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It sure is!

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I agree!

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My favorite video game movie is The Wizard. It's low key I think The Adventures Of Super Mario Bros. 3 show was Mario's best animated feature. Zelda has the most potential to tell a depth story. Anyone else think the 1985 Tom Cruise movie Legend influenced some of The Legend Of Zelda? I sure think so! Not the original NES game but elements of Ocarina Of Time.

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I totally agree.

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Did you mark the boxes so you could tell they were the exact same ones? LOL. Just because you see systems in stock, doesn't mean they were the same ones on the shelf previously. Watch and learn how in stock means more systems sold when the product is hot.

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Go Mario!

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A little known fact that not many news sites reported is the fact the 3DS has outsold the mighty PlayStation 2 in Japan. 21,913,661 vs. 21,833,216 (and this was as of Dec. 2016 so 3DS has obviously been selling since). It kinda baffles me that a system that got so much hate at the beginning outsold PS2 in any region...let alone Japan. Never count out Nintendo. Switch is obviously loved in Japan. We will see how this all plays out. ;p

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Just wait till Pokemon hits.

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Congratulations to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. Excellent. Horizon: Zero Dawn fans have much to celebrate as it's a new IP and winning...also getting top nominations from Golden and many award shows coming up.

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I feel in another year, Xbox will be third place.

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I remember reading the Game Informer article with Amy Hennig on Drake's Fortune...I was like "I need this game." I remember playing Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the first time and it was so engrossing I couldn't put the game down. I bought it the first week it was available and wondered why everyone else in the world wasn't playing it. But word of mouth spread quickly among PlayStation gamers. By Uncharted 2, the entire gaming world was watching the reviews pour in....a...

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Excellent. So many games to choose from.

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Thanks for the reply! :)

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Retail wins. Ubisoft put their heart into this game. Glad it's a success for them....

4d ago 3 agree2 disagreeView comment I'm glad you said it because that is EXACTLY what I thought while reading it. And Sunshine is loved by so many these days for good reason. It rocks! But we still get the occasional journalist hating on it because they couldn't beat I personally want a Sunshine HD.

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Take-Two, Capcom, Ubisoft, Namco, Square, etc. recently stated they are happy with Switch software sales of their games. All pledged support. Skyrim is currently heading towards to top of Amazon. The Wonder Boy developer said Switch version outsold all other platforms combined. This guy must be living under a rock.

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Switchmas is in full effect. SNES still selling in 2017 is so......RAD while eating Pizzaria's....ah the 90'

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Except the license plate numbers are different across all Go Switch!

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Ahead of the almighty 154 million selling DS? Go Switch!

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