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sniper elite is not by polygon interactive. what?

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completely agree. aside from bloodborne.
i actually want a switch. my wife looked at the console and said lets get a nintendo haha. i just wont be playing multiplayer like now.

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i guess the matrix controls you. they want ww3 and it looks like yiu do too.

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cant wait

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isnt the option just 30 45 and 90° angles. unless i missed something. i only tried 30°. so if 90° is more the usual option, ill switch to that.

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why not just buy it. probably find it for a few bucks today.

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also battlezone

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battlezone is awesome.

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anyone notice Red Dead Revolver on ps4 aswell

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7 people to warp through great.

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exactly. no sense of saving. just buy buy buy. swipe swipe swipe my credit card.

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hopefully they plead the clinton.

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but everyone is spending 60 bucks just for single player. its another 60 to play the other portion of the game you bought.

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disagree. best tactical multiplayer on ps4 to me. its what scratches my socom itch. have you ever tried zombie army trilogy. fantastic game. i recommend it. but i do just love there style of gameplay.

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No thanks. Maybe if we had a MAG, SOCOM, WARHAWK, TWISTED METAL multiplayer experience, but there is nothing except BATTLEFIELD 1. I dont plan on renewing. Even the discounts are starting to suck. I bought half a game for 60 bucks. How can people excuse this. Does anyone realize you still have to pay your credit card.

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seems the update wont download for me. anyone know how to fix that.

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baltimore metro area could be a great location. you have baltimore then suburbs, small cities like ellicott city and columbia leading to washington dc. all could be designed to include ocean city. its really almost perfect. crime corruption. city living. rural living. beaches. everything

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Which reminds me of an awesome game on ps3 called Viking battle for asgard. I wish for a sequal.

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