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"PS4 yaay"


Dragon Age Origins forever. Right Cat :) #92
Best of luck Cat, thanks for doing an awesome job. We will miss you. #24
No doubt, Infamous SS was my first PS4 game, and was a great intro into this gen. Gameplay mechanics were greatly improved. #1.4
Haha, thanks. #5.1.1
It failed to reach top 50 upon launch in Japan. So porting game to PS3 and PS3 makes sense from a financial point of view. #5
Can't find the game anywhere in Berlin either. Been looking for two days now. Never happened before with any release before. Bit of a bummer tbh #2
They are the most sensitive of fanboys tbh. #14.2
I remember reading the same thing happening with Thief developer after releasing the game. #1.3.6
One of my fav games last gen, deserves a sequel no doubt about it, more party members please. #3
Got it for 25 days ago, great game. Glitches haven't been completely resolved, even with the last update, but the new parkour system and protagonist are both awesome to say the least. #2
Targeting ?? Means most likely they won't achieve it, bummer. However GOW3 is one of my fav games last gen and photo mode seems like a much welcome addition. #9
Why don't the devs release the game optimized for any given platform in the first place, we have to wait for patches to arive one month post launch, when the majority would have finished the game. #1
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One day before release, not a good sign ... #3.1.2
I only buy games longer than 39 hours, 59 mins, and 59 secs, so seems Bloodborne is a purchase for me then. #1.1
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No mate, SE locked it. #1.2
God of War 3 is one of my fav PS3 games. Would defo rate it higher. #2
Look what you did now, you made Two face cry. #4.3.4
Not really. The cry babies on the Internet don't represent the mass market. #14.1
Maniac and you need to accept that many people enjoyed the game. You sound like a broken record. #9.2.5
6 hours, really. Game took me 10 and half hrs to finish, and game has plenty of exploration. Your comments show that you have no clue about the game. #5.3.2
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