Play the games you want, on the consoles you have.


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Well, this place hasn't changed. <3

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This would be great news! they are two awesome franchises that should be enjoyed my more people. Would be nice it buying the game once for both platforms would happen but we all know that won't happen.

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After I played the beta I am almost convinced UBI will deliver. I am buying it, so it has that going for it. Question remains, will the fun last? I'll be happy is I get 10hours+ of fun out of it.

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This looks insane! I can't wait for this to come out, marking the days on my calendar!

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Well, if it worked for the Xbox One it will work for the PS4 right? oh wait...

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Very cool! Sony innovating once again, MS can't even compare when Sony is inking deals like this with the best game company in the world Activision!

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Looking at agrees and disagrees, we still got a bunch of Xbox haters on this site. Man they must all be in there late teens by now after 7 years of N4G console enthusiast extremism.

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All I can say is that you chose the perfect picture for your blog post.

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true petrol heads are on the PC now.

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if they where the Naughty dog of the PSP, they would have had 3 original franchises created by now. Not adaptations of great franchises for the psp and the wii...

This is their first original game, this is where we see if they are legit or not to make original games. This is where we see if they will one day become a studio of the caliber of Naughty Dog.

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same here bud :)

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If you think Kinect was the biggest issue here, you are way off.

24hr online check in
No used games/trading

If these two things where not on the Xbox One, the last few weeks would have been a whole lot different.

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Dude, they are both good, now how about you concentrate on talking positive about the console you like, instead of hating on the one you don't. With this whole DRM issue behind us, you can.

play the games you want, on the consoles you have. :)

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They will probably just say the same thing. Hope you are all happy now, this is what you all wanted. You're welcome.

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I did'nt care much about this direction, I thought it was interesting and if ever I would be affected by it, I would of always had my other platforms to fall back on. however I still want to be able to install my games and not need a disk, I didnt notice it in the press release but that is stil the case right?

however with that said, bravo MS this is a very good move.

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Guys, it's Activision and Paradox Development, the guys that made the unreleased Thrill Kill and Wu-Tang: Shaolin Style and the X-Men Mutant Academy games on PS1.

oh, and Backyard wrestling and other games.

but not Raven, Raven made the X-men legends games for Activision.

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To be faire, they could do it with the PS4 also. They are quiet across the board.

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Just retire from trying to reason with N4G trolls. They are adorable, however not the sharpest tools in the shed, if you know what I mean.

I kid, I kid...

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I was just pointing out that two together is just fine as long as gameplay is one of them.

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having a comment like that get 4 dissagrees and 0 agrees reminds me how shit this N4G community can be. Lots of great people with balanced opinions, but a crap tonne of people ruled by hate.

wait I take that back, a half dozen rotten people with many accounts.

@spinal I bought Vanquishe on my 360 the day it came out, great game, glad more people can enjoy that gem. :)

@why oh Why

gameplay>story>graphics and I will take...

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