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Game was announced for PC already, exclusive went out of the window back then.

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Pretty much shows that the vocal internet communities don't always reflect the interests of mainstream audiences. Funny thing is at Capcom actually projected RE6 to sell 7 million copies during launch year. Always overconfident.

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EA, and WB execs are probably banging their heads against the wall for not thinking about this first

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TLOTR The Return of the King is probably my fav coop game of all time. Gutted to hear this

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You mean like this ?

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Given that it was officialy stated before that it is basically an always online game. Why would anyone be surprised ?

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I assumed by Steam reviews that the game was well optimized for PC, given how many are praising how well it is running :/.

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I tried to ignore a component of the game so I can give it a favourable score.

Bravo, you just proved his point.

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I was speaking generally, and I suggest you also take a look at all critic reviews , as well as user reviews/ratings at MS store, where alot of people are definitely “bothered by it”.

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Depends on implementation. The past Forza entries also had micro-transactions, but they didn’t drastically impact the reviewer experience like the ones in this instalment did. In other words, this time, the devs went too far.
Want to see some consistency? Make the publishers know that micro-transactions don’t belong in 60$ games then.

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There are numerous complaints online about the grinding. Go search

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" There is literally no difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro."

Pro has a more stable frame rate on Boost mode.

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Sunset Overdrive is actually the only game that technically fits the title. All others including Cuphead can be played without an Xbox.

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He is desperate obviously. He is probably just fulfilling what the higher ups want him to do, leaving him looking like a tool, who keeps contradicting himself.

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So far only this video, but looks promising. Looking into getting it it today.

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There are around 125 million active Steam accounts; more than double the PS4 userbase, and these are supposedly the retail only sales of Uncharted TLL. If you wanted to make a direct comparison, you really didn’t do your argument any favour.

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kribwalker, it is amazing how much crap you can fit into a paragraph. It is astonishing really.

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They had the Division and DA Inquisition DLC release first on Xbox, similar to the Destiny one by Sony. No difference whatsoever, and Phil was in charge then.

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You got him scared probably lol

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If it has mainstream appeal, it will help drive the sales of 4K TVs, fueled by bundles. But in reality, that’s a very optimistic, and rather unrealistic expectation, given that even Spencer himself mentioned that this is a niche product.

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