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Ever heard of a full stop/period? Or breaking your wall of text into paragraphs?

I can still use them when I'm tired (of your s***).

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We can't even call it a hidden agenda.

It's more like its part of their corporate strategy lol.

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The irony in your comment is reaching for new levels.

You come on whining about other people whining whilst advising them to do it on a worthwhile subject.

Practice what you preach FFS

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Or both?

Their past records back up both of your points.

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Very good point regarding pointing elsewhere.

It's also flawed logic to actually addressing what the real problem is.

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It's not the devices which are holding back the potential, it's the strategy of not splitting the fanbase across each "family" of consoles. And be careful what you wish for in that regard.

Pro sales haven't been stellar so far as its aimed at the premium end of the gaming market. I like my updated tech, but opted for a PSVR rather than the improvements offered by the PS Pro.

Now imagine you go online for a game of battlefield 1 or dr...

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It's an upgrade OPTION, how can that be a mistake?

Seeing this from a PS owner, I have no problem with a better version coming out for the pro because it doesn't affect my version.

As and when I get an HDR 4K set, I'll consider the pro if we aren't too close to a PS5 release, but even then it's still only an option. There is no mandatory requirement for me to upgrade. I'm not getting a diminished library on my base model.

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Wrong weather this week

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There's no such thing mate, I think you've been duped.

I believe I'll earn 9 grand a month working from home before I find one of these lol

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Have you even tried PSVR?

Nobody who's ever tried it has came back and wished the R&D money was spent on a new Spyro exclusive.

It has its flaws and issues, but it's another example of Sony pushing gaming forward and a damn fine piece of kit.

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Correct. The original model anyway. The 1S at least righted some of those wrongs.

And to be fair, that f****** monstrosity of a PS3 with the blu ray drive cover that you slid over ran the XBone close for the title.

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I'll come back next week and find out you're still a salty doofus.

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Aaaawww c'mon, they created a disc drive that gouged a big ring on the new game you just forked out £40 for.

Credit where credits due lol

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What's funny is the irony that you lack the humility that the article speaks of.

Getting away from your opinion of bioware (or even what your opinions are based on) and we're left with a glaring fact.

Biowares worst designed game is still better than your best.

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@Milkman - Even though the title wasn't a question?

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Indeed, an article from a developer without any mention of 4k resolutions and FPS targets.

Very informative and their games are very much worth a purchase. I'll keep an eye out for Nex Machina

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@Death - It's clarified and clarifies. When you typed it the first time I thought it was just a typo.

Sorry for replying to you overload, so seeing as I am, it would appear that you're the one doing the digging here.

This whole FPS parity between XBO and Scorpio has just been turned into another rock to throw in the endless comedy that is fanboy warfare. Nothing to see here, move on.

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Objectivity? lol

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And yet you couldn't find one hateful comment against it in this whole thread to reply to. At least wait for someone to do something before you tell them to stop doing it.

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