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Link Willis. :)

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Nice second place prizes! You get everything the winner gets except $3,000 versus $10,000...

"all other runner up's will receive $500" they can afford a NX?.......... (joking) :)

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Exactly! lol

I am like...bu bu bu bu I want an NX too......Miyamoto doesn't even have to sign it........can I at least see a photo of it?

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Is NX confirmed to be 9th generation? I have asked this so many times but no gamer or editor has answered confidently. Some think Scorpio sounds like 9th but everything points to 8th. I guess 9th will be 20

The hidden genius of NX is most gamers feels it's totally NEW and not just an Wii U upgrade already. Nintendo might have seriously thought this out as "just in case" Wii U doesn't takeoff like Wii...we can simply introduce NX w...

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This might be a bit off topic but I think Nintendo knew or made a educated guess about Sony and Microsoft using this business model this generation. It used to be different colors and cosmetic changes, then slim or lite consoles, after it was bigger hard drive updates in the PS3 era and now it's more "power" updates to ship and sell more consoles. This model is a sign of the times. People upgrade technology yearly now for other products. Buyers do want more options like more 4K ...

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I would pick up NX with this game...a bundle would be even better!! I bet Japan will get some type of "Golden NX" or Zelda themed console. They get all the cool

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well said :)

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I must have entered the "Twilight" GTFOH

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So it cost around $120 million dollars to make and market? COOL! I'll help! Judging how Twilight Princess sold on Wii U the first week, 2 million worldwide on Wii U alone is pretty safe to say.

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So where are Sony's fans. Vita? .....kidding.....

Do you understand that DS is in the same league with PS2? Wii in the same league with PS1? Not even PS3 or even PS4 could top 150 million...maybe not even 100 million. Those consoles are legendary numbers. It's a wonder Nintendo and Sony has had that type of success. Bow down! ;p

3DS is 60 million sold. That is on par with NES numbers. Original Game Boy numbers before later models released. Huge s...

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It's called a NX I think. ;p

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3DS still sold like the original Game Boy before the "Pocket" and Color" model released.....that's still huge. Look at Vita!

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Nintendo means "leave luck to heaven"..or "to leave one's fortune in the hand's of fate"...deep if you ask me. Even that saying is a rumor that hasn't been validated. Their history is one of the reasons I'm a fan. It's been soooo long. It's beyond interesting.

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a penny saved....shoo lol

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Nintendo has been around since 1889. So a 30 year old IP is young for them. :)

The rate they are going, your will be playing

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They never lost a handheld generation....if that is fallen.....then what is mighty?

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haha lol ;p

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Just imagine how lucrative the theme park attractions will be! I know I'll ride a "Death Mountain" Zelda roller coaster a zillion times and buy every item in the gift shop around ;p

The only company that could truly afford to buy Nintendo with a straight face is Apple Computer Until then....they ain't goin' nowhere anytime soon! haha

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Not to mention they were flawless. Most of which are among my favorite tracks ever in the series. I'm still playing Mario Kart 8 on a regular basis. I wish the rumor is true that we will get even more....

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Don't ya just love new hardware reveals? I am just as interested in what the NX looks like let alone what it can do. Can't wait till fall. It won't take too long at the rate June came and went.....

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