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"Drifting through the sorrow. The visions yet display. It strips the soul completely empty."


UK #151
Crashland, some videos of if it here https://developer.oculusvr.... #2.1
$6.99 or 7million xp (1xp per 100 kills) per attachment, they'll take your money for sure ;) #5.1
A fair amount of Metroid related stuff appeared last night..... hope it means a certain game gets announced in a few months ;) #4
May 30th :) #1.2.1
Storage space didnt stop MS releasing 360 with a 256mb memory card or a revised 4gb Slim 360 did it? :P #17.2
2d Metroidvania for the 3DS please.
3d Metroid for U please. #8
Gotta love those nextgen weeds lol. #5
I almost did the same, but knowing the marketing for Halo, a special edition console will appear.. that day, will be the day I get one :) #2.1
Forgot how awful Enix's logo was lol. #4
They do need some form of conference at E3, skipping it for Directs seemed a good idea.., but how many viewers did they miss out on, of which could've been potential buyers? #1.1.2
MS just need to build up another inhouse dev (Akin to Ensemble) and get them to focus on Halo Wars and old school AoE.

Mix it up with FPS/RTS/FPS/ARPG. #38.1
Dice should do what Bethseda do....

1 - Release buggy game.
2 - Stop fixing and let the fanbase fix it.
3 - Repeat the above. #1
So Fez, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Minecraft and Braid are not independent? #4.3.3
Dudebro games never have sold well on Nintendo consoles anyway. #39
Be patience... At least another 986 years to wait.

HL1 (1)998
HL2 (2)004
HL3 (3)000? #11
Panties will appear in part 4... Or 5 or 6.... who knows? :P #6
It'll beat playing it at 720p :P #22.1
Sounds good on first read, but........... the first party games will more than likely require Windows 8 :( #24
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