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That may well be the worst stutter in the world lol

I jest of course #2.1.1
Well said Doug. The best golf games on the PlayStation are the Everybody's Golf series (Hot Shots Golf). Very cartoony bright colourful graphics, but a whole lot more fun than the more realistic counterparts. #1.1
Aaaaawwwww c'mon, 6 disagrees for the funniest comment on N4G this week. Here, have a bubble Ryan, looks like you need em.

Some trolls have a sense of humour too you know. #13.1
Don't feed the troll DirtyPimp. Nobody mentioned a thing about MS forcing anything on anyone so his whole post was an agenda wrapped up in fanboy talk.

Say what you want about how the X bone compares against PS4 specs, but it a great value bundle and shows good aggressive marketing from MS. #4.1.1
Well said Gamble. It's a human trait to take your eyes off what you get, or what you've already got as your focus is entirely on what's missing or what you should have got.

@Ghost - maybe you should look harder. English_learner complained that Sony hadn't already implemented friends notifications. Which in turn sparked a debate on wether they were good or bad (split opinions on that too)

So in summary, Gambles observation was entirely correct,... #3.4.2
@Volkama - Maybe it needs a firmware update lol #3.1.4
Looks like JoGan is fending off a lynch mob, and all for stating some facts.

He didn't make the rules. He's not advocating them either (his very first post states the ability to change you PSN ID would be a good thing), he's just telling you how it is under the current terms and conditions.

His analogy with the tattoo isn't far off either. I think too much has been read into his comment #1.3.4
SirDjss this point was a pile of tosh the first time you posted it.

Repeating it verbatim just makes you look dumb.

£150 of games for £40 (rented or not) is a good deal in anybody's eyes. Just cos your head is stuck up your ass makes it more difficult for you to see it. #28.1
Good stuff, excellent game and can't wait to get back into it with some DLC #1
Did you ever think you could get a 50" 3D tv for less than £600 2 or 3 years ago. The quality of the tech and it's application is what will drive it's adoption.

As consumers adopt it more, more companies compete for a space in the market and drive down prices.

I'm sure there's a lot of gamers who are very interested in VR tech. At the right price of course. #4.3
It works as it was designed to, and does it extremely well.

What's your point? #3.25.1
Awww come on, it looks a laugh if priced correctly.

The liver stuck on the drill spinning around didn't make you laugh? Are you dead inside lol #1.1
Not really. I've subscribed to PS+ since its inception and have, and continue to get far more value than what the subscription costs me. Granted I have a PS3 and Vita alongside my PS4.

X box owners for long enough paid a subscription to unlock the multiplayer part of a game they already paid for.

So I've been paying for a subscription service for 4 years which has delivered more than £2000 worth of games for less than £200, and has now adopt... #8.1.1
Maybe disagreeing more at the pointless nature of his message. He has 1 bubble, and rather than add something useful to the topic, he bragged about paying more for a weaker system. #5.2.1
Definitely worth the investment seeing as the main game was free through PS+. Good atmosphere, and some scary moments #2
Maybe because there are no must have multiplayer games out there yet. I have PS+, but even I can see there's no great multiplayer experiences on the system yet. KZ has gave me many hours so far, but not everyone is a FPS fan.

A good LBP game, a motorstorm and hopefully MAG 2 would go a long way to boosting the online numbers.

The free Driveclub later in the year should boost numbers a bit. #1.4.1
There are other solutions Gamer666. If people trade games or buy 2nd hand, doesn't that say more about the original games being overpriced for a lot of people. What about reducing the prices to increases sales, especially digital titles, rather than try to gouge money with add on DLC etc.

I'll also tell you that blu ray has been far more useful to far more people than kinnect ever will #23.1
Very well put Cobra, +bubs #16.2
The entertainment market IS bigger and more valuable than the gaming market, but the demographics are different.

MS just thought they could come up with a one size fits all solution to cover both but ended up with a half arsed strategy that addresses neither.

Who thinks they will honestly see through the 10 year strategy they originally envisioned when they flip flop this many times in the first year #14.1
Both Xbone and PS4 were making a profit on every unit sold from day 1. If anything, both should have increased that profit margin.

Not sure where you get your info, care to post a link? #18.2.2
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