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They really need to fix the hair for these character models. Everything looks good but the damn hair, makes it look like a PS2 game. #15
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Considering the game drought for current gen consoles and over hype and marketing for this game (guys who made halo)..the sales are NOT surprising.

This doesn't make it a good game. The credible sites gave the game a low score and the only thing people seem to be praising is the co-op/with friends..which is natural for shooters. (because it plays like halo). The overall package destiny covers is mediocre...lame repetitive mission, story, characters, open world, etc. A lot... #1.5
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Regarding Evil Within...Shinji Mikami's brand of survival horror doesn't age very well... Robotic/emotionless protagonist, stiff animations, clunky movement, boring combat, questionable AI, and that god awful frame rate. Not to mention evil within seems to rely just on over done blood and gore for the scare does Revelations 2 it seems. Overuse of blood and gore doesn't make a game's cliche.

ALSO The enemy A.I in evil within much like i... #13.1
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of course NOT, they are simply lazy or just don't care...being its only the way a door is opened. But for me it's the little things that count..regardless how small it is. Again its dated and it looks stupid now...but I'm afraid it won't change.

A game can set it self apart in character and looks when these small animatiions are changed...chris, claire all open a door in the same manner....rediculous! #3.2.1
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The game should already have it all from the beginning..not having to rely on future updates to be good. 10 year life span doesn't excuse for missing content and unsatisfying story at release. #1.2
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also, its the same basic enemy a.i/reactions from re 5/6. they need to be more fast/aggressive....something like the a.i in last of us with the infected. Even shinji mikami's evil within sufferers from the same kind of enemies. #3.1.1
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something is off with the animations, the way claire moves (she looks constipated)...hate it. also hate how its the same door opening animations seen in RE4...NO knob turning or pushing it by the handle...etc. I know its being picky but it looks stupid. #3
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something better? how do you know this lol....i swear this is the year of HYPE and dissapointment. #1.5.4
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all u people do is get over excited and hype games to the moon and then end up getting dissapointed....we havent seen any footage of this game so calm the F down. #1.1.11
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and it's a remaster of old sad. #7.2
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Doesn't mean it can't be done right...we shall see. #7.1
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If only MGSV wasn't a cross gen title, they could've put all the effort in current gen consoles and really push the fox engine. Atleast fix the character models' hair....oh well, still looks good tho. #4
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apparently CM punks lawsuit had something to do with it. #6.1
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COD is fun, engaging and in your face! the story is a lot more interesting with loads of action..compared to destiny. #11.3
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besides co-op (which won't last)...why not take into account the rest of the game? shooters are naturally fun with friends...that doens't mean it deserves an automatic 10. #6.1
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So the game should be a f'en 10 because of co-op play? what about the rest of the game??? it sucks! #3.3
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But the story sucks and the missions are so repetitive and boring...damn those boss battles YUCK! ..oh and all the characters look stupid and have NO appeal/likeable features. ALSO level designs are bland and boring too. open my arse...barely explorable. #2.1
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For most the only fun factor is co-op with your buddies, which is natural with shooters..but that won't last. Destiny has a horrid story, unlikeable characters, repetitive/dull missions and just lifeless open terrain you cant even explore properly. Its not a 8.5 game for the majority if you consider the whole package...a 6 is fair. To me the game is like Halo but WORSE..nothing in destiny stands out...NOTHING. #2.1
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"but the truth is that you won’t find any “faults” in destiny unless you’re actively looking for them. It is incredibly easy to be lulled into a state of ecstasy, especially if you love open world exploration"

LMFAO...NO, just NO! #4
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elaborate...what does bungie shooters have over other shooters and why is Destiny the best FPS you've played in awhile?? Is it destiny's non existent story? Boring characters?..repetitive and dull missions?. Let me guess, it's only fun with friends? that won't last.

So far Destiny is an overhyped crap fest and didnt live up to what was promised according to credible review sites and just users in general. It's a reskinned Halo but worse. Now that's sad... #2.2
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