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so you just waste your money then. Wow nice investment decisions you make. If your not going to use it. Why buy it. You must be a teenager and just spend your whole check on frivolous junk. Oh kids when will they learn to save. It's not how much you make its how much you save. Everybody on here sounds like they are millionaires. Just spending spending spending. And people wonder why things are going down hill.

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I'll prove your wrong. I loved shadow fall. From the graphics to the amazing soundtrack later in the game. Story was good. It's was a great ride. There you go proved you wrong.

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I want a new bully and manhunt game. Also if agent is real. Is Rockstar going to be at e3?

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Agreed. I had a lot of fun with this game on vita. I believe this game will blow up once people learn what it is. Kids and adults can eat this one up.

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Your comment made my day! Bubble hahaha

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I enjoyed the game for awhile. Didn't spend money on it though. The Simpsons tapped out suckered me in with that.

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For the main story probably not. But for the lore maybe.

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Exactly, let's wait and see the demonstration first. We have know idea what's planned for this game. Could be totally revolutionary, who knows. All I need is the vats system to return and I'm good. The graphics I believe are fantastic. The character model was a little plastic like but there's a reason. This game will probably be way bigger in size then the likes of witcher. Well maybe.

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Is MGS world larger in size and scope than FALLOUT. Might explain the graphical differences in the dog hair. Oh people. When's mass extinction happening

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Yes and yes, especially if you haven't played them. Why not.

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Only about 2 weeks of agony left.
I'm ready to see what naughty dog has cooked up for uncharted 4s big set piece they'll probably show

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Are you just playing dumb?

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Look the media has everyone brainwashed to hate on this game.

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Only couch split screen.

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I'm ready to play. Sadly I see myself throwing money at this just because I'm a fan. I don't normally do that. Disappointed but if I support anything its this. Eff it.

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Nickel and diming you in essence? Either way looks great. Can't wait to play. Big fan of arena shooter games with weapon pickups. Wish this wasn't free to play though. But I'll have to give this one a chance.

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Never, free online

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Coop meaning bloodbourne or demon souls style. If it was just one person joining that would be awesome. More then that nooooo

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I'd also like to point out that driveclub destroys project cars on scenery aswell. Project cars looks barren on the mountain tops.

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Goes on a hiring spree. Then layoffs in the next year, then n4g twists it because the project has been completed.

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