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As devastating as the news is, That's the worst part. We have to have seen it happening eventually. In an interview years ago he Said that forming dead by sunrise was the only thing that kept him from killing himself a long time ago.


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Okay the synchronised swimming had me laughing. I REALLY wish this game was coming to the ps4 this year too

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Aww I'm raging! This was a guaranteed buy from me. Over most other games. In fact it was this, South park and star wars for the years end to keep me happy and and all else is meh.

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Same I can't believe how engrossed I still am in this game even with only 3 maps

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I never worry about my gamerscore. After I got 1000/1000 score in some games and moved on only later to find those games no longer show as complete for me because they've since gotten DLC and I havent earned the new achievements.
I do go for trophies though. I wont grind out a game i dont like and i wont worry about having a low score on something i hated but I like to get the platinum on games I enjoy and it adds a bit of value to the game for me

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I'm on-board with a western release for this

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My most anticipated game for the Xbox. I had every intention of buying this launch day. However I may just wait it out and see if a ps4 version surfaces.

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I wouldn't lose any sleep over the PlayStation exclusives making their way to Xbox and I'd love the Xbox exclusives to head to PlayStation so I could sell my X1S and never use one again

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It would be a minor neussance if it weren't for the fact you have to watch these people do nothing but sit in an inaccessible place for anything up to 20 mins before you can play again. It's frustrating to those not even playing as Jason so i dont think there'll be many complaints about this

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I really enjoyed the first one for that reason. Dog days is one of the worst games I ever played though

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It was smooth sailing for me until last night when I just couldn't get a game going without some asshat mucking it up. So frustrating when you have no choice but to watch this cheap for 15 mins

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There's a couple Facebook groups I'm in and a lot of people posting screenshots of their ban message

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There are a number of users complaining about bans on forums and fan pages. Seems to be real

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Yeah there's nobody really missing anything not having this. The game isn't great. It's just horribly uninteresting.

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I've always been a multiple platform owner. I do feel this is the first gen where it's of little benefit to me to have all consoles. I got a fantastic deal on an Xbox one S so I bought it before Christmas. It gets little to no use though.
I'd be more than happy with just the PS4. Xbox really need to do something to step their game up and a new SKU is just not it.
I really want a Switch though. I've even considered selling the Xbox once I've played throu...

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The whole "we don't want to show them too early" doesn't fly with me.
Yeah It is annoying seeing Spider-Man and the last of us 2 getting announced but not having any idea when it's releasing but you could buy the ps4 now knowing that you will have those titles to look forward to eventually. Then just enjoy what it offers for the moment.

Saying we have something in the works but won't show it now doesn't build you with anticipation in ...

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I saw the headline and clicked in fully expecting to see Naruga in the first few comments giving out again.
You really are negative my man.

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Hoping for a standalone version.

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Yeah Supermassive had that other game announcement go unnoticed too, The cop drama one that looks quite interesting

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Damn I didn't realise Ashly Burch was behind all these characters.
I thought she just disappeared along with "Hey Ash Watchya Playin"
I knew her brother got picked up by Gearbox which I guess explains the Tiny Tina got she got.

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