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I would love to see Mario 64 redone in this engine. Thinking about all the classic levels done in this engine would be enoughto get me to buy the next Nintendo system.. #1.1.4
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So you had to write a long winded diatribe to reiterate yoyr own opinion?

Im sorry that in your opinion Sony's lineup is lacking for you. And no Sony isnt being crowned the winner of e3 because of a timed dlc exclusivity deal. They are being praised for 3 huge announcements in The Last Guardian, FFVII remake, and Shenmue 3.

On top of that the new IP from Guerilla Games: Horizon zero dawn looks amazing. Followed by the Uncharted collection, Uncharted 4,... #1.30.1
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Please re read the email.. The developers and publishers dictate pricing not SONY! Thats what is aggravating me, everyone is blaming Sony and its the publishers doing. #5.2.2
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Sony doesn't set the prices, the publishers do.. #4.1
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I completely disagree with you. When you look at someone's gamerscore it really doesn't tell you much.

Also 100 percenting a game on the gamerscore system doesn't reward you with anything signifying that achievement. With the trophy system you can easily see at a glance what level someone is at.

When you look at someones gamer card on PSN it shows you how many bronze, silver, gold, and platinum trophies they have. Gold and especially platinum tr... #1.5.1
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@JCNBA Did I say anything about Tomb Raider? Nope. I was arguing for TLOU remake seeing as I think its a good idea.. I have no problem with the Tomb Raider remake or any other remake for that matter.. I have no idea why you make it seem like I'm defending the Last of Us and nothing else... #4.1.2
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I know what you meant. But You can't have the "digital benefits" while buying physical discs without giving up basic rights. That 24 hour check in nonsense was beyond reasonable, on top of that a game could only be lent, sold or traded to another individual once. After that it had to be taken to select retailers where it could be traded or sold to them. I personally to buy or sell used games but I have a lot of friends and family that we like to borrow each others games, more th... #30.1.3
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You're right there could be 10's of thousands, however it doesn't change the fact that less than 1% of people the people that played that game achieved what you did.. It would still be nice to know exact figures.. #1.1.1
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Do they matter? Matter is a relative term. Do trophies and achievement enhance your enjoyment/ percieved value of a game? If yes then they matter.

I know for me they give me a sense of accomplishment. When I meet someone new I see how my trophy score stacks up. With the advent of the rarity system that Sony implemented with trophies it adds another level of accomplishement. Getting a trophy that less than 1% of the gaming community has is a rewarding feeling. #1
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Except it's not $60 and has all the DLC. Your logic is belong to me. #14.1
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That's what gets me about the argument against remakes. If they weren't desirable people wouldn't buy them and publishers wouldn't make them. How on earth can someone argue against something that is clearly desired by enough gamers to warrant the practice. I love remakes for the most part. The God of War saga remains my favorite. Experiencing the entire God of War franchise on my PS3 on one disc was sublime.

Despite my dislike of Halo I can easily see why so... #13.1
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@Gamer666 Playstation Now says "HI" #7.2
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the Last of Us remake is tantamount to a "Game of the Year" edition but is being released on the PS4 instead of the PS3.

It's not like they are just marginally improving the graphics and calling it a day. They added a lot of value in the form of all the DLC, is cheaper, is an incentive for PS3 owners to upgrade to a PS4, as well as bolstering the PS4's catalogue...

You see it as a superfluous cash grab but the community sees it as an easy... #4.1
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If the concept of a "superior indie platform is not important" then why are they strictly releasing on Xbox platforms?

If they wish to release only on Xbox thats their right but to act as though console exclusivity isn't important while remaining exclusive is kind of a contradiction.. #3
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I'm sorry but the defense for Microsofts proposed DRM is illogical. If you want the ability to never have to swap discs ever again just buy digital games.

If Microsoft truly wanted to give us this "freedom" and the decision wasn't a profit driven one designed to snuff out used game sales then they would have lowered the price of digital games. Period.

Its obvious and apparent that the motivation behind their DRM policies was strictly profit... #30.1.1
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So your entire argument is founded on the fact that Sony sold memory cards separate? Why is this a bad thing? Nintendo used them with the N64, Sony used them with the PS1 and PS2. Save files were KB's in size and didnt' require expensive hard drives. With the advent of HD consoles and game installs suddenly hard drives were needed.

Also lest you forget that Sony designed the ability to swap in ANY 2.5" sata hard drive. They didn't force you to buy a proprieta... #28.3
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Judging by your immature response i'm guessing 12? Seriously I'm almost 30 and have been gaming since the age of 4. I'm well aware of Sony's history and more than qualified to comment on it. I've owned countless playstation products from the original all the way to my PS4. Sony earns my continued support because of their connection with their audience, they just "get it"...

For whatever inexplicable reason you have this disdain for them and it c... #28.2
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You based this absurd comment off of? Sony has alwasy been a great steward to our industry and us the consumer. Even when they destroyed the competition with the PS2 they continued to develop new IP's, technologies, and remained an approachable company. Microsoft is the company that has wrought our industry with terrible practices like buying dlc, nickel and diming for features that should be included or free, and in general treating their customers as though they know whats best for them... #28.1
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PS3 was imferior to the 360? Are you kidding me? The cell procesdor was way beyond the cpu inside the 360 and PS3's exclusives proved this very point. The ps3 was also superior in regards to upgradeable hard drives standard. Built in hdmi standard. Superior multimedia options including full hd 7.1 surtound sound support. Blu ray standard. Free psn access and multiplayer. Etc.. The xbox 1 on the other hand is known to be slightly weaker than the PS4 and forced kinect which decreased alrea... #1.8.4
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