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Goes on a hiring spree. Then layoffs in the next year, then n4g twists it because the project has been completed.

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At least they brought back dismemberment

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Buy it digital, its awesome. Or wait till cheaper. I recommend though pho real

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Well judging by the teaser trailer release a few weeks back. I put my money on it STAR WARS: Battle clones

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Yeah you know why there is so much more customized dlc than when it was included in te retail paid copy ( not free) because hmmm i dont know you pay for it.

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Should be good. Now more ww2 games please. I want to be tired of them again

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I hate games that come in episodes. I want a full game.yes granted the order was short 7-10 hrs depending, contrary it was highly enjoyable. I recommend a play through. Easy platinum aswell. I dont understand the hate. Great story, fantastic graphics proving in the above screens, gameplay was solid aswell as fluid. Just came up short. I can live to see the next "episode"

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Sfv mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Nope mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Big power brick mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Speed run, 20 minutes, 2/10

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Maybe for kids it would be hard. But for myself its pretty easy when you work about 60 hrs a week now that the weather is warming up. Especially trying to play bloodbourne with a mixture of driveclub and zombie army at once!

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Darksouls 2 remaster

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I just want in on this fiery war thats breaking out right now. Finally its been to long. Xbone sucks. Theres my two cents. Peace

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Ha the bouncer. I actually liked that game. Fun beat em up game

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And whats that. The Nintendo route. Rehash after rehash

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So i guess mkx is a 4/10

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Great game. Zombie army is awesome aswell

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Dont say that.

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Was it ac for answer that sucked. One of them was just horrible lol. Definitely looking forward to a true ac back to what made them great

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