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i enjoyed the demo alot

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ok the tea party express has been taken over by the neocons for one thing, but the people that attend are people that believe in freedom. Fox news is a corprate entity which is owned be the elite just like cnn. And plus how can we vote them all out when are vote doesnt even count. Ron Paul would be a good president, why do you tthink he cant get past the position hes in. It would be bad for him to become president because he would probably be assassinated. Down with NWO

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And hows that, when your being surveillanced at all times, Patriot act look it up, healthcare bill, all the bailouts, and its getting alot worse. Havent been truly free since 1911 and before(1885) when the rockefellers monopolizes oil. And so forth,


Invisible empire
Fall of the Republic
The obama deception
America: freedom to fascism
loose c...

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joe liebramen is pushing for the same thing here in th North American Union, i think its called the cybernetic security act, well do some research and youll probably find what in talking about.

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hey, sounds awesome to me. I think a new psp will be announced at GC I just get that feeling

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the names you mention were from 2009. But 2010 does not look empty unless your not into some of those games, like LBP2, Socom 4, GT5, Move games, um so much to think about i just cant think.

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hell yeah its only a less than a month away. NOt allowed to speculate. That movie sucks except the first.

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i disagree, we dont even know what SP had in store for us if we played as evil Cole in inFamous. I seriously doubt SP kept the blue for good red for bad cole. For all we know he could turn into a monster and look completly different from what we have seen. Hell the old Cole could be the bad Cole.

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yeah i think theyll announce starhawk, syphon filter, Resistance 3

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what ppl cant disagree with what you said, man you like 2 whine. I disagree aswell so what now, should i change it because it hurt your feelings cause i didnt agree with your comment. PPl need to learn what agree and disagree mean here. the only way im buying another xbox is if its used for like 50 bucks maybe 100 if i have spare money. So sorry i disagreed with your comment

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yeah it was a good review.

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kz1 had coop years ago aswell, before Gears of war, so whats your point, oh you waste your life on xbox thats right.

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that and i really missed the secondary fire

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ViciousBoston, i believe this is only 15 bucks

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what you just said is some of the craziest shit ive read on here.

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"Why do you defend it?"

Maybe because he enjoys the game and doesnt join a bandwagon like you yourself has apparrently. I myself still play Socom: Confrontation and think slant 6 did an incredible job on capturing the socom feel that made the series soooo great, but there was a problem in the begining that ruined it and now its fixed, get over yourself.\

PS- cant wait to play SOCOM 4 and trying it with the move

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Why does it matter if he played it or not. GWAVE never even mentioned Alan Wake specifically, only you did. And hes right. Go play your spectacular xbox please, i heard crackdown 2 is awesome with all ther improvments and such. lol

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@citizen king

i think its because of this new generation of spoiled kids playing games and online multiplayer internet craze stuff

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theyll probably patch it in later but yeah i agree

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