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Why not worth it because of GTA V?

I could see the argument if you've bought and played the games before, but all three games have a great story and chasing vigilantes was never as sweet as it was in vice city.

I wouldn't advocate shelling out full price for it (having owned the originals) but I'll still be keeping an eye on PS Store discounts for it.

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If it still plays all games and Blu Ray's then why are you getting your knickers in a twist. Your suffering from a "grass is always greener on the other side" syndrome.

Grow up ffs

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I thought the devs deserved something extra seeing as I picked it up free through PS+ so got all the DLC.

My DeLorean might also be the best £1.50 I've spent in the PS Store

Fantastic game

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"I told myself I'd never buy an xbox while his there.. Which is testament to phil and the great job I think his doing that I bought one"

More a testament to how paper thin your principles are if you're being completely honest.

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That's a fantastic attitude Zero and so refreshing to see.

Likewise, I'm hoping killzone comes to PS+ at some point just to boost the number of players online across all modes.

I loved killzone but still need to get my platinum and if friends get it for free when I already have it then I'm still getting something out of it.

Great month for PS+ too.

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It might not be on my lists of games to look out for but it's great seeing the PS3 continuing to receive such support.

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It still doesn't show album tracks in their correct order either, it rearranges them alphabetically.

It's really difficult imagining how they could have botched a media player any more than what they have already.

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Lol, now that was funny. +Bubs

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You'll find most replies relating to console gaming only discuss issues from their own point of view. It's refreshing when the point of view of others who maybe aren't able to post their own are presented. In that respect, the loss of Kinect functionality rises way above the needs and wants of most comments in this thread.

Bubbles for the interesting comment and for your good work.

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What were you expecting?

To repair itself? To fly home to Sony HQ to be replaced?

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I've invested hundreds of hours in the PSP and vita versions and its probably my proudest vita platinum. Great art style with a really good golf game under the cartoon style graphics

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The albums are ripped from CD straight to my network drive and show in the right order when I access them through other means (Sony Bravia tv, PS3 etc). All the album artwork also shows up, just the order of songs is messed up.

Thanks for the reply though

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It organises all my music from each album in alphabetical order rather than just display the songs as they are in my network folders. Surely we have some better sort functionality so I can listen to my albums in the way the artist intended

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Nobody was talking to you ffs. What was the point of your reply?

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You'd do better getting a $200 guitar and a copy of rocksmith

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Not a lot.

Was that a rhetorical question?

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And me.

@EazyC - You'll be busy during the winter period anyway spreading all that salt you build up during the rest of the year, so thanks for keeping the roads a safer place to drive.

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The way the songs and packs are laid out in the PlayStation store and via the game is shockingly bad.

Maybe they should work on that before adding new tunes.

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Indeed Dfooster, well said. When you realise that prices are dictated by supply and demand, not what some fat cat executive decides, then the solution presents itself.

If nobody buys the DLC at the price most would agree is too much, then the price will inevitably fall. There is no supply issue with DLC, so the only thing which will determine price is the demand for it.

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What were you criticisms of the combat system? I thought it was one of the strong points about the previous games so I'm interested to know what you thought was wrong with it.

To have the option of playing the final game co-op would be an excellent addition but I can't see it happening.

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