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My wallet is crying.

I'm particularly pumped for The Last of Us.

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Downloading full console games isn't such a good idea. If you buy a physical copy for the same price, then you will be able to sell it when you're done with it.

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As much as I consider video games to be art, it's never good to spend this much time on one project.

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I really want Type-0 to be localized. I don't care what platform it's for; it looks really awesome.

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Final Fantasy Dimensions isn't just a 10 minute mini game; it's pretty much Final Fantasy V in mobile platform. The fact that it's a full length game justifies the price, but it was a strange move for Square Enix to exclusively release a game like this to casual audiences who are expecting to pay $1 - $5 for a waiting-in-line kind of game.

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I find it strange that the iPhone is being compared to handheld gaming devices. Really, it's more interesting than irritating. It seems like people who normally would not be interested in gaming see the iPhone as a gaming platform; because to them, it is one.

It's not going to affect the sales of the 3DS and Vita. Gamers will buy those devices, while people who want a smartphone will buy a smartphone. iPhone games are for when you're killing five minutes waiting f...

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If only they would add the feature to organize your downloaded content in the XMB menu.

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