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I was an NES kid too! And guess what? I never really played Mega Man 2 (partly because of my friend never handing over the! One of the reasons I'm buying this is because I know it's a pure classic all-time favorite and I hope the gaming gods forgive me after I beat it. He was always playing Mega Man 2 and I couldn't put down Super Mario Bros. 3. Good times!!!! I do remember Mega Man 2's soundtrack being masterful.

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I'm glad Japan has the game. Surprised they even had to

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Nintendo has so many options for so many different types of gamers. Of course they should release the NX, lol. I'm buying the new NES and the NX.....duh. haha

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They just released a NES Classic Mini trailer/commercial today! So news of pre-order should be very soon.

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Why does it need Scorpio specs? And Scorpio specs need Nintendo talent. At least more talent than Microsoft currently has available under their roof.

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They said "in HD" so I'm thinking at least 720p which would be great! It's worth it for the fresh controllers. I love new I'm totally buying an NES that comes with HDMI and 30 classic games for $60. It's a no I wanna play with

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Many pics inside the link. It's lovingly detailed. Honey I Shrunk The

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I can imagine what Reggie is saying now.......*in Reggie's voice with the hand gestures*

"we at Nintendo...we're.....alway 's looking for the next....BIG..thing. Pokemon GO. The next big thing. You're going to see more to come in the months ahead. We're excited."


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Why not? :)

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One thing is for sure, well make that two things: (1) Pokemon Sun and Moon will sell like crazy this fall. Might be 3DS's best selling game when it's all said and done. (2) The classic NES Mini will sell as many as they can make. Now they need to make a Pokemon for NX. They know that is what many Pokemon fans want. And they will see massive gains when a true Pokemon hits a Nintendo home console.

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It's called SMART!!! And I'm buying that NES mini, yes sir!!!

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Popping bubbly....fixed.

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They plan on releasing Go in 200 countries...$$$$$$$$$$.

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10%?? That was fake information! Nintendo will get WAY more than 10%...LMAO

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This is going to be a huge hit worldwide. I'm excited to see how many Nintendo will produce. NES has sold around 61.9 million units worldwide. This can add some considerable millions to that total!

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If Nintendo ever gets back into VR, they should implement this concept into a Pokemon VR game. Photo realistic environments capturing cell shaded/slightly more realistic Pokemon. They could even find a way to let Pokemon Go players relive what they experienced in Pokemon Go or what some disadvantaged Go players didn't get to experience by more athletic or capable Go players.

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Nintendo is a legendary games company....hint....they only sell games and things related to those games! lol Nintendo obviously keeps track of anniversaries of their franchises and consoles to hit the gaming market with well earned doses of nostalgia. They are clever with it each and every time as in the reception of this mini NES. Nintendo also is aware of generations and they understand when it's time to try and raise another generation on Nintendo. Their games are worth reintroducing a...

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hilarious! hehe

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