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I love how much the goalposts move for Xbox shills. The PS4 is undisputedly more powerful than the X1 and has bwen putting out some graphically stunning games and you all just pretend like the past 4 years didn't exist. Now that Microsoft has been forced to rebuild the X1 from the ground up suddenly you all are beating your chest claiming more power.

There's a reason the x1 is being slaughtered in sales and it has a lot to do with Sony's strong first party..

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Literally nobody is running out to buy a switch for those titles. When it comes to innovative and new exclusive ips Nintendo falls short.

Outside of a Mario or Zelda game name the last time Nintendo had a smash hit? Wii sports doesn't count because it shipped with every Wii sold....

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Playstation Now's only downfall is pricing. It has nothing to do with this authors perception of Sony's digital ineptitude. People don't want to pay the exorbitant prices of Now and Sony seems unwilling to fix it, Probably because of the price they paid for Gaikai. However Sony has been doing some great things in the Digital front. Lest we forget that they pioneered PlayStation Plus, which Microsoft has since copied with Games for Gold. Sony has also been utilizing a pre-download ...

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@PistolsAtDawn PSNow is built on GAIKAI which was and is a Cloud storage company. Do you honestly think that not only do they not have a huge server farm already in place but that it isn't scaleable? You make far to many assumptions about Sony's ability to compete with Microsoft in this space.

Its laughable how you Microsoft elitists think that they are some kind of untouchable conglomerate that does things light years ahead of everyone else when they are being spa...

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OH you mean like Microsoft did with Blu ray? Or how about Games With Gold being a blatant rip off of PS Plus? Kinect after the success of the Wii? Which by the way was long after the PS EyeToy..

Microsoft is just as bad about using the wait and see approach to things so dont start that nonsense.

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Sony had dedicated servers for their exclusives all of last generation on the PS3. Yet I remember the 360 fans declaring that they werent necessary, suddenly Microsoft is championing them and its a big deal to the X1 crowd.

Dedicated servers are incredibly expensive especially when you need to scale and maintain them. Third party server solutions have become cheaper and the technology has improved to the point that I bet none of us can tell the difference between 3rd party a...

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@Septic @donthate
Need I remind you that Sony purchased Gaikai, a 3rd party cloud storage company? They are already running and streaming full games from the cloud with PSNow.

You honestly think they can't make the jump from that to cloud computing if they wanted to? You're dillusional if you think that.

Maybe Sony hasn't crossed that threshold because they realize that the tech isn't viable yet and the amount of money needed to s...

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PS Now's entire catalog of games is run and streamed from the cloud so in that category Sony has more.

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Azure is mostly for business related enterprises for storage, offsite data handling, and to facilitate shared data amongst the many branches and divisions of most modern companies.

Microsoft has been trying to leverage Azure for gaming with no real tangible gains so far.

Im on the side of the fence that is skeptical of the claims Microsoft has made that it will have on the gaming landscape. Most of what they promised they have under delivered on for years no...

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Well for starters XBL has existed since the original Xbox launched so Microsoft has had over a decade to get it to its current state. PSN didn't exist until the PS3 launched which was a year after the 360. So for Sony to launch their ambitious new platform alongside the expensive PS3 and reach parity in the time frame of one generation is utterly impressive.

At the end of the previous generation both online platforms were nearly identical with t...

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The suspend and resume function on the ps4 is amazing. I hit the PS button on my controller and within 10 seconds im right back where I left off in my game, no loading, no waiting. Its flat out brilliant.

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dcbronco is clearly an Xbox only kind of gamer. If he had any inclination at all toward Sony he would know that Sony and Kojima have had a very good functioning relationship since at least the 90's and that this collaboration has made Kojima a legend and very wealthy.

Kojima is the only reason that Konami has any relevancy in today's industry, so with that partnership forever shattered the obvious place is with Sony.

Also considering that his new st...

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How convenient that you use this year as a measure of new IP's from either Sony or Microsoft.

Sony has always spread their major releases out to give them room and space to matriculate on their own. Sony could have pushed Naughty Dog to finish Uncharted 3 for the ohhh so important holiday shopping season, but they didn't. Why do you think this is? It's because Sony releases games when they are ready and have the best chance at success....

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Not to be disrespectful but your statement is a bit asinine. To sit here a proclaim that Kojima hasn't made a "great" game since ZOE is borderline trolling.

Seriously MGS3 is widely regarded as one of the best games of the PS2 era which is known for the stunning variety, number and, quality of games brought to market.

Then MGS4 was in another stratosphere altogether from a story telling standpoint. I cried at the end of that game and there are...

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Ive played every Metal Gear Solid since the PS1 debut. I had always been a fan but it wasnt until MGS3 that I fell in love. Then 4 happened, that game spoke to a part of me that very very few things in my life have. Ive played and replayed that game dozens of times and practically wore out my O.G. "phat" 60 gig ps3. So here comes 5, the hype for me was just unrealistically high and then Konami began to dismantle everything. No David Hayter as Snake is a sin. Creatively tying Kojima ...

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Proximity to the screen has just as much if not more of an impact on perceived graphical quality. They can pack way more pixels into the sub 50" class panels than they used to and so the size of the screen has become less important.

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It's like politics, supporters of either side in order to gain a sense of superiority or to validate their opinions will seek out every piece of dirty laundry they can. It's precisely why American politics are so corrupt and annoying and it spills over to many other mediums like sports and video games.

I wish we could be more mature about these things but it's part of the "human condition" and it's built into us. We're naturally competitive beca...

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As soon as I read this article my exact first thought was so now that the Xbox brand is on the wrong side of the resolution argument suddenly it's overblown?

Hypocrisy is something that a lot of these people don't seem to comprehend, and if they do they are outright ignoring how blatant they are being in it.

It was an everyday exercise to log onto N4G, see an article bashing the PS3's supposed inferiority in the graphics department, and then hav...

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If im not mistaken early 360 games were averaging 640(p)(i) I cannot find anything online for the resolution of games before the HDMI port was first available in the Elite version of the 360. I think I remember the max resolution being in the 800-900 range. While this is a lot better than 480p it's a far cry from the 1080 that we routinely get in today's market. Can anyone confirm the resolutions of those early titles? Either way nobody can deny the fact that HDMI is as important to H...

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Konami has lost me as as a customer for life. It's clear they care more abputcontrolling Kojima, a legend in gaming, rather than their reputation.

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