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The Order: 1887 [Sequel Name TBD] ?Releasing (MAYBE) with the launch of PlayStation 5. ETA; Fall of 2020! Arrival.

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JAWsome! Not a very easy game to do so i will say. I really want a zombie army version of 4 to tie us over till 5 hopefully releasing. My personal game of the generation

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I highly recommend Sniper Elite 4.

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Do you ever hear how controlling you are. Back up with your intolerant toxic rant. No one cares what you have to say on the internet. Your a no body. Get over youself.

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As i agree with you. I also disagree. I thought Red Dead Redemption was a great game. But for some reason never held me on for long. For Red Dead Redemption 2 im definetly excited for whats too come. I only watched the recent gameplay trailer and thats all im going to do. Not watching the others that will release. I want to go in completly immersed this time. Finding my own game.

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When i first purchased Horizon i was excited but came away feeling underwhelmed to a point.
Some odd months later i returned to continue where i left off early in the game to clean up some back log.
To my suprise it was some how a fresh new experience. I fell in love.
Pushing, reaching, persuing, forward. Destroying camps and the like. Astonishid by the world.
After completing the campaigne i maintained progressing in side quests and exploring.
In ...

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Liking it. Knack all the way!

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I personally feel ww2 was the best in years. I sunk hours into the game with zero additions purchased.

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My personal game of the generation! Has everything satisfying about gaming. Needs a larger multiplayer community because it was fantastic. Hoping for a Sniper Elite 5 or a Zombie Army spin off of 4.

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Haha i hear ya.

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Bring back resistance 1 storytelling, resistance 2 multiplayer/coop. Not just nostalgia but epicness.

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60 player mayhem. Guts flying everywhere. Geeking out in aweee. Yes my brother and i remeber very well.

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Im thinking a psx re reveal.

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Cartoon network.

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Never have I seen the word "toxic" before the last so odd years. Sure your not being manipulated? Poor post september-zzzzzzzzzz. Never look below or straight above and question. The language and reason has been chosen for us. Too use against ourselves. Do we really care about bigots or racists, any other term deemed offensive by the controlled narrative? Do some exist? How many do we personally know? Questions maybe answers.

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What exactly is coexistance. we all-already exist. I think. Free yourself. Are your words chosen for you. Dont be existential now?

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You ban language you control thought. Control the narrative.

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I hope theres a reboot in the near future. Dead Space 1 forever. Loved that game. Always reminded me of of The Suffering. Which is one of my top 5 games. I really do wish to see that franchise make a triumphant return as well.

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Statements. Very true statements. Whether whimpy fools believe or not Kutaragi created the most robust future proof entertainment system ever conceived along with other notable geniuses. With free network and highly class exclusives all in line to dominate the market. Only to behold a console to pay and pay some more for rudimentary story driven narratives with progressive antics and former shells of the past greatness achieved by the father of playstation. How i miss the days of a true PLAYS...

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Simply operation monkingbird at hand. Read interpret disregard.

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