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Only about 2 weeks of agony left.
I'm ready to see what naughty dog has cooked up for uncharted 4s big set piece they'll probably show

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Are you just playing dumb?

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Look the media has everyone brainwashed to hate on this game.

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Only couch split screen.

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I'm ready to play. Sadly I see myself throwing money at this just because I'm a fan. I don't normally do that. Disappointed but if I support anything its this. Eff it.

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Nickel and diming you in essence? Either way looks great. Can't wait to play. Big fan of arena shooter games with weapon pickups. Wish this wasn't free to play though. But I'll have to give this one a chance.

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Never, free online

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Coop meaning bloodbourne or demon souls style. If it was just one person joining that would be awesome. More then that nooooo

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I'd also like to point out that driveclub destroys project cars on scenery aswell. Project cars looks barren on the mountain tops.

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Goes on a hiring spree. Then layoffs in the next year, then n4g twists it because the project has been completed.

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At least they brought back dismemberment

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Buy it digital, its awesome. Or wait till cheaper. I recommend though pho real

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Well judging by the teaser trailer release a few weeks back. I put my money on it STAR WARS: Battle clones

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Yeah you know why there is so much more customized dlc than when it was included in te retail paid copy ( not free) because hmmm i dont know you pay for it.

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Should be good. Now more ww2 games please. I want to be tired of them again

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I hate games that come in episodes. I want a full game.yes granted the order was short 7-10 hrs depending, contrary it was highly enjoyable. I recommend a play through. Easy platinum aswell. I dont understand the hate. Great story, fantastic graphics proving in the above screens, gameplay was solid aswell as fluid. Just came up short. I can live to see the next "episode"

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Sfv mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Nope mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Big power brick mes-industry-is-being-subverted /

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Speed run, 20 minutes, 2/10

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