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I've been toying with getting the first game for a while, if all the reviews are this high for number two it looks like I'll have to finally commit some cash to it.

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Nice to finally hear about the games coming out of this instead of all the drama. Haunted House Tycoon and Lux look like the sort of thing I'd play.

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That intro has me craving Harvest Moon and my old Gameboy Colour...

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The Rayman games actually get pretty tough in the later levels and boast some of the best platformer design I've seen in ages. "But it's a cartoon, so it's for kids." That logic is just stupid beyond words.

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Adding touch screens to a controller is a fairly logical step given the current obsession with all things touch, killing the long standing control sticks is a lot more adventurous.

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Proof would be hard. Agreed. I guess the only thing to do would be to flag the user and then if they're always being linked to missing disks then block them from using the service. Then they get another credit card and it goes on in a vicious cycle until all the boxes are empty...

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I used to work at a rental place, when it was quiet most of our day was spent trying to think of ways to beat the system - we were never successful unlike these guys.

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Seems really weird that Redbox find it hard to identify who steals these discs - don't they link credit card information or some other identifying info to a barcode?

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Does it make you hold your arms in the air for a few days to do a spirit bomb?

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Having read a handful of reviews I am now utterly confused,
and now feel compelled to play it to soothe my brain...

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I'm just glad to see a new IP - hopefully it sells well so devs don't ditch new ones completely.

Rockstar are probably paying very close attention, finding the good bits in Sleeping Dogs and then making GTA shinier or something...

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Should I have heard of this series? The snow thing sounds intersting though might be more annoying than immersive...

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Pro Skater 4, Gamecube, Ace of Spades in the background - good times.

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I haven't played this at all yet...does that make me strange?

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Got fed up of Skyrim a few weeks ago, hello replacement!

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I think the whole point about the horizontal stand is that it's a 'fail' that it even exists - as you say there is no need for it.

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No metion of Vanille in the review, that gives it an automatic 'better than XIII' rating

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You still haven't said why you find it disappointing...

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Personally I was hoping for more of a story mode (Soul Calibur II style thing)because I get bored of simple arcade modes pretty fast.

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Quad wielding looks pretty sweet, controls better be decent though.

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