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Only grip i had with knack 2 was you never became tall as a skyscraper like the first. Never really grew higher then 50ft or so. Other than that. Knack 2 was pretty awesome.

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Totally agree. I went in thinking mad max would be a dud but from videos peeked my interest. After playing through the first few intro missions i was hooked. Great game.

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Quick question to AspiringProGengi. I just bought the battlefield/titanfall complete bundle on psn the other week. I dont have enough drive to fit titanfall 2. Will have external drive shortly. My question though. Is titanfall 2 awesome. Started with battlefield 1 and do like but everyone is already advanced. Very curious, havent been able to install yet. Thanks

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E3/Psx 2020 reveal. Launch 2020 fall/winter
2021 launch fall/winter. I cant believe im typing these years haha.

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Nice. Good times with prop hunt. Lots of laughs.

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Correct. I still, for me personally, say its by far a better call of duty game then the last 6 or so years of the series. Honestly i think it is a pretty well made game. The first one ive bought since black ops.

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Agreed man, i mean cyborg. What am i allowed to say today. I forget.

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2020\21 is a chance id say. Ya never know though.

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Just going to say. If i had a Switch, would deffinetly play said game on the system. Immersed on PS3 the 4. Why not Switch!

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Could not agree more. Unless ps4 or 5 recieves warhawk and twisted metal for me personally. The ps4 just doesnt have these types of games anymore. No socom, mag, warhawk, twisted metal, and a slue of others.

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How bad are we talking? I was thinking last night about maybe purchasing. Also i agree about the best COD in years. About to presteige a 3rd time. Ive actually played this game since november.

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Got to pay the toll troll to get that boys hole. I mean soul

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Sounds like ive played them all. Aside from the last of the gods.

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Haha all my trolling. Ive been a playstation fan since 96

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The Last Of The Gods

Does every game have to be the same.

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Looks great. Interesting. End of the video is hilarious!

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Quick question. Is this only on xbox and pc. Thanks in advance. Just heard about this. Looks awesome.

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Have to keep an eye on this one

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Damn. Thank you.

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