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Completely agree. What set pieces are in uncharted 4. What a building being blown up from artillery fire. Where was the super natural. Mummies exploding. Wow not super at all. Love the game but i agree. Major let down. Love the multiplayer though. I played through uncharted 1 and 2 i dont know how many times. 3 a couple but 4 i just dont care. There wasnt any holy crap moments. Just some oh here we go now were getting somewhere oh wait nothing. Why didnt we fight any of the pirates ghosts or ...

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How about literally every outlet store in the world does this. Not just bethesda.

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Give it to me.

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Cant wait. Love this series. Only game that gently scatches the Socom itch.

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Its a great game. Definetely grab it. Its a little repetitive in some areas. But lots of action. If you like Batman/Just Cause and a little Twisted Metal get it. I might just pop that in now.

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Alright im just going to come out and say it. Judging by most of your comments in this article, are you retarded?

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Really. Damn because i was thinking of maybe getting this because of how much i loved Operation Raccoon City. The multiplayer seems similar in that its 4v4 with zombies roaming around. Operation is a classic in my book.

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Definetely pick up twisted metal for obvious reasons.

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Haha finally
Im tired of alot of peoples views being so on point to the status quo.

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Gangsta red
Hahaha nice comeback

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Its like people forget thats the whole point of exclusives. The incentive to buy ones console. Ps fans should be quite happy not in just this case but in all other exclusive cases because it makes your investment into ps all that more valuable especially if buying these exclusives.

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Uh definetely not like you comparison. Last i checked a ps4 didnt cost as much as a bugatti. If you cant afford a ps4 ask your parents to increase your allowance. Dumb comparison.

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People need to get Driveclub pho realz.

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While were at it can we give ID or Machine the Duke Nukem property. Playing Doom and Wolfenstein recently they have captured that feeling growing up playing Half Life and the rest of the games mentioned of days past. Just playing Doom and looking for secrets just feels so much more mature in design like back in the day instead of the handholding today.

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$9.99 for 1000 gas points to purchase weather for the game to highly increase the intensity and to immerse you into each race. 14.99 for 1500 gas points to have day and night cycle for 5 full races and a smashing cheap price of 19.99 to have all this bundled for 3 full laps. Your welcome suckers.

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Oh look the sensitive heartfelt fairies showed up below. Yep must be american right. Like you have any idea what that means. Must be those socialized european union cowards that really have no country

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So this game is awesome but call of duty isnt. Double standards much. This looks identicle to most shooters with a cartoon borderlands font slapped on. People are unbelievable. I played this along with battleborn. Aside from both their cliche attempts to be different theyre not. The two are so similar i have a hard time telling them apart. If battleborn just slapped borderlands battleground on the front page everyone would eat that up. Nevermind i dont even know why im still going on. Enjoy. ...

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Damn sense offenders

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I still think NHL 98 is the best. I still play NHL HITS 2002. NHL HITS 2003 was such a dissappointment.

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The game fits right into my ps4 disk drive. How bout that. Plus its a great game.

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