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What the hell did I just read?

"if that continues it will increase their current market share percentage as being outsold 1.75-1 instead of 2-1 would lessen the percentage difference"

Uh no it wouldn't! It would just mean they don't lose as much shares as previous. They're still being outsold. Therefore still losing ground. You teally should have tried thinking about that begote blurting nonsense.

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I look forward to E3 every year. Because of the time difference here and in America it usually means it's on at about 3 or 4 in the morning but I like staying up on A group chat with my friends and getting excited for it. I just book the next day off work.
I don't see why it has to go anywhere yet

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In fairness 2018 doesn't look to be a good year for multiplayer games.
We did have Monster Hunter in January which was fantastic.
But we are nearly 6 months in now and there hasn't been any other good multiplayer games. Not to mention there isn't really any on the horizon either. I genuinely can't think of any I'm looking forward to.
Myself and my friends were trying to figure out yesterday what our next big game is to play altogether and it s...

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I'm the same. I don't entirely regret it. I managed to get one for such a low price through a work situation that I couldn't begrudge it but I was looking forward to only 2 Xbox games this year.
State of Decay and The last Night.
Now that State of Decay is a bust it's down to 1 indie game. That's actually scandalous.
Other than the few hours I got out of Sea of Thieves and a few matches on PUBG my Xbox has spent the entirety of 2018 powered off ...

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I loved the Resistance games so much and the time is right for a return. Its been just long enough now to get excited for it again

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Why tho? Despite all the negativity around this I bought it because I had faith in remedy and adored Alan Wake so much. It was shockingly bad. The interlude episodes did nothing to favour the game.
Put Remedy to better use and make something else

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Me too. Shaping up to be one of the sleeper hits of 2018.

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I'm one of the people who played it on Game Pass and didn't renew. To be fair I had a fun couple of nights playing the game with friends but I never would have bought the game anyway. I would have been disgusted if I had.

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I don't have this fear. I played the original for only a couple of hours but always wished it had been co op. So it doesn't effect me personally but that's not a good sign for the dedicated.

I find Eurogamer articles to be well written and researched. They don't usually fall under the clickbait title so I tend to take them at their word

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Cousin! Let's go bowling!

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I recently terrified myself too when I realised how long I've been here. I'm joining you in the 11 years club lads and it's definitely making me feel like an antique.

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I actually hate how dark they're making Lara. They've ruined what made Tomb Raider such an adventure. I much preferred hopping country to country with a mystery. Now it's all gun play and action.

I hope this closes off the series by ending the trilogy and bringing Lara back to what she was when she was so iconic.

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With every passing day I think it is more likely that PUBG will stay Xbox only. It just seems like the window of opportunity is fading for Blue hole to capitalise on the PlayStation as people move on to alternatives. So Microsoft is likely to strike a deal with them after all.
Fortnite might well have been the undoing of PUBG and that's coming from someone who prefers PUBG. Might be some thing Blue hole regret in the long term

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Haha figure of speech dude

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Does the fact metal Gear was part of game Pass for so long detract from the offering of it on GWG for anybody else?

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And this is the only reason I ever read anything by edge. You are absolutely correct. They're well articulated and intelligent. If you removed the score system from their reviews you would have a far more positive outcome but keep the criticisms where needed.

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I actually loved Mario Oddyssy but I'll agree with your points made. I do think people look at Nintendo games with a different set of eyes. However with so few developers trying to do what Nintendo do then maybe they're just uncontested.

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Tintler that would be the idea and the foundation is there but the execution isn't. There's such few tools to make your own adventure that you really aren't actually making one. There 3 mission variations that don't differ all that much. Next to no variation on enemy types. The whole game is a repeat of the same steps.
Which is a shame because it oozes charm. It just so barebones it genuinely disappoints me

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I couldn't wait to play Arms. Then I hated it haha I know different strokes for different folks and opinions and so on but my god I wouldn't dream of scoring that Game anywhere near a 9

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I loved Edge once upon a time but they seem to like being harsh.
I haven't got to play God of War yet, have to wait until tonight so I can't say they're wrong with their score but they certainly are going against the grain there. There just doesn't seem to be consistency.

You can't give GoW an 8 and in the same breath give Sea of Thieves a 7. I've played Sea of thieves. I've even had a bit of fun with it but it is incredibly shallow an...

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