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Never got to try xcom2. Had xcom for ps3. Great month for me.

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Yes. Thank you. Back to watching the teaser trailer

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From tech tv days i believe. Forgot the show

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Yeah the NRA haha

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And just like that conformity must attribute because of sexism. When will people learn that the only reason this was posted is to steer you into one direction of thought if you go outside of the narrative questioning your masters. People scream conspiracy theorists, not even realizing they are a pawn in a large movie greater then we all can comprehend.

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Sadly your not playing as a CIA clown.

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Yeah that time will end haha. Honeymoon stages. Then the controlling get off your ass pay attention to me me me stage comes.

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Exactly what ive been trying to say about GOW. Great game yes. It has flaws and we as a community should openly address them to the studios. Criticism can breathe more life.

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Yes. Similiar but different in theyre own respects. If you enjoyed Until Dawn, do yourself a favor and get Detriot. Or even Heavy Rain, Beyond 2 Souls.

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Ill be picking it up in due time. Probably for my brother as well for his birthday.

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Im with you

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I like that, "mini dream development team." HalfLife.Dreams, silenthill.dreams etc. Oh the creativity will be outstanding!

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Haha i like it

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Well see. Im buying

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I wouldnt say overrated but im sort of with you. Beat GOW and went back to Horizon and just feel theres so much more to be had with that game. I will also state i am ready to see how GOW ps5 turns out. People need to stop over looking the very few faults with the game and call them outso we all can have a greatly improved sequal. Santa monica needs to know to improve.

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Knack 2 was a great game

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Its this or sea of thieves xbox fans.

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Haha pretty much.

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