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@ HarryB
Please tell me that's sarcasm. If it is, then I completely agree. If not, then you are VERY mistaken. Both are KNOWN to throttle internet and overcharge you for crappy service.

If this doesn't stop, the internet will become censored. God help us all....

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I hate EA so much... I remember when EA was actually a "good" company, back in PS2 days (remember EA Sports BIG?).

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Personally, I like the idea of the PS4's touchpad (haven't actually used it yet) but hate the idea of Kinect. Paying $100 more for a system just to have Kinect is a butt-ton of crap. On the other hand, the PS4 controller with the touchpad is still $60, same as DS3. That's the difference for me.

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People are excited to move away from Windows. Plus, Valve said that they are getting a noticeable performance boost from using Linux.

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@ zeal0us

You only need Windows to play Windows games. Lots of games on Steam already support Linux, and lots more are on the way. Stop spreading misinformation.

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I don't know... Rockstar did port GTA:VC and GTA:SA to original Xbox. And the install base was very low (although Microsoft may have been involved). I'd assume that the PS4 and Xbox One versions are probably going to be straight PC ports, which shouldn't be too hard considering how similar the PS4 and XO are to PC (according to devs). I think makes a lot more sense to make the ports than to not make them, but I'm also not a dev or 2K.

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People are upset because TV was supposed to be one of Xbox One's big features. So in Europe, you're paying for only a fraction of what Microsoft promised: TV, games, NFL (and Europe doesn't give a crap about American football). If Microsoft didn't want us thinking of TV as one it's main features, they shouldn't have talked about it so much when they revealed it. First impressions are important.

As for Sony, when they announced Gaikai, they said it woul...

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6:30PM, Sept 18

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Just curious, why the mention of indie games? Fuel Overdose is an Insomniac game published by EA. Definitely not indie.

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"Major Nelson" got his name from the old show "I Dream Of Jeannie". Major Nelson was one of the characters' names.

But I agree, people do think he really is a vet. Shame.

On topic: I can't wait for the two consoles to launch so people won't be able to spin as much (hopefully) because we'll have actual hardware and games.

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I think he was talking about how no one wants to buy a new console until there's games, but devs don't want to make games until there's a large user-base.

I personally don't agree with him, but I think that's what he was referring to.

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Shills are so annoying. Go away.

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@ jackanderson1985

"...if two sony execs say the exact same thing it's herald as news from the mouth of god himself?"

How many times has Sony been caught lying to us (the consumer)?

And how many times has Microsoft been caught lying to us?

That's why many more people trust Sony over Microsoft.

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Do you have a link?

Also, you're talking about a rumor that was debunked a few weeks ago. Maybe a few weeks ago they (said they) were fine but now they're having issues with BD drive and Kinect like article states.

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@ ZHZ90

Last I heard, Dec 14. But may have changed since then. Either way, it's always in Dec.

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You're calling me a troll. Funny.

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"Is Kinect Really that Bad?"

Yes. Yes it is.

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Is that why Microsoft were caught making bots on a Twitter poll?

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Can I borrow your crystal ball? I misplaced mine...

Does anyone still care about timed dlc? Personally, I hate it no matter who does it.

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