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We're going to continue to see these "why survive is a good game" pieces. I'm probably going to continue ignoring them

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Meanwhile in Europe ..... 😐

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I have yet to get a switch myself all because it's a bit too expensive at the moment. If they made a decent bundle deal with Zelda and maybe a pro controller I'd be all over it

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Yeah that does kind of make it a shit milestone.

Next up most crowdfunded tv licence with a female lead.

Most crowdfunded tv licence with a female lead in a 1950s setting

Most crowdfunded tv licence with a female lead in a 1950s setting with a pet iguana

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Any excuse for a second playthrough ;)

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Very reminiscent of the time my girlfriend tried to play portal 2 with me 😂

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I agree with your sentiments but have you seen the video?
It's actually frustrating to watch. The guy is gobsmacked with the tutorial!

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SNES just like Sega will always have a place in my heart but the PS2 just kicked it up a notch so much.

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The PS2 was the greatest console ever though!

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The game is screwed. It can't possibly live up to expectations.
The previous entries werent stellar games and this somehow has a huge weight on its shoulders now.

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I did and I actually liked it but I have this weird felling about Bethesda games where I just don't trust them or something. I expect the worst and most times I'm proven absolutely wrong. Except in Fallout 4s case

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My excitement for Wolfenstein increased tenfold after finally playing Doom.

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The game looks fantastic! They have really improved on the first one

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Ni No Kuni 2!

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There's a market for them. It's a good move for the likes of the ps4 now that they have accumulated a number of new users from the 360 era that never had the option to play them before but just not for me. I'm not in the habit of buying games I've played before.

Still I know many people who play GTA religiously on the ps3 and got it on the ps4 too.

I like to find new experiences. Especially as I get older and my gaming time diminishes

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I'll buy a remaster if I never had the original. Kingdom hearts and metro come to mind. I won't buy somethingnive owned before I think it's wasteful. Which is why I have absolutely no interest inbthe Shadow of the Collosus remake

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Hellboy is an awesome choice! Shame they've wasted two slots so far with sub zero and raiden though

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Gamestop here took preorders the day after the announcement. I've had one ordered for about about 2 or 3 months now.


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Okay I am VERY interested in this so far!

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