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My impression....

COD sucks, has aged...and needs a fucking reboot, remake...etc etc.

Plays the same, at least create some new animations, make it feel more realistic, focus more on destructibility. #3
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It's been 9 years, standards do opinions. Also, why the f isn't the campaign 60 fps? The visuals were nothing special and could have easily achieved it. #15
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and drops to his knees for him now and then, to polish that small thing. #7.1
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Waiting on a REAL review. #7
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Agreed. #1.1
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Samus's arm canon looked shit...the rest pretty good. Imagine it with all the proper sound effects, visor, etc. This is what Nintendo should be working on, with a high spec console! #4
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My issue with the game.......TOO MUCH GAMEPLAY!

Weird isn't it.

I've read how the game can become real tedious at times, with mission objectives, mix that with it being open world. #4
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Would be more suited for a movie, IMO....unless the gameplay is some what satisfying which i doubt, especially if its you being the apes. Tho its seems it will be episodic...maybe something like a telltales game would be good, but as an actual game....i don't see how it will work, we shall see! #3
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I Think the main issue here is gameplay, Metroid prime's gameplay was a damn good first person adventure experience, that detail and quality just isn't seen in a shitty 3ds title....obviously done for the sake of needing a new game or because they needed to rush one out for obvious reasons.

I think Nintendo really needed to make a powerful console and get the developers to make a top notch metroid prime sequel.

Federation force is a lazy attempt...t... #1.1
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There is a fun factor to least IMO, MP looks fast paced and satisfying! #6.1
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Its need an zoom aim when....aiming. Much like RE4, otherwise it looks kinda silly and just not that immersive. ALSO, he covers too much of screen, IMO.

other wise the graphics look sick. #12
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Nothing to show....thats why! #3
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Can't be lazy to design a f'en outfit, its definitely to get on the players side of things considering the how poor RE5/6 is...and resident evil dying in general, but thanks to these remasters and the support for them....this could also be a thank you from capcom, etc. #2.1
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If only it had the option to have the over the shoulder camera angle...but then again, it's pre-rendered backgrounds, with a fixed camera. #3
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7 disagree's? Must be a bunch of 10 year olds who buy into this sh!t.

and Minka Kelly? soooo sad. #1.1
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Nah, you just follow the crowd with the overused new hip statement which is "does it for the hitzzz" lol.

But SERIOUSLY....Your mentality is dull. It's MGSV a highly anticipated title, he is clearly stating his opinion and informing gamers/lovers of the franchise of what he thought....much like what a REVIEWER of MANY sites do.

You feel bad for me, because my opinion differs from yours? just dont stop. I don't feel bad, i will get i... #3.1.2
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that class combat is based off CAPCOM'S original Devil May Cry, its just basically redone with a tad better animations. #7.4.1
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Must be a dated engine or just lack of talent/time this time around, cause it looks like a last gen game. #7.1.2
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can't stand another's opinion?, because it differs from yours?...have you even played phantom pain?..NO!

Even i have had doubts since the beginning regarding the game being tedious due to the open world/missions. The story itself NOT being as interesting isn't a surprise also, it seems konami put most of the effort/time in those hardware/graphical/technical aspects...bloaded with features/missions, etc.

They should have kept it a linear experience... #3.1
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let me guess, cross gen game? the graphics look shit! #7
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