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Smart Aleck comments that have nothing more to add. The only thing I said that was "positive" referred to the NX coming sooner than later to EU. We already know what happened to Wii U sales. If you are not over that you are simply a fanboy and you can live in the past.

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I think it's because they feel enough stock is in EU. But this also can help demand if they sell out of remaining Wii U's. Either way it's a positive sign that NX is arriving in EU early next year.

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It's going to be a massive success.

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I still stand by what I said. You fanboys can't change the fact that Apple may enter the game market. Even Microsoft wanted to buy Nintendo. Sony turned to NINTENDO first when it wanted to enter the game market. So if Apple wanted to partner with Nintendo, it would just be

Get some real reply's before sounding like fanboys.

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When I saw Miyamoto at the Apple iphone event, I thought to myself: this has to be Nintendo's future partner. If they want to be able to compete with Sony at a higher price tag.....let Apple build the device with Nintendo co funding cost to build. They can split revenue made on hardware however fair. It would be a huge win. Nintendo software sales would be through the roof if 150 million to even 200 million install the hardware. When Apple makes something again at a $499 price

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I have Sticker Star unopened, bought it new on sale. So it's not worth playing? Maybe I'll play this one first to make that one seem more appealing.

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So he praised the graphics, thought the battles were hit or miss so far, didn't like that it wasn't one huge world...but at the end he used the word "excited" to play more and "fun" Nintendo can even make fun out of fan

I am playing this because it looks so charming! And I'm a fan of the series regardless.

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We have waited long enough, it's I am excited (and a bit nervous) to see what Nintendo has next. I hope the launch line-up is absolutely awesome.

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It's not like publishers of big games are going to keep the copies limited. Maybe some super special edition but other than that pre-ordering is giving publishers too much power .....and prerogative to make broken games. Not all of course, but way too many are seeing dollar signs and feel they can fix games after launch.

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A true icon. I can't wait to see the Tokyo opening ceremony. Japan has contributed much to the world!

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If NX is indeed a hybrid that means that this console might have a seriously beastly library of games if Nintendo and everyone else is simply going to throw every game they make at NX owners.

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This game looks sweet. I've said that since when only the PS4 version was shown.

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Yay!! Luigi's Mansion 2 and Wind Waker HD are mine!

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Such an awesome franchise. NX, pleeeeeease be good to Samus.

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Mario Kart 8 is boss. Near perfection and so much content. Best online, physics, graphics, etc. A whopping 48 tracks. I hope Mario Kart NX even surpasses 8.

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Then stop playing it because you sound fatigued with this absurd title. lol

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Would be fun to watch E3 knowing no matter what they announce will come to NX. :)

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Would be amazing to play all three within six months. Interesting rumor....

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Congrats! Those spines are so classic.

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