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"Drifting through the sorrow. The visions yet display. It strips the soul completely empty."


Sucks for Konami if its true.

Would love to see him team up with Igarashi (Loosing him was a huge loss too imo). #5
Bleh double post. #6
Suprised GTA VI for consoles didn't appear in the list. #5
Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pass 2 incoming :p #2.1.2
Best thing ive seen from the beta is the donut easter egg ha. #1
Cant wait, just hope its running at a higher res and better textures on the Xbone.. Otherwise il have to wait for the Steam version :P #6
Bah stupid tags, read Rogue Squadron 2+3 and thought hell yeah finally!... then I clicked. #3
Hes the Klobb! #4.3
Ubi/Ea/Acti/2k will get the last laugh from your bank by selling quater of a game to you at full price, locking another quater behind huge grinds or microtransactions and then selling the half via DLC ;) #7.2
Hope some awesome freebies appear :D #4
The 360 version was a bit dissapointing, looked dull and ran pretty sketchy at times (Fps/texture and fov pop ins).. Sooo im looking forward to this :). #16
Love to see some Skedar (PD) and Floyd the droid (JFG) during MS's conference.... buying a Xbone for the H2:A and those 2 would be the icing on the cake.

As with Sony, looking forward to Wipeout and Syphon Filter and want to see Dark Cloud 3 (If ever, it'll be TGS anyways :P).

And with Ninty, Id love to see Starfox which mixes classic Starfox with Adventures, Prime 3, obviously Zelda along with a new 3d platforming Mario... A new Advance Wars and Goldens... #4
Atleast 3 Xbones will be sold the day H2:A comes out (Me, my Brother and Sister, along with a fair few friends.

So yeah games releases do increase consoles :p #6.1
Anyone else hum the the intro theme to SMK whenever they see the name, image or a video of it? #3
But Evolution and Ready at Dawn are fine to carry on developing and keep all their staff? :P #4.2
Cant forget Dragon Age :P #1.7
UK #151
Crashland, some videos of if it here https://developer.oculusvr.... #2.1
$6.99 or 7million xp (1xp per 100 kills) per attachment, they'll take your money for sure ;) #5.1
A fair amount of Metroid related stuff appeared last night..... hope it means a certain game gets announced in a few months ;) #4
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