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He wasn't trying to blame anyone for it, in fact he pointed out his own stupidity.

So lay off on the dad like lectures

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It supports 1080p TV'S?

Fuck me, that's groundbreaking stuff, think I'll get one now.

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Ugly and expensive first design? Are you mental?

A blu-ray player, media hub monster and superb gaming console wrapped up in shiny piano black shell. The original PS3 design was probably the best of any console ever.

Only the sheer depth of quality titles on the PS 2 has it beat, but as a complete package, the original PS 3 takes the top slot for favourite console ever.

Motorstorm on day one was simply breathtaking. I am glad they impr...

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No, it was an illogical assumption, that's why you're getting so many disagrees.

And now your toys are out the pram.

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No Sharigan, nobody is getting offended by you asking a question, we can just see your troll like agenda behind asking it.

"So no one bought the game?

Edit: nevermind it hasn't released yet. So they don't expect anyone to buy the game?"

In your first post, you made an assumption that it's only on PS+ because it didn't sell well only for you to change your tune when someone pointed out that it hadn't even r...

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You failed at trolling and failed in your assessment of rocket league. The game sold well cos it's shit hot, no other reason.

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@ ShowanW - mad at video games? Now how did you come to that conclusion.

This site is getting bad enough with bot posts that we don't need users posting the same wall of text multiple times in the same thread. I'm not mad, just pointing out how much of an arse you're being.

But hey, you already knew that eh?

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You should be banned. You're as bad as the spam posts about making 2 grand per day.

Just read your own shit post back to yourself instead of continually posting it over and over you sad little man.

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@ShowanW - That's the third time you've posted that crap within this thread. It was a load of tosh the first time, why would you think it pertinent to keep posting it.

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I wouldn't listen to either of them if given a choice but c'mon, Crazy in Love is a far better tune than anything done by Iron Maiden. Granted that it wouldn't take much.

I think we can all agree that he's trying to make a good point but selecting Iron Maiden to make the point wasn't the wisest decision lol

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I don't really know if you typed all that BS as tongue in cheek, but man you have some real issues lol

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@MVGeneral - If your looking for good examples of poor design, the power cable input on the PS Vita would be one. It can get pushed in in two different ways, with one of those ways having the potential of bricking the console.

The only safeguard in that instance is that the power lead has a PlayStation logo on one side and not the other. Very bad design flaw

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Exactly Lelo, it's the business decisions from the past that has MS in the position they are now, not the technical capabilities of the Xbone.

If they had invested into first party game development when they were having great success with the 360, their focus at the start of this gen would have been more games, games games.

But they didn't, and what they ended up doing was pushing a TV, TV, TV mantra that people weren't asking for.

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@Obscure_Observer - exactly what part of 2pacalypsenow's comment was untrue? It may have been their entry into the console market, but it WAS more powerful than the PS2, dream cast and gamecube.

And as he tried pointing out, the most powerful console didn't win that generation. So again I'll ask, what part of his statement was untrue?

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@PhoenixUp - Good points about dragging it on.

The Indiana Jones series was definitely diluted with the 4th and upcoming 5th films.

As BathyJ mentioned earlier, it's better to go out on a high than sully the good name by dragging things out. The idea of halting a successful series just doesn't sit well in a capitalist society.

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Or we could just discuss the factual information we have so far and leave your feelings and suppositions to one side eh?

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Thanks for bringing some context to the whole "userbase" argument.

Sometimes it's OK just to say "well done" without the need to hunt for excuses on why you shouldn't.

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Yes yes, we hear you moldy, FFS.

What's with always going for the negative slant. Can't you just doff your cap and say well done GG rather than looking for all the reasons why you shouldn't congratulate them.

Xbone has double the numbers of the wiiu and switch combined yet there's titles being released which don't scratch at some of Nintendo's numbers so the size of userbase isn't really the discussion point here. You just want...

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It's a douchebag warning this guy should have and his account closed down.

Off topic and spoiling things for others. What an ass

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Maybe not so much on the PS4 so far but they have given away God of War and Infamous games before on PS3 and Vita.

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