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stfu, what the f**k do you know about game development. I had no such issue, its no ones fault that you can't handle some fucking blinking lights.

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what people also need to appreciate is the animations/facial animations...they are the best i've seen. The gameplay facial animations are so consitant and very realistic....also the way the character moves feels like no other 3rd person shooter.

This game feels like a true nextgen/current title, in both graphical art design and animations. Definitely that evolutionary leap i've wanted!

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actually it a few 7's 8's and one 4/10.....gamespot gave it a 6.

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So sick of this guy, after MGSV i've lost a lot of respect for sucked so badly due to the shitty episodic style story telling, lack of cutscenes and just a lifeless open world with the most boring/repetitive mission. MGSV wasn't metal gear.....Period.

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From the article....


- Majorly repetetive
- Flawed and Unbalanced
- Dark Zone ... hahaha!
- Dull and boring narrative
- Just boring after the first hour

HAHAHA...this guy's a joke.

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Lol at people praising this game based off cutscenes....while it is REAL-TIME/IN ENGINE, it isn't it can afford to be touched up and look better. Just like previous uncharted games. ND always made the cutscenes look better cause they can...since in gameplay resources/power have to go to other gameplay areas/ assets...unlike cutscenes.

And LOL for those saying it blends straight into gameplay....yeah so? once it hits gameplay, the visual videltiy is carefu...

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Lol, play the full game, its very addictive....from leveling up, gear, clothing, weapons, etc etc.....expecially when with a team. Don't get me started on dark much fun.

The game even has some what of a story mode, unlike destiny.

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you didn't like the controls in gears 3? it's the same

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The animations and gun play is some of the best, the reload animations alone, especially with the shotgun is the most realistic I've seen in a game.

While some complain about the fact that now you can be downed, it definitely adds a competitive/team feel to it.

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My impression....

COD sucks, has aged...and needs a fucking reboot, remake...etc etc.

Plays the same, at least create some new animations, make it feel more realistic, focus more on destructibility.

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It's been 9 years, standards do opinions. Also, why the f isn't the campaign 60 fps? The visuals were nothing special and could have easily achieved it.

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and drops to his knees for him now and then, to polish that small thing.

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Waiting on a REAL review.

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Samus's arm canon looked shit...the rest pretty good. Imagine it with all the proper sound effects, visor, etc. This is what Nintendo should be working on, with a high spec console!

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My issue with the game.......TOO MUCH GAMEPLAY!

Weird isn't it.

I've read how the game can become real tedious at times, with mission objectives, mix that with it being open world.

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Would be more suited for a movie, IMO....unless the gameplay is some what satisfying which i doubt, especially if its you being the apes. Tho its seems it will be episodic...maybe something like a telltales game would be good, but as an actual game....i don't see how it will work, we shall see!

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I Think the main issue here is gameplay, Metroid prime's gameplay was a damn good first person adventure experience, that detail and quality just isn't seen in a shitty 3ds title....obviously done for the sake of needing a new game or because they needed to rush one out for obvious reasons.

I think Nintendo really needed to make a powerful console and get the developers to make a top notch metroid prime sequel.

Federation force is a lazy attempt...t...

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There is a fun factor to least IMO, MP looks fast paced and satisfying!

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Its need an zoom aim when....aiming. Much like RE4, otherwise it looks kinda silly and just not that immersive. ALSO, he covers too much of screen, IMO.

other wise the graphics look sick.

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