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Same here

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Truly baffling. It's like they cannot comprehend what is blatantly being explained.

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Great games. I'd say check it out. Sniper elite v2 is awesome. Also zombie army trilogy is fantastic.

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Folklore is an amazing game aswell.
I remember playing the demo and didn't think much of it. Decided to buy it later and fell in love.

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Missing out. Great game. Aside from some bugs.

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Got to say same for me. Game is addicting. You would think exploring desert wasteland would be empty and boring but it's not.

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Dead? I was just playing uncharted 2 online a couple of days ago. Full games everytime. Same for 3.

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Agreed. Killzone shadowfall aswell for me though.

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Looks fun. Anyone notice the flashlight on the shotgun not shining light but is signifying that it is.

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Great videos. Always gets me psyched for november.

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People want communism. Oh children. again sounds good on paper. Look what it creates.

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Great game

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First thing I noticed.

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Na PSN store says full game driveclub $14.99

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Hey off topic is anyone else seeing driveclub full game for $14.99? American PSN store if anyone looks. I have the game already but am I triping.

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Nothing wrong with watching these. They just hype me up more.

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Crash, twisted metal, syphon filter

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Completely agree. Never was really into racing games except road rash, test drive, and motorstorm. Liked GT but wasn't hardcore enough for it. This game is just a perfect blend. I just want more locations like grand Canyon or Yellowstone or wherever doesnt matter and some more American cars. I have the season pass and totally worth it. Like others have said I'm in the same boat never have bought A season pass before except killzone shadowfall. This was worth it. Why people cling to th...

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