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Yup - you also get a lot of album for your money with those 16 tracks :)

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March I think.... Maybe early April

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I'm with you fella... still waiting...

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OK I admit it - it clearly should have been an 11/10... I feel so ashamed... *sobs in to money hat* ;)

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Seems like so many have forgotten the 360's XBLA titles these past few months with all the talk of X1. Nice little game tho!

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Yeah that was the GBP to USD rough guess ;) He guessed at £40 being $60 ;)

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Website got swamped thanks to this, the last of us review and a few other articles - it should be OK now tho :)

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Seriously pumped for this now! Sony's PR hype machine seems to be getting it right atm... let's see if they can do the same next week tho :)

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Why fragment an already patchy user base by making this work on only certain Smart Glass platforms. Surely as a consumer that's downloaded Smart Glass for their device you should just expect it to work and offer the same experience.... Or am I living in crazy-town again?

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Indeed my friend, and I stand by them :)

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But you, like me, are in the minority here I think. Most "Joe public" consumers will not be straight on to a system for launch. :)

You kind of summarise the point of the article in the last part of your post "Every system winds up having at least 4 to 5 must play games. I might wait till its cheaper but il def get it eventually."

At some point the build-up of great games, mixed with a lowering price point makes a sale to the larger buyin...

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Hey guys - game runs fine on all platforms :) PC looks the best as you'd expect but the game is Unreal 3 based so you know what to expect.

Had zero problems with the title during my review - so don't worry and just enjoy :D

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Guess it was a 24hr thing then - well done to those that took advantage :)

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Just plays sooo well on pc.. Great game.

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Such a great game that appears to have been forgotten in the run up to the holiday crush. Sega need to get behind it.

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It certainly did feel like a challenge but one that was plausible and beatable.

Don't get me wrong it did a fair amount of hinting and guiding - I was just a little overwhelmed by the entire system being thrown at me with no real basis or tutorial :)

It certain doesn't seem to shy away from letting you know it's a tough world out there! Which,as you say, is a nice change of pace.

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Yeah at the moment it is BUT nothings says it's not a timed one. This could work very well indeed with PS3/Vita combo... even a 360 and SmartGlass Pad. Certainly no reason it can;t come out mid-year next year.

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Yeah sorry that was my bad - had out of date retailer information - article was updated to reflect that not long after live.

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Haha - nice :)

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I'm afraid it wasn't on display at the show - at least on the day I attended :( Super interested to see it though!

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