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They go above and beyond to wow us. Congrats.

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Well they did say Vita would have had to be downgraded. So it's great Switch doesn't.

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Nobody is praising the system for being region free. Every Nintendo system except Game Boy and DS were region locked. I saw Super Bomberman R for $34.99 pre order and $4 shipping no sales tax from Japan. The point is more choices, prices and software since it's not region locked. Game Boy and DS both sold very well if I can recall. Lol

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There was a recent poll on Verge with over 12,000 votes. 63% said they were buying Switch, 16% no and 21% were maybe, waiting for reviews. Couple days ago. So take N4G naysayers with a grain of salt.

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Exactly, and on the go as well. ;p

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New Zelda!!!!! I can't wait!!!! haha

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I agree. I own a Wii and Wii U. Wii has GameCube BC and that was a huge reason I bought one. But since Nintendo is moving on from the Wii branding and Mii's are put on the back burner, nostalgic feelings kick in.

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"Bu bu bu it's only Amazon right? Da 2 million shipped right? Wii U flopped right? How can Switch do better?"

Watch and learn to never count out Nintendo.

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Well Wii U sold ok in Japan, 3DS must have been like this too.

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First you hate Wii, now Nintendo finally cut the cord with Wii so now you want it back? lol

(I'm joking by the way)

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All you need is the console and a game. Why are people retarded? You can buy extras later. If you have a family, then you are used to buying extra controllers with systems for party games.

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It's sold out all across Japan, not just Amazon. The previous story was correct. Then this one got approved saying only Amazon. It's not just Amazon. Nintendo will sell every single unit they can get to Japan.

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Have you naysayers seen the lines in Japan? Wii U had these kind of lines? I don't think I really feel sorry for naysayers.

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Switch fever. ;p

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In Japan, it will surpass Xbox One in about 3 to 4 days. Lol

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Thank you soooooo much Sony, I got The Last Of Us Re-mastered with mine! (I have never played the game) :) It downloaded fast.

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More Nintendo consoles than not, have done well in America. The odds are in their favor.

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Retro is working on SOMETHING. I will not try to guess but I own every game they have ever released. ;p I want Nintendo to make a new Luigi's Mansion for Switch. Make it the most scary of them Oh yeah, Yooka-Laylee I already decided I was buying it on Switch because the creators seem to all love Nintendo. I also know if I play Skyrim it will be the Switch version as well. I never played it. And to support Bethesda's Nintendo ventures.

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What about Sheik? One of my favorite game characters of all-time.

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Graphically demanding. High polygon count with demanding physics.

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