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Simply jawesome

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Uh what. Hows is it diverse to be almost like all other games today , online only\ multiplayer. No one buys the diverse games.

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I loved my virtual boy. Red alert, water world and mario tennis was awesome to me at the time

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It was jawesome of course. Drove up to pennsylvania just to see them because we new it wouldnt be much longer.

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Good thing i saw motorhead a couple months ago

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If any of you havent already totally grab rainbow moon. Fantastic game.

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Agreed, just something about repairing armor and weapons haha

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Lots of screws to be had in this video

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So we should criticize color. Does this really matter. Its a crime to be white now people. Remember that. You better mix with other races or your a racist. Instead of standing for heritage and your individual beliefs. No we critique color paletts on pixelated made up non existant characters. Someone needs to waste there time on something else.

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Agreed all ive seen is yao guais floating in mid air, falling through roofs and some over little glitches. More funny than anything. Occasional frame drops. Dont see why it couldnt be a 10. This and bloodbourne for my GOTY.

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Should be ashamed. Stop spending all your money. Save it. The games can wait. And dont use a credit card. Were being indoctrinated to think we need every game that comes out. Systematiclly programed.

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What a bunch of bitches

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To late

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Probably to get back at titanfall devs. Oh Activision.

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Same here. Ive played the first 3 and never could just understand whats so special. I like the games but theyve never grabbed me.

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Great news and a great publisher/studio of one of my favorite franchises.

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Get zombie arm

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Or maybe people don't need to buy every game that releases every month of the year. I guess you have infinite funds. Try buying all these games with a family.

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I'm pretty sure that's what they were implying when they stated they'll wait for zero dawn. This game looks good but I think I'll wait aswell

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Eye of the beholder, if the uncharted collection came with uncharted 2 multiplayer I would be on it. I've played the trilogy many times. Just no point for me personally.

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