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After all the backlash, and they go ahead and do this. They are vaguely saying **** you to the fans.

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GottBjimmyb, stop nitpicking incidents and list full statistics for all developed countries vs US. Until then, keep playing the world tiniest violin. Only an idiot would argue against gun control and pretend the situation is same elsewhere in the world.

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The PS4 version outsold the vita one ? I no longer know what’s going on with Japan lol.

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Yet people buy games everywhere else in the world other than the US, and *gasp* no mass shootings afterwards.

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The lengths to which American politicians will go to shift the blame, rather than address the actual cause and issue, and do something about it, is mind boggling tbh.

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Praising a full priced retail game for not including loot boxes is nothing short of pathetic. Journalists are the ones making loot boxes seem like the norm.

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Expected better sales for Shadow of the Colossus tbh. Hope it has long legs

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Keep the game.

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Jujudormah from Onimusha 2 isn't a main vilian, but man she was something else.

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For comparison, how much revenue did they generate on physical sales ? Seems over the top to try and paint the future to be one dimensional.

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Official description on beta reads :

" Supersampling mode allows you to get picture quality comparable with 4K even when connecting PS4 Pro to a TV with a resolution of 2K or below
The effect depends on the game – not every improvement will be noticeable. In some games, you can also reduce the frame rate per second."

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Read article before commenting and embarrassing yourself maybe next time. Article is concerning the latest financial quarter, for which Nintendo porvided updated sales numbers, and perusual Sony will do.

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They have to make their own victories I suppose. Xbox got outsold during X’s launch month in MS’s strongest territory. So comparing X launch sales vs sales of a year old console is making MS come off better. We can’t expect him to say we got outsold during the most important month of the year in our strongest market.

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The lengths to which MS will go to avoid giving sales numbers is amusing tbh.

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Yay for Rime, wasn’t expecting it this soon. Knack should have been offered before the sequel was released tbh.

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Rime in the same month as Shadow of the C remake ? Coincidence Sony :p . Great if true. Knack is enjoyable, but rather late to the plus party at this point.

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That’s PS2 compatibility, not even PS3, did you read before commenting ? Where exactly did Sony say PS2 games can’t run on PS4 ?

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It also has to do with the crappy site making the comparison videos. For Horizon ZD, they used a low quality footage of the same E3 build, and they tried to pass it off as downgrade. For the GoW one, the Arteus shots were clearly of differing qualities, and some of the others were during completely different scenes.

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Yeah but console isn’t selling that well over there, so software sales are most likely crucial for retailers.

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Not hard when they have yearly exclusives getting GOTY nominations, and awards. Keep playing the world's smallest violin though, still a long way ahead of you.

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