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theyre great games. lots of content. check out zombie army trilogy too

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here are some red pills for you. tread carefully

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sniper elite is not by polygon interactive. what?

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completely agree. aside from bloodborne.
i actually want a switch. my wife looked at the console and said lets get a nintendo haha. i just wont be playing multiplayer like now.

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i guess the matrix controls you. they want ww3 and it looks like yiu do too.

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cant wait

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isnt the option just 30 45 and 90° angles. unless i missed something. i only tried 30°. so if 90° is more the usual option, ill switch to that.

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why not just buy it. probably find it for a few bucks today.

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also battlezone

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battlezone is awesome.

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anyone notice Red Dead Revolver on ps4 aswell

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7 people to warp through great.

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exactly. no sense of saving. just buy buy buy. swipe swipe swipe my credit card.

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hopefully they plead the clinton.

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but everyone is spending 60 bucks just for single player. its another 60 to play the other portion of the game you bought.

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disagree. best tactical multiplayer on ps4 to me. its what scratches my socom itch. have you ever tried zombie army trilogy. fantastic game. i recommend it. but i do just love there style of gameplay.

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No thanks. Maybe if we had a MAG, SOCOM, WARHAWK, TWISTED METAL multiplayer experience, but there is nothing except BATTLEFIELD 1. I dont plan on renewing. Even the discounts are starting to suck. I bought half a game for 60 bucks. How can people excuse this. Does anyone realize you still have to pay your credit card.

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seems the update wont download for me. anyone know how to fix that.

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