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"Well look, I mean, the team worked really hard on that game and I’ve gotta say there were obviously some big learnings to take away and the team at DICE has been continuing to work really hard. EA is a learning company, so we are really focused on how we improve and obviously don’t make those kinds of same mistakes again."

You had to learn not to screw your customers ? Really lol

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Journalist : Will the game make you a better dad ?

AK : I think so...

Journalist : Sony claims GoW will make you a better dad.

A* journalism right here folks

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He just retweeted an article “connecting” Rocket League and his game. Does he even know how Rocket League became a hit in the first place 😂.

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Made me miss Oliver so much. Don’t understand why the Western approach, they obviously knew what they were doing, but they removed everything that made the game interesting in the first place. Enemy variety is embarrassing, combat is repetitive and uninspired, story is almost non-existent with go from A to B, then rinse and repeat. Game is soulless compared to the original.

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Wholeheartedly agreed. Can’t believe how souless it is compared to the original.

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Same here. One of the most disappointing sequels I have ever played. The original was one of my all time fav games. Why do publishers insisit on westernising their JRPGs ? This is getting tiring.

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Are the FC5 physics better at 8k/s

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“Most people “.

Provide a source then.

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Pretty much. It is just a pile of trash now.

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PS3 doesn’t constitute an “ off generation.” Console eaisly had the most GOTY winning exclusives last gen. It is funny thu how 85 plus million units sold is the basis of an “ off generation “.

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That actually made me chuckle lol

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Salt nom nom

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“Damn, I guess you have to choose a side Krib and beatdown the other. ”

Isn’t that all he does like all the time ?

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Yeah, July or August would have made for a perfect timing. Can’t see myself getting this in September too.

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Don’t be a dick to others and you won’t get banned. That’s not called censoring, it is called common sense.

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Funny thing is that Septic actually wrote a piece about Sea of T demonstrating the power of the cloud , but not after it turned out medicore at best, he is pretending no hype preceded the release lol.

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The top sellers are both multiplats and third party.

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You are actually throwing out that you are clueless, since no sales for Sea of T have been revealed, just the usual MS marketing bluff.

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