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Agreed. Took me almost 2 hours to get through the begining level from just exploring and getting lost along the way lol. Its been a long time having a real shooter in my life. I think thats why I love shadow fall so much. #3.2
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Thanks ass #2.2
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How so. Because they dont interest you? I for one think the list looks great considering I never got around to purchasing or playing rocketbirds, oddworld strangers wrath, dead island riptide, papa & yo, overlord and return of matt hazard. Plus you dont gave to subscribe to the service if it doesnt attain to your liking. Oh your an xbot. No wonder. Cant wait for Microsoft to shut down their spy console. Good ridence. Can we please get sega or sonething back. #1.2.1
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From what I have played. Seems stable. No problems here. Not yet atleast. Really good game. Very customizable for beginners to diehard fans. #1.1
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Its funny. You can tell its a younger generation reviewing this game. The fact from the title "dumb fun," shows they have never played any previous 90s shooters in theyre life. What a fool. I would read the review except the headline was ridiculous. #1.1
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Thats true. Wasnt fallout 3 demoed at microsofts conference in 2008. I cant remember. Dont know why everyone is disagreeing. Is it because you said Microsoft. Good fuck Microsoft. They dont deserve fallout4! #1.2
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All I can think of is tron. #6.3.1
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There must be real big problems over at havok. I demand answers cause im a somebody. #2.1
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I like how you mention crash bandicoot 3 is simple fun and get 13 agrees but yet the same thing can be said about knack but gets hated on. People need to make up your minds. Knack is exactly what crash was but today. #5.1.1
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I concur #1.2.1
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Ive played and beaten the game. I can honestly say its a great game with some short comings. It has great atmosphere, good story and the graphics are pretty decent. The short comings to me would be when playing two player. if knack travels to far away from second player, second player automatically warps to knacks position. Which can be annoying when smashing a bunch of enemies or avoiding some type of laser contraption. Otherwise there just isnt much to hate on this game except that its on p... #1.6
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Haha nice! #11.1.1
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I thought ascension was an excellent game. More simple than 3 but I highly enjoyed it front start to finish. Multiplayer was fantastic. I would love for this game to be remastered for ps4. If only they remastered 3 and ascension in the same package. Instant buy. Really I just want them to bring the multiplayer though. That was the best and I truly feel everyone should atleast try it. #3.3
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Agreed, I dont see it on the 3Ds #13.4
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Like say Obama. The executive orders hes has signed into law are some if not more threatening then what Hilter would be able to accomplish in those days. But everyone turns a blind eye because they either dont want to be labeled a racist or to stupid to look at the real picture of our future and rather stoke themselves. #1.1.1
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I hope down the road we get twisted metal ps4. Theres enough ram now for them to truly do what they wanted to do back in the day. Atleast thats what they said about the ps3. #2.1
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Yes! Ascension multiplayer on ps4 would be mind blowing. One of the most hardcore skillfull and rewarding multiplayer game last gen. This and the last of us multiplayer and of course twisted metal and warhawk! #1.1.2
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Yep same. His account name was the killers name. I read it not thinking much but then it dawned on me and I was like, if I ever meet this person im gonna gut him. #5.1.1
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But in the game its mentioned why the story is out of order. Sorry not spoiling anything for anyone. I will say when you do beat the game most of it will make sense because the game pretty much drop kicks you in the nuts at the end. But to really understand you need to play a second playthrough. #1.2.6
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Poor you #3.1.1
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