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"PS4 yaay"


The game's success is sure driving fanboys mad. #1.2.20
You don't have a PS4 yet. Coolbeans what are you doing 0.O #12.1
I might be in the minority but I play the MGS games for the story. Will wait abit before getting this one. #1.4
Knowing myself I will end up killing the other 7 on my first playthru :) #1
You joined 23 hours ago to tell us this. Awww bless you. #3.4
Man, have to wait till Wednesday :( #2
Sounds great. Can't wait for Wednesday. #1
If anyone is crying for attention here. It is you. Grow up. #2.1.8
I honestly think he is just upset cause Sony turned the service down. 25 million users, he can deny it all he wants, but money is money. #1.6.2
You know you hit the nail on the head, when you make xbox fanboys bring up Halo. #9.2
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They gave Journey a 3 out of 5, go figure. #1.4
Can't wait to download it. #1
Get your eyes checked then. #1.20
Bat mobile is actually rather easy to handle, and fun to drive, I am not even a driving fan. I imagine without it, we would be hearing loads of complaining about how Gotham is too big to traverse thru without any help. The bad PC port deserves to be called out for its shortcomings, but that doesn't make its console counterpart any less enjoyable. Game is great and RK defo took advantage of the new consoles power, if you are really tired of the Arkham series formula however, the game does... #1
Just checked their old reviews, and wow you weren't kidding. #1.1.2
"The Last Guardian still looked like a PS3 title and honestly I lost some excitement for it."

And hence I can't take anything you say seriously. #5
Would gladly pledge for a hard PS4 copy. Please make it happen. #8
The worst possible end as well. I was actually betting on Nintendo turning it around but they just gave up. I will think twice before buying any Nintendo console now. #6.2
Xbox fanboys are quite interested in Sony's E3 it seems. Sony killed it btw. #7
Loved Nier. Can't wait for this. #6
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