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It sucks but if it's anywhere near Ocarina quality it will be worth it. Nintendo most likely has at least a couple more nice Wii U games planned this year with Paper Mario. Hopefully Super Mario Sunshine HD.

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I know i'm playing

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Hopefully what they tease about NX "later this year" will make everyone excited again. I never count out Nintendo. This has more to do with the actual launch GAMES than the hardware. Who wants a console with no games to play?

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Nintendo changes release dates all the time, who really knows for sure when it's coming....see Zelda Wii U On another note it will be March 2017 faster these Gamers will welcome Zelda if it's a masterpiece and the anticipation will explode sales.

I think they want the new Mario adventure ready for NX launch. I just wish Wii U owners could have at least played Zelda first around December would still sell to NX buyers regardless 3 months l...

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Nice to see a comment like this on N4G! I am excited for the NX reveal myself.

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"11-16 year olds don't care about Nintendo"....."they grew up on COD"...

Who gives a s$$$?

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Impressive that he actually made it, stupid that he

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So there it was fake. I can't wait for the real NX

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Nintendo + hate = normal...

Nintendo + my personal enjoyment = my reality

I will wait to judge the hardware...the software will most likely be good to usual.

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Haters just want to make themselves feel better about PS4 and Xbox One, both of which are no where near classic library status or even close...lmao. Wii U has no reason for hate. Just blind ignorance from non users...

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Is he really smoking during this?

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Look at the software sales on Wii U exclusives and it shows no matter the competitions install base, most Nintendo exclusives can outsell or be on par with exclusive software on consoles that have double the install base.

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Sony has talent to make astonishingly awesome looking games (have you seen UNCHARTED 4?? lol). Games will keep Sony ahead of Microsoft for years to come. The end.

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Super Mario Sunshine HD or a proper Paper Mario for Wii U?? Zelda Wii U release date?? Mario Maker update? Pokémon release dates/info? Announce when you will announce

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I agreed with you, I knew you were joking. Cool games is all I ever need to own a console.

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I'll buy it on Wii U day 1 unless it's bundled with NX at regular cost of the console. Making it a value buy....

If it released on Wii U earlier it's a no brainer buy. And since it was designed with the Gamepad.. NX had better have the same controls or better. Gameplay over graphical upgrades for me.

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Wii U is going to always get positive nostalgia from its users and the media. It's totally worth owning (if you love quality games and Nintendo franchises)...

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Awesome. Next add Smash Bros. and Wind Waker HD. $19.99 is a steal!!!!!

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