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completely agree. Just Beat Legend Last night! I am LEGEND!!! just need the servers ironed out still but i get in to most matches at this point

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Yes yes it has

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Microsoft failed. Xbox is doomed. Things arent looking good xbots. I give the xbone 1 more year till its cut. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahaha finally.
Glad those idiots over at Microsoft are losing their jobs. They have done a terrible job.

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Um Track Record? from one game?

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Still need to play it. Always wanted to get blood dragon but never got around.

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Haha damn, now thats what I call a response. Bubble!

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What! That makes no sense. The first two are created with coop and sharing in mind.

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Exactly. Why does everyone cry in here. You got laid off. Get another job. Like ive said before too many of you are drinking estrogen these days. Its always a sob story in here.

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And some how that majes you sleep better at night in your night with your thumb in your ass. Mommy tuck me in.

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Wow did you just say that really! Puts gun to my head, pulls trigger. Brains splatter on my mother behind me.

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Your opinion sucks and my opinion is you dont get an opinion. People always on here blabbing about their opinions. We know already damn.

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I think come e3, alot of people are going to their words. I mean we havent even seen the werewolves. Let alone one weapon in action. We no nothing about the game except the back story and a couole of tid bits of gameplay elements. Color me excited.

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I feel like this is going to be the next god of war. Just the way that they were explaining there vision, what they learnt from the god of war titles they have produced. Which Is great. If you all understand what im trying to say. Come on 2015!

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Well I do like some racers and this one looks real good. But I would Definently prefer motorstorm. They should remake artic edge on ps4.

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Exactly. Ive been playing none stop. You should enjoy it. Great game.

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Play on uber then

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Agreed. Took me almost 2 hours to get through the begining level from just exploring and getting lost along the way lol. Its been a long time having a real shooter in my life. I think thats why I love shadow fall so much.

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Thanks ass

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How so. Because they dont interest you? I for one think the list looks great considering I never got around to purchasing or playing rocketbirds, oddworld strangers wrath, dead island riptide, papa & yo, overlord and return of matt hazard. Plus you dont gave to subscribe to the service if it doesnt attain to your liking. Oh your an xbot. No wonder. Cant wait for Microsoft to shut down their spy console. Good ridence. Can we please get sega or sonething back.

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