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That actually makes no sense! Everyone drops at different times. Plus in fortnight it's much easier to drop miles off the distance

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The article is about the Xbox version. Which in fairness is a mess but it's fun

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I think they could have made a mistake here depending on what they've paid ha. I've only played two matches so far and I can see myself sticking with it but it's in a horrible state. My friends who are very much your typical CoD and Battlefield players hate it.

If or more likely when it releases on PS4 it could well be in a better state by then and it's to no loss on Sony's part

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Yeah I'm last on this altogether. The whole way up to release we saw nothing of it running on Xbox and then the day of, we see merely a few pieces talking about performance and they're all contradictory. I was kind of hoping to buy it to play tomorrow but I'm not really sure now

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I'm still a bit disappointed. Even though there's an abundance of releases to fill the void this is up there in my most anticipated

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I reckon a few more games are going to be pushed back. Not because they need the work either. Just for the space to breath

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The last night looks awesome. And I'll give state of decay a chance the first was fun. Crackdown is a terrible series though and the new one looks dreadful. Sea of thieves doesn't interest me either

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That's a shame. I've followed the progress of this one for so long too

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Yeah I wanted this !

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That was such a good trailer. I'm raging it is so far away

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It was free for a short time. It's back to being paid for now though

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For those of us who haven't played the first (me) and are interested in the 2nd (also me) is it necessary to play the original or would it be okay to dive in from here ?

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As much as I hate to admit it because I want it on the ps4 where my friends are, keeping PUBG is a big thing for microsoft.
Gears is my favourite. Forza i dont like the curcuit games but Horizons are incredible. Even the hot wheels expansion was genius. Cuphead is amazing. But they're the games I've looked forward to until now.
Sea of thieves I don't like the look of. Crackdown was a terrible series. And I hated Halo 5 so much I lost any interest in the series. ...

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Of the last few generations I've owned all consoles with the exception of the original Xbox and Wii U. I find the Xbox one to be easily the most disapointing console I've owned in over a decade. It would be fine if I didn't have a ps4 I guess but there's just no truly redeeming features going for it for me to see it as essential. The ONLY reason I bought one was for the games I can't play elsewhere which are incredibly scarce.
I won't fall for the X this tim...

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Ha i got fed up of the 70euro price tag some time ago and now I wait for a price drop before buying. So keep your price hike ideas to yourself

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Yeah I know what you mean. I very rarely buy anything off the marketplace as I find any game on offer has been cheaper on PSN. Most recent example being the Deadpool game. 17.99 on offer on Xbox, 4.99 on PSN. That's common kind of a difference too.

I often wonder if it is because of the Xbox marketplace being globally universal and the PSN is region specific

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Aww man I've wished for a new freedom fighters for years!

The first kane and lynch was a great game. Dog days was absolute trash though

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I had booked Friday off work just to play the game but I don't plan on getting it after seeing the chart on reddit earlier of the hours required to unlock things. I couldn't be bothered with all that.

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I played it myself and I'm looking forward to it but general consensus on the beta was bad so don't hold your breath for positive feedback

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This could be awesome and terrible all at the same time

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