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Nicely done video. The plasma gun looked a little bit cheap. #3
Demo comes out on Thrusday. The game launches Feb 17th. #1.1
I think you mean 2011 #5.1
It would have been perfect as a launch game if Sony haven't delayed it. #1.1
I don't see why Level-5 won't localize WCKPSP for the west #1.1
There was nothing wrong with Killzone 2 control whatsoever. #1.1
Jill looks a bit off #1.1
I wonder how Nintendo will deal with privacy with software install #1.1
The response to 3DS is incredible. That system will probably break many sales records. #3.1
Nintendo's conference was ironically more hardcore. #1.4
This looks way better than Killzone 2's cover. #1.4
It looks better than God of War actually. Not nearly as good as the second game though. #2.1
Third parties need to jump in. Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid collections would easily sell. #1.2
Cheaper price tag as well. #1.11
That's what I'm thinking as well. Like SOny did with the PS3 slim #3.5
I think it may be related to the Xbox 360 slim #17
What a disappointment if this is what they have been teasing. #5
I enjoyed the demo in Split/Second more than Blur. #1.2
Just show us the damn game already Jaffe. #33
Great sales for Conviction. I think it's selling faster than the previous games #1.5.1
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