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Batman arkham series. Just for Mark hamill if nothing else.

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Lol "amnesia also springs to mind" wish I could say that was intentional. Also though, I would like to add the STALKER series and metro 2033 as great games

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Witcher 1 & 2 I think had great narrative, story, and acting, that is on par with bioshock imo. Amnesia also springs to mind.

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Wheel of time- either bioware, bethesda, or cdprojekt red

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This is going to be a stretch, but here it goes. First person shooters are in the same boat as Americas health care. They both need to give the control to the people, and they both have been going off of what's popular rather than what is right. Health care is being more and more controlled, as are fps games. You don't get to choose where to go, or how you want to play, they just tell you "go here, kill everything" like with health care "buy it or we tax you". We n...

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I'm gonna have to say replace oblivion with witcher 2, it is a great beginning, has so many different ways to unfold the rest of the game, like aryan lavalette's side, or louisa's side. You can also escape the prison in so many ways, that also effect the way the game goes. Honorable mention for me would be mass effect 2, it was unforgettable.

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Stealth players should enjoy the dawnguard side, as they will get crossbows, which do massive damage, and can have their damage multiplied by their sneak skill.

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Does that mean they are going to take it "out onto the street in a cross country soccer/football tournament while you get chased by soccer/football hooligans and the police for a chance at a large sum of cash?" Because that's what they did to the need for speed franchise that "they can do anything with"

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Dang... that's the same day as Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition upgrade... Oh well, Amalur can wait, I have to revisit Temeria and its neighboring kingdoms first. Gotta get my mutant on.

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Did he really say the consoles out did PCs at the time of their launch?

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Loving the physx effects. Few wishes though. Hope it isn't as performance eating as Batman arkham city's, which was so unoptimized. Hope it isn't made with the old rendition of physx, I hope it is made with the same one displayed at GDC. And finally, I hope it doesn't take a 680 to run like they recommended, I'm hoping the 2 560s I have will run this at 1080 with the physx. I'm fine giving up some AA if i can. Overall though it looks great and I'm very excited now!...

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Wow... just a few weeks after AMD's partners had 1ghz models for some of their cards released...Nvidia releases a card that can double that. One would have thought they would shoot for 1.5ghz first, but nope, they're just gonna go ahead and double the current max. Wish i could afford one or two 680's, they seem like tanks. Though they are way too expensive at the moment, let alone a 2ghz model.

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Ever hear of Adam West?

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Any chance they'll raise/get rid of the level cap? I hate that you level so fast and stop at level 40, when there's so much content in the game to get sidetracked by. I have only done 3 quests in the story and I'm level 15. Barely made it out of the first region.

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Best DLC is Witcher 2 DLC for PC. Its free, fits flawlessly with the world, and adds hours of play time. Not to mention their HUGE DLC such as patch 2.0 and Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition upgrades, which could have been slapped on for $5 or more but instead are just free. Man, I really love CDProjekt Red.

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Not to mention the Skyrim Creation Kit and Hi-Res texture pack AND Steam Workshop for Skyrim all launching same day as those games. Good day to be a PC gamer. Although I will still use the nexus sites as well, I like the interface better there.

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And call of duty is the best mmorpg because it is online and you can level up and unlock stuff. /sarcasm

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Title is misleading. On PC, I can't imagine any better way of getting games than through steam, gog, direct2drive, or even... *spits* origin. Most PC games don't transfer anyway, and most places don't have the selection, or are overpriced. Plus you don't need to worry about computer restriction with steam, or not being able to play the game due to a scratched disc. Heck, you don't even need to worry about losing saves if you use steam cloud, unless it's a GFWL game. I ...

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Where is the disruptor rifle from Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy? I loved having a sniper rifle that would disintegrate whatever alien/human/jedi i shot it at. Not to mention that sweet slow-mo matrix dodge that you would do sometimes if it was shot at you.

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