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I wish the game had Leader Boards

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What are you 12?

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Thats because they get inspired by movies to make cinematic experiences at a silky smooth 30 FPS.


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Only one site complained about it and its Polygon so thats not surprising. People are making a bigger deal of this than there is.

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Compare this port to the other Square Enix PC ports. All of them are great but this one. But its great the game is 60FPS.

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Than why does the 3DS sell so well? Stop blaming the phones.

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It proves you have to be an idiot to take user reviews seriously.

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Satire articles on this site are never funny.

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And when it sells badly Ubisoft will say this is why they dont release games on the Wii U.

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A 3D Pokemon RPG with co-op would be better than an MMO.

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How many copies do they expect to sell?

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Why? Fez is a great game.

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Get it on PC. What made this game great were the keyboard controls and using a controller will take away from that.

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The game will be used as a benchmark. Same thing happened with the first Crysis.

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Since you're a fanboy your opinion is invalid because every fanboys opinion invalid.

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Those games are not very well optimized. I got a i5, GTX 660 and 8gigs ram and can play games like Witcher 2, Shadow Warrior and Skyrim with graphic mods at 1080p/60fps. All on max settings but I don't use Uber Sampling in Witcher 2.

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Why didn't you give your PC to him and make your self a new one?

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Consoles must have really bad games if you post on this site all the time. Because I figure if a system has great games than people would be to busy playing to post on this site.

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So a company getting paid by Sony is saying something good about them? Next you we will hear Platinum saying something good about the Wii U.

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Why does it matter how much it cost, if I enjoy it than it doesnt really matter? Are you enjoying Star Citizen and Just Cause 2 MP on consoles?

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