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huge fan of 8 and 9. loved all entries from 12 under. anything above was pure crap besides 14. 15 was probably my most disappointing one of the franchise, mainly because I was looking forward to it for so long.

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This game is going to be one the best marvel games to date.

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UHH, I was like "Oh the vid in JP only, Ok, I am sure they have the interview typed out on the site" sure enough nope. No idea whats going on lol.

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I like my switch, but I am home console person, I have used the switch on the go like twice since getting it and that was just to show off. I play docked all day. I see the love for the hybrid and I get it but it's just not for me. My switch is waiting for Mario, until then i got a backlog of a ton games to get to before then.

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Same, Id guess the new lunar map and low gravity played a part in this somehow.

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Love the game, Love the roster, Love the free editions, love the tons of unlockables (one of my fav things in a multiplayer game), love the seasonal events. Still hate the boxes though, I still get showered with dupes. I am not worried about a water map or things like that, but I would like more events that go into characters backgrounds like the anniversary event.

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Wish this was implemented when they had anniversary event going. Better late than never I suppose.

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I am and am loving it.

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Such an amazing flick.

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Remakes and remasters I like more TBH.

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it's rocket league! yea maybe a small step in the movement for cross platform, but i guarantee the big name games that release like CoD would not be cross platform for some time to come and the companies would not care. I don't agree with Sony's reason for not allowing it, but some people seem to think if they allowed this game that all of sudden the flood gates would open.

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You didn't miss it. They are saying destruction like that is MP only.

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coverage. it was mispelled.

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Can't wait to get my hands on this.

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"Then there are two story skips, the first lets you skip the main quests of the original game for $18, and another for $25 that will skip those quests as well as quests from the Heavensward expansion."

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Should have just canceled your review. No one cares about your review anyways.

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I have better drops from normal boxes than I do with this anniversary crap. Every box is 1 blue and all grays. luckily i had just enough coins to buy one outfit. I don't understand why they cant give is a way to make more coins via playing matches, rather than just getting lucky with a box or getting dupes. I guess I do understand from their side, it's more money for them but JFC.

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can pay to skip, if you do not pay, then yes you will need to paly through.

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FFXIV 2.0 is great. Original FFXIV that they remade was bad. I enjoyed it but I could see the fault in it like a lot did. It did not even have close to the content that 2.0+ has. Trust me, I am fan. Been with the game since 2010.

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