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Bloody difficult and at times frustrating as hell, but yeah, lots of fun too.

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Surely it's the proof that's in the pudding

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Exactly. Who here complained about their gas or electricity prices going up without getting any substantial change to the quality of said products.

The gaming industry (like all others) aren't immune to the effects of inflation.

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What a really shit argument (and stance you choose) considering the point he's making

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Lol@Fishy fingers - absolutely priceless, I burst out laughing on the train home

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Do you really need to repeat yourself verbatim a couple of times in each thread?
I really wasn't that interested in whether you were buying it or not, yet you feel the need to tell everyone twice.

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Well look at you with your facts and level headed take on this.

What we need is here is strong emotional reactions based on feelings/S

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I need to find me some good team playing buddies online for this, my online friends are all FIFA loving dumplings lol

Looks good though

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Lol, some people have way too much time on their hands.

Fantastic game though, and all the DLC support keeps you going back for more.

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Hate? - such a strong opinion for two fictional computer game characters.

What was it you hated about them?

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My launch PS3 was £425 and I don't have a single complaint about the price for what I got inside the box. Particularly when you consider the price of a blu ray player at the time.

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Yes it does.

How many Hi-Fi's are still sold with the ability to play music cassettes? Hell, there's a lot of them now that don't even come with a CD player.

If they were to keep the ability to play cassettes it adds to the size of the unit, the cost of production etc

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To a certain extent yes, but at what cost to the advancement of technology. The leap from VHS to DVD or from music cassettes to CDs and MP3 as examples.

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And the door is that way lol

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@BogDan ""You hoppin on Live today" is a common phrase"

So common in fact that I've never heard those words or muttered them myself.

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He wasn't, he was talking them up.


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Ever heard of a full stop/period? Or breaking your wall of text into paragraphs?

I can still use them when I'm tired (of your s***).

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We can't even call it a hidden agenda.

It's more like its part of their corporate strategy lol.

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The irony in your comment is reaching for new levels.

You come on whining about other people whining whilst advising them to do it on a worthwhile subject.

Practice what you preach FFS

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Or both?

Their past records back up both of your points.

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