Murdered SS is a good game ! Play it !


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Some people have lots of money to pay for new consoles, games, internet, online services, and subscription services. Keep up Chris :P

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You summed it up perfectly. Going by their whining, the new gen of gamers are apparently writers, programmers, and developers all in one.

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Except RE6 was very enjoyable. Idiots just jumped on the hate bandwagon

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"It seem the better Tales games were not on PS first. "

Well, the tales series sold best on PS, maybe if Nintendo fans supported third party games more, NB would have released the new entries there as well.

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Nailed it Bathyj, even baited Septic into commenting.

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For them to be insecure, the Switch would have to represent any sort of risk to the PS brand, and given its nature, it doesn't one bit. But I suppose you had to make yourself feel better one way or another

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FFXIII pulled similar numbers if I recall correctly.

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With that video you flushed your whole channel credibility down the drain. Congrats. Never to be take seriously again

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Third party devs would like to have a word with you.

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The same research firm which speculated that Wii U will have strong sales, and had to decrease their sales forecast for it multiple times? Yeah ok

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" I know one person who bought VR for PC and nobody who got it for PS4. It's dead." I loled tbh, someone call the press, this guy doesn't know anyone who bought PS VR.

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That's not saying much thu tbh, the Xbox upcoming exclusives list is pathetic.

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Blah blah blah. I hate GTA, I would even give the fifth installment a zero out of ten, does that mean I should be qualified to review the next entry, that caters to the fans of the prequels ? This it's his/her opinion excuse used to justify good games getting lower scores is ridiculous.

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Is anyone really surprised?? Another fad.

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Meh, nothing interesting on the list

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You don't have a clue about what you are saying, do you ?

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Tempted to pick this up now tbh

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Everytime a story based game is released, we have to endure the rumors of X finishing the game in only X hours, and that time is almost always way off. Not all of us like to rush thru sp games, and no, dying numerous time doesn't prove he didn't rush thru it

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Lol, the fact that PS4 is getting exclusives support frequently and the Xbox isn't, is killing you. Your comments are becoming more and more pathetic.

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