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Sweet I thought this was completely stand alone. If it's releasing as an update to the current game too I'll be delighted. I don't mind even paying for the upgrade.
Getting a discount for having the season pass is a big bonus too

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It took me months to finish it. And not in a good way. I would have to force myself to sit down and play it because I felt guilty for spend 70€ on it.
At first I thought all the additions were going to be amazing. Crafting, companions and building but the game was just so damn boring.

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I'm not going to upgrade to a pro. I can't justify buying a new TV and console to replace the current versions of the same thing. However this gives Sony a years head start on a somewhat Baron market that people are eager to get into. There's already a foothold of 4k and HDR compatible devices in homes that people can't take advantage of right now.

I'll keep quiet and reserved for Scorpio. Id like to see it come out fantastic but with Microsoft s recent ...

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I believe beating the Scorpio onto the scene by a year was Sony's best option. Theres an abundance of choice on 4k and HDR tvs on the market at the moment but nothing really taking advantage of that. Sky Q is too expensive and with physical media being a declining market 4k blu ray isn't the smartest investment at the moment.
Now Sony have a 4k and HDR device on the market for a surprisingly reasonable price people mat just buy into it to see what their equipment is capable ...

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I'm actually looking forward to this game and I will get it, but given everything that went on with the title I will wait for a price drop. I'm not going to pay full price on an old title during a crowded release window because they tacked on VR and zombies. Black Friday sale or definitely a big price drop before Christmas is a guarantee for this one

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I couldn't wait for this for so long. The closed alpha was a disaster for me but the beta ran far smoother. First I've heard of it going free to play and now I'm considering holding off until it does. At least the community will be bigger for it that way because that was always my one concern with it

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I know right. Add Deus Ex and even some of the digital only titles like Inside and deadlight to name only a couple and there is a very busy month

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Such a cool game. I loved it

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Yeah I tried and got nowhere with making any sense of all that

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That defeats the purpose of earning it then though. It's not such a feat reaching a benchmark for an unlock when some tool with more money than sense can pay to have it too.

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Lilac and gooseberries

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Not as off putting as every French man in unity sounding like a brit!

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Agreed but to be fair sword of destiny and last wish are very differently paced than blood of elves and the rest of the book saga.
Destiny and wish are short stories combined into an overall arc. The rest are awesome but very different overall to the first two

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It wasn't the viacom ownership that pushed me away. I still use the site from time to time, but I never use it like I did before they killed the forums and adopted that dog awful video player.

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April fools is everywhere. It's big here in Europe too.

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They're too busy bitching about it costing all of a tenner.

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Thief is the worst game I've bought in years! I hated it so much

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Thief is the only game in years I was sorry I bought!

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And yet, i preferred the first one

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Hell of a month if you ask me! Looking forward to all of these!

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