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lol me too, kids, halo comes out soon!

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Exactly Carmageddon

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Definently not, CARMAGEDDON like i said up top

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OK no, more like CARMEGEDDON

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boooooo Sweet Tooth from TM3

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so the console crashing makes it ok. You guys are retarded

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well it is a computer entertainment system

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ok so what usefull update do we need next Mr someone got Poop in there Soup. And i didnt mean all your comments i meant this one so Soooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww wwwwyyy. There you go being a child calling me a fanboy, well i guess i am one because Microshit sucks and delivers nothing to the table excapt putting poop in your soup. Go cry

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Exactly the article is about Crysis not Halo, dont correct somebody and be wrong yourself.

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As i agree, just what features are you talking about. Cause all i can think of right now is what cross game chat.

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@Citizen_King and suunyd

first Citizen.
-"They have to make sure it's infrastructure can handle new updates, additions to the PSN, etc." Thats exactly why sony gives us so many firmware updates that seem to do nothing, theyre doing stuff in the backround that we dont notice and so forth. And suunyd you bore me with your dumb childness comment, all i read from you is GIVE ME GIVE ME I WANT I WANT like a four year old, not every update has to be some ub...

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Kz3 is forcing me to buy 3dtv when i get the money lol, U3 in 3d would be insane

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ill bring a 30 pack

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lol good point

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SEE THATS THE illusion

of course i wouldnt want to live anywhere else, but what is it gonna be like in the next year, oh yeah global government.

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i enjoyed the demo alot

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ok the tea party express has been taken over by the neocons for one thing, but the people that attend are people that believe in freedom. Fox news is a corprate entity which is owned be the elite just like cnn. And plus how can we vote them all out when are vote doesnt even count. Ron Paul would be a good president, why do you tthink he cant get past the position hes in. It would be bad for him to become president because he would probably be assassinated. Down with NWO

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And hows that, when your being surveillanced at all times, Patriot act look it up, healthcare bill, all the bailouts, and its getting alot worse. Havent been truly free since 1911 and before(1885) when the rockefellers monopolizes oil. And so forth,


Invisible empire
Fall of the Republic
The obama deception
America: freedom to fascism
loose c...

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