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This game looks absolutely awesome. Can't wait to try it out

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I think Microsoft have well and truly dug a hole with the Scorpio now.
It's an unwinnable situation, damned if they do - damned if they don't.

If the Scorpio does just have a prettier library of the same games then what's the point?! If they build exclusive titles to take advantage of the system then theyve quickly forgotten about the Xbox one and again repeated their trend from the 360 and given minimum support to their current hardware to focus on th...

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Aww man I sorted out myself with a 4K HDR tv last night. I'll pick up a Pro with this on release for my birthday and I really can't wait

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I have to admit though Zelda looks fantastic, that art style is bloody gorgeous

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I wasn't all too impressed with the Scalebound reveal or gameplay demos but I was willing the give it the benefit of the doubt as it looked like a game that could well be more fun to play than to watch. Lord knows the Xbox could also use the diversity in its library. I genuinely didn't see this coming and it's severely disappointing as there becomes less and less to get excited about as an Xbox owner

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Yeah you have to appreciate when an IP isn't immediately dropped because it wasn't fully realised and supported. I wasn't all that impressed with the order 1886 but it has so much potential. I really hope they give it another chance

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If that were to happen then history would repeat itself. In the final years of the 360 the game releases became baron. This was because they decided to move all their new titles onto the new platform the xbox one. Forward a few short years later and the same trend repeats. You'd be mad to buy a Scorpio because they'll likely just move onto developing for their next big idea straight away again.

Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me and all that

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I had hoped for this but never actually thought they'd release it so soon. Can't wait

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State of decay, cup head and maybe halo wars 2 are all I'm looking forward to but luckily as a new owner I have all the Xbox one back catalogue to get through anyway

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Dammit haha, ah well still happy

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I'm not sure of the season 1 and 2 differences with killer instinct but I'm delighted regardless.
Is this the one with general raam as a fighter?

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It still is

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That is an awesome way of doing a Christmas bonus

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Buy one get one free on a small selection of titles that have been on sale on the store for a quarter of the price previously. Not a good trade off

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*In the US

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I would absolutely love a new Dino crisis.

Id like to see more of the originals especially platforming games return too. Spyro, medievil, klonoa and legacy of kain/ soul reaver are all great shouts. Want to throw a reimagining of Future Cop in there too

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Alan wake, Gears, Dead Rising and back the the original Mass Effect and Bioshock were exclusive. They were my reasons for buying an xbox.

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I absolutely adored Alan Wake. Never played American nightmare but I just bought it the other day so I'm looking forward to that

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How soon can these shows be watched in a catch up? I'm working until 6 here which is when the show starts. I'll miss half of it at least by the time I get home so I'd like to watch it from the start

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I love the look of this one. I'm not sure a numbered title in the way of 6 would have sold either because people got fed up.

Realistically the entire franchise needed to be refreshed and this is exactly that

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