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In other words, bought two current gen consoles, one without any proper exclusives support whatsoever, but somehow claim you spend more time on it because it allows you to play games from last gen. Games that could actually be played on respective last gen consoles. It never ceases to amaze me reading stuff like this, especially that I keep wondering how MS gets away with their abysmal exclusives lineup. No wonder you would sell PSVR within a month with that ridiculous mentality.

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" the same time the risk of not doing something new was almost bigger."

If only more developers thought like this. Gotta give credit when it is due. Kudos to GG, and Sony for actually supporting them, and letting them go through with this risk.

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Coming from the guy who wrote F*** PlayStation on another article, should we act surprised ?

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GTAIV was their highest rated game of all time? I am trying to wrap my head around what was so special about it, am I missing something?

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Ruffian games employees have been familiar with UE4 development for PC since 2014. They said in the listing they would like the candidate to have experience with UWP, meaning it is mosy likely on both platforms.

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Skyward Sword ended up getting a ten, and many, myself included, couldn't disagree more, so yeah. *Mind blown*

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Ruffian's last game, Fragmental was developed for PCs using Unreal Engine 4. How does a listing for people with experience with Unreal Engine 4 on Xb1, translate to them developing an exclusive game? Someone is very optimistic.

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And you felt the need to comment saying the same on multiple articles because ??

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Skyward Sword sold around 3.5 million copies to a user base of around 100 million in its first year. I would understand the " concern " if it pulled off Mario Kart like numbers or something, but seriously stop milking this topic already, it is getting pretty boring.

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And because it is the Wii U version, it is acceptable?? The game was originally developed around the Wii U hardware.

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It doesn't look like a PS2 game at all :/, but Edge, among many others, has a soft spot for Nintendo games. Letting go of childhood nostalgic experiences is easier said than done.

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Overly critical is right, but they also gave Skyward Sword a ten, so yeah

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And as gaming consoles, it will always come down to the games selection on offer.

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@LikeAGlove lol Nioh just did. Try again

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Halo Wars 2 ISN'T EXCLUSIVE. Exclusive means it can can only be played on a single system.

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In addition they have three games in development for PS4. How do they pull this off ? 4 titles seems like an overkill

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" Usually when you go to use, buy or borrow an engine, someone will say, “Lend us your name,” or of course ask for payment. We had no contract with Guerrilla Games, but when we met them they suddenly gave us a box, a very pretty box. When we opened the box, there was a USB dongle inside that had the source code for the engine.
Hideo Kojima. Keep in mind we had no contract or anything at this stage, yet still they handed over what was basically the crystallisation of their effort...

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Cancellation and closure of studios are to be expected in the industry tbh. It is not unusual, Failure to open/fund/acquire more first party studios during the span of three gens is MS's biggest failure imho.

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I only Googled 2013, but here you go :

Ratchet And Clank: Into Nexus
The Last of Us
Beyond TS
Sly Cooper TIT
GOW Ascension
MLB 13 The Show

Feel free to Google the rest of the years yourself. Not every game will appeal to everyone, but that's the point of diversity, to cater to everyone's taste.

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