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Right. Definitely is an arena shooter. Aside from weapon pick ups

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Looks and sounds like some quick money grab game. $6.99 probably was made within 6 months

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Fantastic, next up same treatment to resistance fall of man please.

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They would just announce PS5 or some other device thats been cooking in the next year or so. I mean we are getting close to those expectations. This will be Ps4s 3rd birthday, plus this cycle could be shorter than last like the previous gens. So by the time nx is officially announced or released PS and even xbox is right around the corner. Either way im excited to see nx because i wanted a wiiu but its still to pricey for my liking and due to the controller, graphical abilities. At 150 bucks ...

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They kind of did that for uncharted 3 multiplayer. Except they change the maps around for instance the cave in U2 was snowy then in U3 it was just rock.
Anyways heres hoping. ALSO best map was pretty much any from U2. U4 beta maps were great.

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Operation raccoon citys multiplayer was beast. Sadly none of you actually played it. You all gathered on the same train and left to follow everyone else. The game was not just coop. It had 4v4 skirmishes. Hordes of zombies and bows lurking around the streets while you fought eachother. Great game.

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I just want the game DEAD RUSH that was cancelled back in the day and im good. Zombie Army Trilogy is also a great addition to the zombie game genre. It feels like there are too many games but also to little good ones that capture the horror, intensity and atmosphere right. I think thats why i loved Operation Raccoon City so much.

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Dont ever have kids. You might get upset when they arent born on there expected due date. Might get delayed a day or 3.
Why are you holding a release date on some pedestal. Just to complain later. The generation of i need it now, im entitled.

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Enough with the statement its an opinion. We get it. Anything anyone says about anything is an opinion. We dont have to keep saying this.

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Dooo eeeeeeeeehhhhhht.

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Have to agree. I have not played this so i can not comment further than that this game looks remotely boring. Battleborn as well as overwatch have not grabbed me and said play.

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Your loss. Great game. Guess your too busy having zerglings run a train on you.

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Not even close.

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Buzzzz wrong

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I agree immensely. In the Same boat with you.

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Yes please. Top 10 games for me.

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I agreed.

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Exactly, its been fallout 4 non stop. Now theres ratchet and dark souls then uncharted. Just got the drawntodeath limited access, been checking that out. Its good though paid off my two credit cards. Living almost debt free.

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Same. Was going to buy the other week just didnt go through with it.

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Agree with both of you. This game and the suffering

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