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"PS4 yaay"


Yeah and my opinion is your articles are the worst ones I read on here. Trying too hard. Quite sad really. As for the Order it is the best game I have played this gen. #1.1.11
0/10. Try harder. #14.1
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0/10. Try harder #2.4
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I contributed to one of these sales. Thoroughly enjoyed it. #3
0/10. Try harder. #1.5.1
Well. Won't be long before we see a patch. #25
I know I am :). Loving it so far . Story and setting are why I got it in the first place. Neither disappoint. Gameplay is exactly what it was advertised to be, and fits the game nicely tbh. #1.4
Enjoyed all exclusives I have purchased so far. So it seems the writer has an exclusives problem, not the consoles. #6
I spent an hour exploring the hospital alone. What a load of bs. #3
It was me who submitted a ticket for this article to be taken down. Guidelines seem like rocket science to you probably. #4.1.2
Thoroughly enjoying the game. If you don't mind the relatively short length. I would defo recommend it. #3
And ?? How you use the world is what matters not how big it is. Most open world games under-deliver anyway. #10
@CanadianT I have been gaming since the nineties and I enjoyed plenty of games the critics didn't. It is called having an opinion. If people wanna hate on the game without trying it. Their loss really. Your comment is funny thu. Will give you that. #5.2.2
The design of the game is fine. It is exactly what the previews showed it to be. Having spent plenty of time playing it, I wouldn't want RAD to change the formula. We have different genres and formulas out there, some will appeal to others and some won't. However making it " not linear " and changing the formula isn't valid. You didn't like it, move on, others like myself did and appreciated the story driven experience. Video games nowdays are becoming more and more... #5.2
I am thoroughly enjoying it tbh, much more than I expected. I was led to believe that the game would be a QTEfest, which it isn't at all. You get the button prompts to open door, push cart,... etc. Three hrs into the game I only encountered very limited QTE sequences. Linearity wise, it is quite linear with limited exploration, think Metro Last Night. Length is the least I would be willing to accept to justify a full price purchase. Atmosphere and voice acting are top notch, same goes for... #5
Heads up, someone posted a major spoiler below guys. #1.2
Spoiler tag you douche bag. #8.6
Multiple users have stated it took them around 10 hours, or more for first playthrough. My first RE Remaster playthrough took me 12 hours and second one took me 5 and half hours. Seeing varying completion times for a single game, isn't unexpected. #9
Only idiots think all games need online multiplayer. #3.2.5
Just checked the comments on his facebook page and some people are begging him to add children to kill in Hatred. Wow. #1.5
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