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Was expecting it to be bigger than that, not too bad.

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I am an idiot. Fixed the spellings in main story, but can't edit the N4G one sadly. Thanks.

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Even with these screens we still know nothing about the game. Some news must be due soon, even if it is to say it's cancelled.

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Battlefield 3 looks the best of those 6, in my opinion.

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Are you sure that Glados fan art is supposed to be sexual? Looks like it might just be symbolism for what Glados is?

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I have no idea how I managed to write that so very wrong.
*Elena Fisher.

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Nice in depth analysis. Elana Frazer is probably my fave from that bunch!

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Hopefully this means it won't be as unbalanced as it sounds.

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Yeah, I think there is actually 2 days of E3 before E3 actually starts.

I guess they only officially count it as starting once it becomes open to the public?

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Wonder if this is genuinely a false story or just PR spin trying to make it look false? Who knows.

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Is an impressive looking tech demo, but tech demos usually are. As smurfz said, will reserve judgement until they show an actual game.

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Well the controller comes with the console, and you can only use one Wii U controller per Wii U. Which is annoying, but least it means we won't have to spend a fortune on individual controllers.

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The focus on stealth is a very good thing indeed. Hitman had been heading towards far too much shooting for my liking.

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This is very much Inglorious Basterds: The Game lol.

When Randy said they were taking a new approach to War, I thought he meant it might actually have an emotional narrative. Oh well.

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David Cage's next project is definitely something that will be interesting.

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They've also detailed how we can redeem it, nice. Just need to wait for them to activate it now

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Can't wait to find out about Eight Days and Agent.

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Hopefully store is up soon. Need to play through inFamous in time for the second one.

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Agree with some on your list, I would also add any of the LEGO games, Heavy Rain, LBP and LBP2 (as xGet said). Portal is a no-go for my gf as first person games give her motion sickness (fail I know).

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I would very much love to see cross-game chat.

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