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I'm dying to know why he didn't finish his post.

Did his mum switch off his computer?did his dad slap him on the side of the head? Did he have an epiphany half way through his own post and realise the drivel he was typing?

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Indeed. Motorstorm was epic

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No I didn't. Go back and read it you fool.

I pulled you up for telling others that you're an adult whilst going under a childish username. In fact, I've not mentioned Sony or MS once you silly silly child.

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Yeah, let's quickly change the subject away from how childish you are and let's point fingers at everyone else lol.

The moral to the story is don't throw stones in glass houses you hypocrite.

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Lol at your "I'm an adult" claim whilst working under a username that a 12 year old would have came up with.

Go on, pull my finger

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He's embarrassing his parents too.

They're sitting at home, in front of their PS 4, shaking their heads wondering where they went wrong with this one.

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Yet it would appear that you care more than most of the people commenting. How ironic

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@Rude-ro below - Ouch. Good point though

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@bluefox - because he's acting childlike.

Of all the points he rebutted in his post, you focus on the fact he ended it by calling him kiddo? Was there nothing else within his post worthy of agreeing or disagreeing with more than "kiddo"?

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On the other side of the coin, I'm a huge EG fan and have been looking forward to it for ages but can't help feel a little bit disappointed with it (but certainly not as much to be able to justify a 6/10 score).

So far though, it's not a patch on the Vita version from a few years back.

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Why, it seems to be garnering a lot of 8 & 9 scores.

Maybe it's your prejudged assessment that's out of place here, not this review.

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Yeah. You really are in trouble when you start to believe your own hype, be it on a personal level (McGregor) or at corporation level (MS).

Both have still made money out of these failures though and this lack of risk is why these idiots will continue to keep trying to f*** things up in their new ventures.

Moral of the story should be stick to what you're good at.

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I hope there's core parts of the game that can be played in VR too. The last game had a demo of it tacked on which was also very cool.

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But still, you had the thought.

I think a period of self reflection is called for here.

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Which only goes to helping create a bigger sense of demand than actually exists.

They should have made it a £50 deposit to secure a pre-order to get a more realistic indication of buyers intentions.

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Bloody difficult and at times frustrating as hell, but yeah, lots of fun too.

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Surely it's the proof that's in the pudding

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Exactly. Who here complained about their gas or electricity prices going up without getting any substantial change to the quality of said products.

The gaming industry (like all others) aren't immune to the effects of inflation.

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What a really shit argument (and stance you choose) considering the point he's making

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[email protected] fingers - absolutely priceless, I burst out laughing on the train home

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