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Well said Muzzer.

Hope you sent that reply to UC Force specifically too

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@UC Force - You appear to suffer from the same problem as Donald Trump with his access to Twitter. Post comments and then try to engage your brain after.

If you don't want to read the whole story and look for the factual content (or in this case at least for the whole story to come out in the wash) maybe you'd be better not posting anything and hold back on the lynch mob mentality.

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I think they have previously stated they are working on that.

I think the request below (Blu Ray volume control) is of far more worth than this name change personally

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He can't. He's currently working on a project to determine what elaborate means.

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Maybe if you factor in all those years of charging for online play on the 360 and Sony didn't charge. That was Microsoft's time in the sun.

What I don't understand is how that benefits you or why it's relevant to the conversation.

If we are talking about current sales, you can't be serious. Even you don't believe that with more than double the user base that the PS4 is making less than the XBoxO

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That's the 6th time you've repeated the same thing in the same thread. Don't you ever get tired of posting the same stuff?

Give it a rest eh

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I think what he means is why didn't Sony put all their efforts into backwards compatibility and just show us how Grand Theft Auto 3 could look rather than awesome looking new IP's etc.

For shame Sony, for shame.

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Your comments in this thread are so full of fail it's difficult to know where to start (or even if there's any point) pointing them out to you.

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That's my main reason for looking at a Pro upgrade at the moment, I don't even have a 4K TV yet.

Just waiting on the right deal to come along.

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Except it's not.

The difference between what people ”feel” and what is actually factual gets larger everyday.

What do you call an OG PS4 now? Substandard?

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No Dirt Rally? What a fantastic experience that is in VR, far better than Driveclub.

The prices definitely influenced these choices as none of the lists featured any full price experiences (RE 7, Star Trek bridge crew and Dirt Rally as examples)

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The studio closed but doesn't mean the IP died with it.

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An attempt at one I think, not quite sure of the thinking (if any) that was behind this article.

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Care to expand on that, explain what they done to your PS3 because they kept me pretty happy with mine.

Now where the f*** is Motorstotm for my PS4?

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Point taken Tank and I agree with everything you mentioned in your reply.

I wasn't putting words in your mouth, I just hit reply on the wrong comment. My reply should have been aimed at Gemmol and Supersonic.

My bad. Peace out x

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Well said.

Probably the wisest thing said in this whole thread.

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Yeah it's really paying off for them.........

How so exactly?

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I'd have still bought it from playing a demo. It was the game that sold itself, not any other factor. It had more to do with it being good (f****** excellent actually) than it did being free on PS+

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What exactly was the point of your post?In no way does the headline suggest that there is 40 million players on line at any time (tell me one single game that ever has?)

You just chose to make that inference and throw some toys out of your pram as a result. And for what?

You could have just said "well done" and saved yourself from looking foolish.

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It's brilliant coming across a debate on an internet forum where both sides have got it so wrong.

This isn't a result of a PlayStation, X Box, PC or Nintendo factor. It's just an extremely accessible, tonnes of fun game with a high addiction factor. And that's all down to the developers.

You could argue that the PlayStation platform allowed for its initial development/growth due to their first game being on PS3.

But don&...

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