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Nothing wrong with watching these. They just hype me up more.

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Crash, twisted metal, syphon filter

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Completely agree. Never was really into racing games except road rash, test drive, and motorstorm. Liked GT but wasn't hardcore enough for it. This game is just a perfect blend. I just want more locations like grand Canyon or Yellowstone or wherever doesnt matter and some more American cars. I have the season pass and totally worth it. Like others have said I'm in the same boat never have bought A season pass before except killzone shadowfall. This was worth it. Why people cling to th...

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Ps4 mod support announced in article

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People cry about pixels but don't cry about cosplays. I don't get. Nice indeed.

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You know what's really retarded other than this supposed ps3 architecture, xbox360 RROD 54.2% failure rate. Anyone remember that. Ah that felt good. Keep the war raging fellow losers hahaha

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Or maybe the ai is to simulate a professional driver that speeds when needed, breaks when needed and does what exactly the car needs to do. All the while your speeding by them whenever you can with the trigger pulled all the way, cutting corners, drifting to gain points.

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That's why TheInfected says that it's a generation ahead not what you would say. Durr

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Lighting Is the most important. You wouldn't have good graphics, art style that shows, or this precious resolution to be seen

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Gamescom scandal?

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I was extremely excited for this game back in the day. Got canceled. Thanks activision

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So starhawk?

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Shouldnt, might be your rank or stats. But not positive. I have the game. They're free.

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"I can't help but, while very excited for this game, feel worried. GG has never done an Open world game. This is a new ground for them, and I hope they don't screw it up."

Is guerrilla games one person? I would imagine they have aquired the staff to produce such a vision. I never do understand those kinds of statements! Of course it might not be your typical open world/rpg title. It's there own creation. Was it supposed to be something of the same? Is it...

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Fallout 3 for me. One moment it would be 4 in the afternoon then 4 in the morning the next just in one building. Of course those were different days for me. No more of that :(

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I'm enjoying arkham knight but does anyone else feel the writing isnt so great. I mean some of the conversations are down right cheesy. I don't remember it like that in asylum or city. Good game but they hired some no inspiration age of extinction writer's or something.

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Sniper elite 3 has 3d. Looks great too

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A shit game that's exhilarating and addicting.

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Let's just say I rather be exploring vaults then tombs come november

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