend to think if Sony did not have Nintendo and MS they would rest on their laurels. No. Look when the PS2 was at its height. Sony didn't stop and coast then either.

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I straightened you and your mistake out. Was that a private PM between you two? No. This is a public forum. You commented on another poster who made a remark about a publicly discussed subject. You were wrong. I don't stand around and say nothing when I see someone attacking someone because they couldn't understand a simple comment.

If you do not like being wrong, then stick to PMing people with your remarks. Again you ignore who PMed who first. You did.

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I continue? You are the one that PM'ed me and began a tirade. Then you follow me to an unrelated thread and scream that I PM'ed you then I blocked you. No you PM'ed me and started a tirade so I blocked you. Think about that. You follow me into an unrelated topic to complain about something you initiated. Do you know the definition of a persecution complex?


You sai...

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No, you PM'ed me first. And whined. Do I need to post a screen shot?

Here: https://imgur.com/a/zJikCBc

You pm'ed me the same thing you posted on the forum. You said you did it because you couldn't reply to me on the forum...but you did.

EDIT: Fact are stubborn things.

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Delayed...again...and again...and again.

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Is that a general comment from them previously or did they make it in specific response to this rumor? If so you are absolutely correct and I agree. It's true. Thanks for any info.

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"They are disagreeing because they think you are wrong."

Wait...you didn't say that. You were rude to him.

It was obvious without the knowledge of a background on his posting habits what he was statting. He didn't post a game, he posted an item from a game.

Are you new here?

Anyone that was around here during the SOT launch was well aware of the constant water remarks. Its all over other boards as ...

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Agreed. But we do not know if that rumor is true. It is buzzing on major forums such as reddit and if today passes with no comment from Activision or the studios then things will not be looking good. I am one of those persons that simply isn't interested in Multiplayer these titles now offer so I will be gaming something else this fall. And there is plenty out there.

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Wake up!!!!!!

He was being facetious. Apparently people, including you, do not have much of a memory for poster's habits. AspitingProGenji is a huge PS fan. He was being sarcastic because of the remarks posted here concerning SoT water rendering when its supporters were attempting to find something positive to list about the game.

Feel free to post that you missed a common literary ploy and give him an upvote.

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Oddly enough it gets support from me because of the SP campaigns. No SP campaign, no support from me. I am not bitter, but its just a simple fact of my preferences that will prevent me from purchasing if this rumor is true. If you do not make clothes in my size I am not buying them. Guess what? Someone else will make those clothes.

I do not really care for MP these days as titles I liked for such fare are no longer made with that type of MP. We were just discussing this in...

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You nailed it. So many people were afraid of this game and this series. Well I love it. And they smoked the trailer with the actual game. They once described the game as Saving Private Ryan set in the future. I love the series. I really would like to see Hakha again. And an unapologetic take from the Helghast side. The multiplayer in 2 was sheer devastation.

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Look at the detail in the actual game.

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His real name isn't even Billy Mitchell, its Tyrion. Why is he at a gaming conference when he is supposed to be helping the Mother of Dragons...

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Some places below, Square Burgers post this remark: "This website has no room for well thought out, well written post with excellent punctuation. "

The issue with his statement is that the post is not well thought out. First, backwards compatibility is not a console seller for the greater public at large. Posts like his are a dime a dozen where someone professes to state an over arching purchaser impact factor or buyer demographic motivation but in reality only ex...

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This article is from a cheese whiz site that sprang up to capitalize on the game. They want more marketing from Rockstar to drive hits to their site. For someone pretending to write about R* games they seem to know very little about how the public treats the titles.

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"honestly still to this day i am surprised this game has remained an exclusive"

Based on Konami's past history with games from which it deems it could squeeze some money, there was obviously some ironclad legality that Sony holds to prevent it going anywhere else. The Sony references could be edited easily, or else just left in as they would be a small trade off for a company like Microsoft to have this once in a lifetime game on their platform. If you want to...

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