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Microsoft worked wit NVidia for the original Xbox and they were apparently a giant pain in the ass to work with.

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Every company, if successful, eventually becomes a big company.

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There will be intense debates between this and the next Gran Turismo.

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It's on PC to and the PC version will destroy the 360 version graphically since this is a Cry-engine 3 game.

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As a West Virginia resident, I can confirm the ex-governers stupidity.

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Gentlemen, browsing this site with you guys has been a privilege.

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Dat thumbnail

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Enjoy your last bubble pal.
Edit: wording

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He looks like Hulk Hogan.

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Better watch out, theres that one feminist retard on here that will say anythings sexist. i forget her name but she said GOW: Ascensions multiplayer was sexist for not having females.

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When has a PlayStation system not been awesome? PS1, PS2, and PS3 were all the best systems of their generations.

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It truly was pathetic. And that one lady messed up on Geben's name then tweeted at some random guy on Twitter saying sorry.

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