Murdered SS is a good game ! Play it !


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I have to agree, but most of the summon prompts also appeared when I was fighting the Fire Iron Giants.

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Hardcore games sells loaaads on Nintendo consoles as proven before. I bet Namco B is dying to do so

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And who exactly is gonna fund this??

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Course it isn't. Game probably sold worse on XB1 everywhere else in the world, other than the US possibly.

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How else will politicians continue building their wealth, if they don't make propaganda to feed the sheep ?

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You do realise that no one takes you seriously anymore ? It is cute that you are trying, but yeah, not cutting it anymore. Start another account.

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Sound like fans of Team Ico games will love it.

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Try again.

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FFXV on XB1 debuted at 14 ? Was expecting a much higher placement tbh. Fifa is still insanely popular over at the UK

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If I am looking to buy a console, the fact that there are games yet to be released on console x is a must for me before forking the money. Consoles are a long term investment, and there has to be reassurance about the future plans and releases.

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Congrats, you just won the most pathetic post PSX article award. Try a more factual approach next time.

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It got outsold the past three weeks. But keep on fighting the good fight guys.

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Halting development by one year isn't a valid choice tbh. Uncharted 4 must have exhausted him.

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I imagine Joel would be very old for platforming .. Etc

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Waaaaaaaa waaaaaaaa. SJW waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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50 thousand units behind PS4 translates to 50/50. Lol ok.


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How so when it was just outsold the past couple of weeks ? What a vague statement.

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@darth wow, that shows how much work MS still has to do.

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ROT 50% is a nice discount I guess. The buy one get one free promotion is shameless. Increasing the prices for all games on offer.

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