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"I mean it's fair to be a little put out that the releases are few and far between"

"I just find it amazing that you can say that as an MS supporter to be honest."

He is a Nintendo supporter, check his comment history for some hardcore Wii U defending. The Wii U after all, was getting support left, and right.

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Destroying Germany ? lol. I take it none of you idiots have actually been to Germany ? You sure live in your own little world.

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I honestly thought 3 was miles above the first two. The original trilogy was fine imho, it is Ascension that showed that the series needed a reboot. Despite the combat, and puzzles variety, it got stale very quickly.

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Yes they do in German speaking countries.

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Kinect for starters was mandatory and obviously increased the cost.

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He doesn't, but he didn't write an entire article about the game.

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Skyrim, second most covered game ? Yeah ok

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Given that Xbox 1 X costs 499 euros, while the pro costs 378 euros, I don't understand why people are pretending that this is somewhat unexpected.

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Tekken popularity has nose dived in Japan since Tekken 3. Can't even cross the 100k, yikes. Also, Nier has been holding rather surprisingly well.

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Why would he need to make anything up ? Game is a launch exclusive, it is not like it is only getting a PC/Xbox verison. He doesn't have to lie about this.

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Trolling ? looooool. Someone is upset about the downgrade to launch exclusivity only.

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Or people don't think Arms is worth the current retail price.

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We can see your comments history. Try again

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The comments are referring to the fact that the style is similar, and since there are numerous open world games out there, and HZD was the one specified, points to potential similarities. Whether you like it or not, many of the comments are warranted.

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Skill points came before achievements, and were common in PS2 first party games. So there's that.

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Going by the current trend this translates to 4K checkboard rendering and 30 fps ? All yours for 500 dollars. Enjoy lol

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Well said, I mean see AC Origins, running native 4k and 30 fps on Xb1 X, thanks to the absence of a parity clause /s

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" Why do I keep seeing you make comments like this? "


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Your insecurity is astounding kid. Try again.

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I thought the Phil, and Don Mattrick comparisons were ridiculous tbh, but after this E3 I am starting to see the similarity.

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