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ESO was never presented as any type of Elder Scrolls main entry. Bethesda didn't develop the game either. ESO has actually done very well though. I haven't played it myself and don't really have any desire to, but it has been a success.

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It probably is overhyped and will have balance issues, but they can and will address those issues. You seem to be approaching it as someone who has only played COD and Battlefield FPS games. These type games focus far more on teamwork and rewards players who play support classes as equally as damage dealing classes. So it's arguable that it's a more balanced game for all players, because people who don't excel at the quick twitch run n gunning can still greatly enjoy it.

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The progression system occurs within each match. Your character gets stronger as the match progresses. We already have the Call of Duty and Battlefield formulas rinsed out for years now, why should they continue using the same progression system? This isn't even a straight forward FPS like those games are. COD and BF don't have anywhere near the class variety. It's a different experience.

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VR is an interesting platform, no doubt - especially since technology has advanced to a point where it is a compelling experience beyond simply being a gimmick. It does not, however, infer that gamers are bored. The user base for VR will be a small fraction of the market until it becomes more affordable and the VR games are on par with the best AAA conventional games.

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Sorry for the delay in responding. Life happens. But anyway, no I don't feel that it's out of place. Sex is a part of life and this is a game intended for adults who can cope with it. They have ratings for these games and plainly tell you exactly what type of content justifies that rating. If a little nudity or sex offends you, then you can easily see on the labeling that this game has it and avoid it. That is the purpose of the ratings.

To me this is like complaining...

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Perversion? What is this, 1952?

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Very doubtful. Fans don't want action RPGs and that's what they seem intent on making. I've been a Square fan since the SNES days, although it has become more and more of a chore to play their games. Square's biggest problems as a developer, in my opinion, are a false perception of innovation and little regard for its fans. FFXV has some potential. They really need to nail that, KH3, and FFVII remake though... they can't afford to bring any more mediocre or worse flagship ...

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Thought for sure they would abandon the single player campaign by now. They spend so much money on it and unfortunately most people skip straight to multiplayer without even touching the campaign.

Trailer looks decent. I'll wait for some reviews I trust though, COD lost me a few years ago now.

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I stopped playing Destiny a few months after it came out. Not because I got bored or didn't like it... it's actually just what I was looking for in a FPS, a legit alternative to COD and BF where I can cooperatively play with friends instead of stressing over stupid pvp issues. Stopped playing mostly because I moved and just didn't pick it back up. Fast forward to TTK and it has improved drastically. I'm sucked back in and probably won't stop until Fallout 4 lands. Yet I ca...

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No, I think you don't understand how it works. He can't talk about any platform specifically other than Xbox or PC.

Why do you think Bungie never talks about Destiny on Xbox? Activision is publishing it and you think a 3rd party publisher would talk about all platforms as they wish... so??? Sony paid for Destiny to be pushed as a Play...

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Poor assumptions here. There is a non disclosure agreement in place. He can't say Sony or Nintendo's consoles have certain features because Activision has been paid to showcase it as an Xbox game and MS is using dat cloud as a major marketing point. Why would MS want you to think Sony can do pretty much everything cloud-wise that they can? Marketing attempts to create a certain perception, not be truthful about the competition.

He confirmed this on Twitter... he si...

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The real Barrett is ridiculously powerful. It's honestly underpowered in any game I've seen it in.

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Enjoyed the demo but waiting to get it on PS4.

Used to play the hell out of Diablo and Diablo 2 on PC. Gotta say they did a great job bringing it over to controller land.

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First world problems.

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Bending over and being a blind supporter doesn't make you a real fan. People paid money to play this game, not stare at the login screen and get errors for hours on end. I mean, if you're satisfied with wasting money on a game you can't even play then more power to you I guess. It's a very good game, but most haven't even been able to play it at all. Hard for me to understand why you'd be upset about people demanding the product they purchased.

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This better fix all the bs. I understand its an MMO launch but hoooooly sheet has this one been just stupid. Great game but it's insanity just to even get in to play it.

If this doesn't fix it then I'm probably not going to bother with it again until it lands on PS4. I love the game but this has been beyond irritating.

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Playing on PS3, will upgrade to PS4 without a doubt.

I thought it had already been let out that it would be a February release? If it's before then, that's great.

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A trip to Belize?

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I totally would have done a better job with that camera.

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I have zero doubt in my mind that Destiny will be a definitive game of this next generation. Simply cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

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