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"Murdered SS is a good game ! Play it !"


Not even posting the discount percentage. What a joke. #1
I would love to share my thoughts, but the comment section is already plaqued with Xbox fanboys,not the place to have a logical discussion. #5.1.3
Couldn't disagree more Coolbeans :/ #5
GOTY award from Edge, Eurogamer and Game trailers is no small feat. #7
Worst MGS game ever. #6
Downloading it now. Was on the fence but your comment made me get it cause I also had a bit spoiled for me :) #3.2
Wholeheartedly agreed. #1.5.4
Can't wait to try it out. #2
Sorry to intrude Castillo, but just wanted to post a spoiler warning. Comment 2 below spoils the whole ending. #1.1
Delays when game is finished and gone gold to be released one week later for the rest of EU? Nice going Sony, what a brilliant release set up. #12
Single platform ?? #1.2.2
Lol #5.2.1
He always makes me laugh. He tries so hard thu #1.4.7
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That's a really nice list. None of the overhyped average mainstream games. #6
Agreed, loved watching my cousin play it, and seeing his choices, following my playthru. Brilliant game. #8
Immensely enjoyed this game, my fav this gen hands down. #1
It is the biggest collaboration this gen hands down imho. Why Sony, I assume reaching his Japanese fanbase, which mainly games on PS has been a factor. #11
Nothing like making the Nintendo fanboys mad. Cry a river Higgins. #4.1.2
I only get secondary consoles when they are cheap. Got my 360 for 140 euros. Might get the Wii U used then, compared to 360, 150 for it isn't justified. #4.3.1
The difference between us is that I get consoles which also have third party support. #4.2.1
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