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I agree with both of you. As a huge Nintendo fan I am appalled by their lack of intelligence on the demand of these classic systems (even with the Switch situation as well). Who on earth at Nintendo thinks that the scalpers should get the upper hand? Nintendo has also released statements that include "to avoid customer tantrums". REALLY? YA THINK? Tantrums will happen again with this SNES classic and until they ship millions of more Switches. It's crazy. I love Nintendo, but the...

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Last time I tried to make this point, I was surprisingly shot down. But I will make it again. Nintendo should release at least 10 million of these classic systems worldwide. I am aware of a limited run but "limited" runs of 1 million units worked in a game market 20 years ago. In today's game market, 10 million is limited. If I have to explain why then you haven't paid attention to how gaming has grown in the past 20 years.

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I agree with you that Nintendo should ship more Switches (they claim they are going to ship millions this holiday) but your first sentence is not true.

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This man will take Nintendo to great fortunes.

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I think we all know why. :)

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Not to mention a little game called Mario Kart 9. :) Oh it's definitely coming.

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Nobody saw anything negative. It's more of an appreciation for different cultures around the world. So what if they ignored certain cultures? That would be worse.

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Can't wait for October 27th!

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I'll say 96/100. ;p

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Nintendo won E3.

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Heck yeah!!!! :)

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When a "few" games includes Metroid Prime 4, I'll happy take quality over a bunch of stale mediocrity.

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I'll easily pre-order this game. Bring it on!

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Switch game cases and art have been awesome so far.

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This game might just be Game Of The Year. Zelda will be hard to top but Mario looks to be a strong contender.

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Yet on amazon, most of the games in the top pre-orders are for Nintendo Switch. Super Mario Odyssey and Metroid Prime 4 in the top tier slots. Days Gone is not even in the Top 100 and it's available for pre-order. Sit down, be humble.

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As a owner of a PS4, this excited me more than anything Sony showed last night. Yes, even a damn title screen. It's not like there has ever been a bad Prime game. Until then, you should be positive about it from the legacy alone.

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Super Mario Odyssey will be hard to beat for Game Of Show. I saw like 10 minutes of actual gameplay and more will be shown on Treehouse. It's gorgeous, the trailer can't even show how gorgeous it looks in gameplay. It's running so smooth and it's full of fresh ideas. October release date is perfect.

Metroid Prime 4??????? Hell yeah, Nintendo won E3.

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Metroid Prime series is so underrated and deserves way more sales. I hope Switch popularity really wakes some gamers up to Prime. The original is easily one of my top 10 games EVER. Nintendo won E3. Looking forward to all the Treehouse announcements. Like Metroid: Samus Returns coming to 3DS this year!!!!!!!!!!!

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