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If it is 'Super Mario XboxLand', it could work with kinect...

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Kratos vs Ben Hur ?

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They sure as hell won't come out of it in Japan ! I can't see how they ever will sell one Xbox one over there our it should be expats importing it.

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Forget about xbox, concentrate on PC gaming.
Simply make Windows the best gaming environment (ok, for some it always has been), support hardware suppliers and game developers.

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Money ?

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VGchartz wouldn't be necessary anymore.

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don't tell me you can do 6/7 years with a PC and without upgrading/replacing ?

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My day 1 launch 60GB still runs every day but in a well ventilated area and always high above the ground (above the dust airstreams).
BTW, 60GB replaced with large HDD.

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I just want a new GAME console. I have a computer/iPad/even a stereo for radio to have my entertainment. On a GAME console I want to play games. So MS Just call it XMediaBox and STFU.

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Our PS Vita is working overtime on Lego Batman 2. Nice casual is Mutant Blobs Attack.

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quote: the profit apparently hasn't made up for the losses in the beginning.

"Overall, the Xbox group has lost $4 billion for Microsoft. However, since 2007 it has made $1 billion. (Note, this chart doesn't include 2002-2004 when it piled up losses getting the business off the ground.)"

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@Proeliator, You've only been here since 2010 ? Should have been here when 360 came out... Sony's doooooomed, Sony will never catch up, PS3 sales won't reach 10 million, PS3 is not powerfull enough, Dev's can't develop for that difficult PS3 ! Oh yes, and then came RROD, should have been here also.

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And a lot of people are getting tired from this fps flood...

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@Dlacy13g. Indeed, some extra billions can do miracles...

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And less games. Guess on what kind of sale they are making money ?

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Who killed the electric car ?

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Day 1 PS3 with BC, never regretted. The games did the job.

WIll be day 1 PS4 again:
- Nintendo: not my style of games but the kids might make me change my mind :-/
- MS: "Well it's 1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready before Sony"
- PC: who knows what game make me change my mind on PC gaming. But first I would need to buy a new PC.

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As long as games make the difference, there will be hope.

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I presume You don't have kids...

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Well, lots of funny arguments but imagine this happening with a multi-disc XBox360 game, N4G would look like a warzone right now.

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