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so I guess this means I cant play my PS3 version anymore because it sold more on Xbox huh. Oh thats right it doesnt matter but here it does for some reason!

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ill just turn you into a baby

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I logged on just to agree with you. Mirrors edge is one multiplat i really enjoyed

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Are you talking about the vice president of EA or someone's name in the comments.

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Ok has any of you actually play HAZE, It's not that bad of a game. Yeah not the best but certainly not at the bottom. Its definently an unfinished product. The single player isnt that good but the multiplayer is addicting like Time Splitters. Personlly I give it a 6/10. More people shoudl try it instead of repeatively jumping on the band wagon. The games cheap as well. I got it used for $10. And Kinect, if you guys think this is the next step in gaming and 3D isn't, then I hope kinect...

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John-117 + 8h ago "Why would MS spy on what ever I am doing wtf? lmao"

-And this is exactly what Big Brother wants you to think like, so they can sneak these kinds of things into our homes. They already have vans that drive down neighborhood streets that can xray into your home, and they say its to find terrorists. Now thats funny any excuse to take away our freedom and usher in their world dictatorship.

I guess you tell yourself anything to...

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exactly, its all just a means to control. thats it

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Only a child would say that lol

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they could make a new game mode, one person drives with the dual \shock and your buddy next to you uses the move for the machine gun, but just for something like endurance mode or challenge type modes. IDK they dont have to use move like say Socom 4 but it would be cool if it was implemented in a new cool way.

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I definently agree, I LoVe Syphon Fitler. Bubs For Both!!!

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i know i loved Far Cry 2.

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maybe because it's his opinion and they dont agree with it. Do you agree with what everyone says, No you dont. So I disagree with your opinion about his opinion for people disagreeing with his opinion.

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how does that encourage competition. If every system had the same game. Eventually you will just have one system because why have another. But most of you guys on here are communist anyways. You want one system to stop the hate like it matters, you want all multi plat games,so no1 can brag about there system. Thats communism, 1.Everything eqaul and distrubuted evenly. you guys are dumb if you agree with this article. If everything was the same we would just be playing on the gameboy color sti...

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ok you clearly are trying to be an ass, of course there's ppl still playing the online. It's super addictive. pop goes a buble!

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lol what have you heard about resistance 3? just curious. did you already read the magazine or something. doubt it!

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or did he

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um 32player online? what resistance game did u play. FoM had 40player and R2 had 60player with coop

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did anyone notice in the pic with the mech. legs chim. the little one in the back round jumping real high. Its by its left mech knee lol

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because your supposed to be racing professional drivers.

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really guys how is it a knockoff of TM. I dont recall running over zombies in TM, that was more of a Carmaggedon type game. If anything its a knockoff of that.

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