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The game from your avatar didn't get one either and I really don't get why.
Using the little girl on the gamepad to point at things for Barry or Moira's flashlight would have been nice. #1.2
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There's not a whole lot of information about these new PSI Powers or new enemy sprites.
I JUST beat the whole series in a row this week, and without enough information, I can't really justify playing this especially after I just beat 1, 2 and 3 so soon.

Don't release something without a comprehensive explanation of what it is. #1
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Watch NoA not add it because of poor New 3DS sales, leaving the N3DS version as the only accessible one. #5
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I like the idea behind this.
But due to Konami's treatment of Kojima Productions, I'm not buying the game at all.
Won't stop me from playing the game though~ #25
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Wow, Fallout 4 and then ANOTHER game the following year?
Bethesda really are sinking.
*wink* #3
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Making SM3DWorld multiplayer means that making the next mainline Mario game single player will alienate their newly gained fans.
I think they shot themselves in the foot with that decision. #2
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But no Smash Bundle...? #8
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There was a poll months ago asking what maps the Battlefield veterans would want to see return.
It listed EVERY map from every Battlefield game ever made.
Hoping some BF2/2142 love comes with this Community Map patch. #5
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Bob-Omb King Where? #5
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Considering Star Fox is due out before Zelda, and both due this year, I can't imagine it's anything else.
We've never seen a single pic of it, it's time. #3
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Nintendo is just as much about hardware as it is about software, and we still see Mario, Link, DK and their other mascots and franchises get consistent high-quality games.
Give Freeman his due, dammit! #6
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Baker did great on TLOU but he's a very samey VA when it comes to any other game.
SMTIV, Persona 4, Fire Emblem and more, he always sounds exactly the same.
When the Sins of the Father trailer for MGSV first played, the instant Ocelot said one word, I knew it was Baker.
I wouldn't say he's overrated but he, much like Nolan North, only really shine when they're going off of their usual trend.
Nolan is forced to use the Nathan Drake voice in quite... #10
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4 Souls games [bloodborne included] in the past 7 years, and now this.
They need to slow down.
Bloodborne just looks like DaS2 with a victorian paintjob, not worth my $60 until they really sell me on it.
Why can't they make a new Otogi or Armored Core or something, and give these games a break? #5
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There has to be some big huge crazy announcement coming.
They already leaked Metroid, and Star Fox is coming out before the end of this year, Mario isn't getting a mainline platformer again until the next what could it be? #11
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Happy to see this game getting some recognition!
He posts on several gaming forums to get real insight from the gaming public and make the game people actually want to play.
Support it! #3
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Resident Evil 4 is among the greatest games of all time, but I'll never get how it "saved" the series.
We had gotten REmake, RE Zero, Outbreak and Outbreak 2, all in the time of RE4's development, and many people hold those games to be fantastic.
I wasn't a fan of Zero, but REmake was one my my favorite games ever. #10
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I jumped and yelled "YEAHHHH" when I saw DMC4SE with Vergil.
DmC can rot but oh man I'm excited for 4. #61
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Surface Tension is the best though! #6
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Valve JUST said that it's not happening any time soon.
This article should be removed and a warning should be sent to the website. #13
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He's still the same slow butthead, according to the leaked Shulk gameplay :( #1.2
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