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That defeats the purpose of earning it then though. It's not such a feat reaching a benchmark for an unlock when some tool with more money than sense can pay to have it too.

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Lilac and gooseberries

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Not as off putting as every French man in unity sounding like a brit!

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Agreed but to be fair sword of destiny and last wish are very differently paced than blood of elves and the rest of the book saga.
Destiny and wish are short stories combined into an overall arc. The rest are awesome but very different overall to the first two

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It wasn't the viacom ownership that pushed me away. I still use the site from time to time, but I never use it like I did before they killed the forums and adopted that dog awful video player.

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April fools is everywhere. It's big here in Europe too.

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They're too busy bitching about it costing all of a tenner.

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Thief is the worst game I've bought in years! I hated it so much

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Thief is the only game in years I was sorry I bought!

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And yet, i preferred the first one

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Hell of a month if you ask me! Looking forward to all of these!

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The crew is a choice for season pass buyers as the free game?! Damn! Not bad!

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Feedback has produced a lot more criticism than than that thought. Aside from performance issues. Variety in the enemy has been limited. Their speech phrases have a smaller range and visual cues repeat far more frequently etc.

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Im typically against remasters but since we are on the topic of remaster of the year (that phrase leaves a poor taste in my mouth) Metro easily wins that

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But UbiArts have been doing so well!

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Came here just to say the exact same thing

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I'm not overly fond of call of duty these days but I think it is one of the greatest game series of all time. It mainstreamed gaming in a huge way over the last few years and much like FIFA it is the definition of gaming to millions who don't buy games on a regular basis. I could pick a hundred titles myself I think are better but not one of those titles will have done for the industry what cod has done.

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Nah not expecting anything amazing like a huge retail title. I just wish theyd refrain from giving the same damn titles they had on promotional sales two weeks before

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I got the platinum trophy in this only last night and it was the most fun I have had with a game in a long time!

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I'm considering the white x one bundle with this one. I really want sunset overdrive

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