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That's unfortunate. I do wish they'd offer a wider choice though. Maybe a selection of two games from a pot of five each month.

Hope you get something new next month

I already have both too on my PS3. Never quite got into Beyond in the same way as Heavy Rain. But Rayman is always worth another playthrough

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Ahhhhhhh, some further context from Ultr, let me add some more. Thats a $12 or £12 per year saving being offered through a $40/£40 subscription service meaning that if you wanted both, the Spotify saving gets you 25% saving on your PS+ costs.

But that's not being considered here. Just an entitled bunch complaining over not getting given more

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I never once threatened you and don't bother assuming I did just because you like to infer things within words which don't exist (and apparently using Caps to shout at people in forums). I could have used the example of slashing the tyres on a car (not your car, a car just so you don't consider this a further threat). But it doesn't change the fact that all I've done is ask you questions about it, state factual information and point out that it's your inferences which ...

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What point are you trying to make? Sony or the article never suggested it was a huge saving. Only you did so it offered you the chance to use sarcasm. Sarcasm is a wonderful thing when done right but you're making up statements to be sarcastic about, and then need to point out to people that you're being sarcastic. At this point it's lost it's effectiveness.

But seeing as you want to continue flogging this dead horse, what (realistic) saving would you have b...

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@Septic - No, Kwietstorm is actually correct, it's you who has a skewed (incorrect) take on the words meaning.

Go look up and look at the examples it gives. The two pertinent ones are below and in both examples they use other words to suggest the size of the "cuts"
As a verb
to cut, reduce, or alter:
The editors slashed the story to half its length. (in this example, half is used to describe the size of the cut)

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You're actually the first person to mention the words huge saving. The article and press release from Sony only mentions that it offers savings. Which it does btw

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They most certainly didn't try very hard when it first released, not when compared to some of the gems of games which appeared on the PSP. They can't even offer much support for the games that work through remote play that need L2/R2 buttons (prominence poker as an example).

Still a damn fine (under utilised) handheld though.

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Never got any video games from Toys r Us but they did have the best Lego trainset setup I'd ever seen when I were a laddie.

Long time ago that was 😒

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And yet they also keep getting approved for this site. Surely by logic if we stop this crap at the approvals stage and don't give the stories exposure, we'll be subjected to less of them

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Sony's next moves to maintain or increase momentum will be a price drop on both the base and pro models and as you say, there is nothing currently forcing them into that move.

I'm waiting on a price drop or good bundle price to upgrade to the pro but seeing as I don't have a 4K tv yet and I'm inundated with good games (God of War incoming). I'm in a good position of being able to wait for the right deal to show up.

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I've still got a glitched trophy on GOW 2 that's stopped me from getting the Platinum so think I'll go back and play them through again too.

Fantastic stories and some bad ass battles

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@Ghost - But the right to bear arms increases the probability of the other happening (and how many times does it need to happen before people correlate the two).

I've managed to protect myself, family and home for 42 years without ever handling a gun (though accepted that my government are a wee bit draconian in not at least conferring the right for me to do so).

I'm fully aware there are millions (the majority of gun owners) that don't murder...

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@ ILikeGamesYeah below - Where was the humour in your post that I missed.

And on the anger point, you're the one who decided to take a poll and made the statement that the results would sway whether you kept visiting this site (showing an intolerance of other people's views). So I again ask you, which vote would stop you from posting shit comments? I'll gladly hit agree on your poll if it saves me from any more of your posts, but no sane person could actually s...

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Well if you tell us what result would get you off the site and save us from your stupid (and off topic) poll taking at least I'd have a better idea of which way to vote

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Lol, It's a crazy world eh?

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@Ghost below - Because when someone exercising their right to bear arms takes a gun to a school and shoots at other people and kills them, it most definitely infringes on their rights to freedom, free speech etc. Dead people don't talk.

Now does that answer your question or does it highlight to you how stupid your question was?

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Or maybe we do understand it but just don't agree with your willingness to grab a gun to defend it.

Your justification for having this "right" is almost as laughable as your governments justification for not doing anything about it.

In this case, your second amendment is actually infringing on other people's right to the first (and I know which one of the two is actually worth fighting for).

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You'll love it if you like a good arcade racer. It has a good mix of races and takedown challenges etc.

I'm in no rush to replay it so will maybe pick it up at a later date for the right price.

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Yet you cared just enough to post a pointless comment.

Paradise was a fantastic game, but I'll definitely be waiting til this tumbles in price.

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