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Lighting Is the most important. You wouldn't have good graphics, art style that shows, or this precious resolution to be seen

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Gamescom scandal?

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I was extremely excited for this game back in the day. Got canceled. Thanks activision

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So starhawk?

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Shouldnt, might be your rank or stats. But not positive. I have the game. They're free.

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"I can't help but, while very excited for this game, feel worried. GG has never done an Open world game. This is a new ground for them, and I hope they don't screw it up."

Is guerrilla games one person? I would imagine they have aquired the staff to produce such a vision. I never do understand those kinds of statements! Of course it might not be your typical open world/rpg title. It's there own creation. Was it supposed to be something of the same? Is it...

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Fallout 3 for me. One moment it would be 4 in the afternoon then 4 in the morning the next just in one building. Of course those were different days for me. No more of that :(

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I'm enjoying arkham knight but does anyone else feel the writing isnt so great. I mean some of the conversations are down right cheesy. I don't remember it like that in asylum or city. Good game but they hired some no inspiration age of extinction writer's or something.

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Sniper elite 3 has 3d. Looks great too

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A shit game that's exhilarating and addicting.

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Let's just say I rather be exploring vaults then tombs come november

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I'm pretty sure there's a photo mode in game. Yep that's what I was using. Not the share button. You can change all sorts of things in the camera mode. It's like infamous

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Smoking monkey

Hahahaha you damn tease

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More like nosbrown

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so you just waste your money then. Wow nice investment decisions you make. If your not going to use it. Why buy it. You must be a teenager and just spend your whole check on frivolous junk. Oh kids when will they learn to save. It's not how much you make its how much you save. Everybody on here sounds like they are millionaires. Just spending spending spending. And people wonder why things are going down hill.

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I'll prove your wrong. I loved shadow fall. From the graphics to the amazing soundtrack later in the game. Story was good. It's was a great ride. There you go proved you wrong.

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I want a new bully and manhunt game. Also if agent is real. Is Rockstar going to be at e3?

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Agreed. I had a lot of fun with this game on vita. I believe this game will blow up once people learn what it is. Kids and adults can eat this one up.

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Your comment made my day! Bubble hahaha

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I enjoyed the game for awhile. Didn't spend money on it though. The Simpsons tapped out suckered me in with that.

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