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"Drifting through the sorrow. The visions yet display. It strips the soul completely empty."


Beyond Good and Evil HD. #27
The white FFXIII PS3 Slim is one of my favorite LE consoles, hope they do VII justice. #1.1.2
RC Pro Am... loved that game and it still holds up alright these days :P #1.1.7
Goto 2:33 and you'll see. #1.7
Looks awesome, wish the A, B,Home and +/- were the grey/black colour :P #5
Doesn't help its tagged either :/ #6.1
Sucks for Konami if its true.

Would love to see him team up with Igarashi (Loosing him was a huge loss too imo). #5
Bleh double post. #6
Suprised GTA VI for consoles didn't appear in the list. #5
Mortal Kombat X - Kombat Pass 2 incoming :p #2.1.2
Best thing ive seen from the beta is the donut easter egg ha. #1
Cant wait, just hope its running at a higher res and better textures on the Xbone.. Otherwise il have to wait for the Steam version :P #6
Bah stupid tags, read Rogue Squadron 2+3 and thought hell yeah finally!... then I clicked. #3
Hes the Klobb! #4.3
Ubi/Ea/Acti/2k will get the last laugh from your bank by selling quater of a game to you at full price, locking another quater behind huge grinds or microtransactions and then selling the half via DLC ;) #7.2
Hope some awesome freebies appear :D #4
The 360 version was a bit dissapointing, looked dull and ran pretty sketchy at times (Fps/texture and fov pop ins).. Sooo im looking forward to this :). #16
Love to see some Skedar (PD) and Floyd the droid (JFG) during MS's conference.... buying a Xbone for the H2:A and those 2 would be the icing on the cake.

As with Sony, looking forward to Wipeout and Syphon Filter and want to see Dark Cloud 3 (If ever, it'll be TGS anyways :P).

And with Ninty, Id love to see Starfox which mixes classic Starfox with Adventures, Prime 3, obviously Zelda along with a new 3d platforming Mario... A new Advance Wars and Goldens... #4
Atleast 3 Xbones will be sold the day H2:A comes out (Me, my Brother and Sister, along with a fair few friends.

So yeah games releases do increase consoles :p #6.1
Anyone else hum the the intro theme to SMK whenever they see the name, image or a video of it? #3
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