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"PS4 yaay"


Haha, I had to go from one location to another in a story mission in Velen, by the time I arrived to my destination, I had unlocked 5 side missions, and 20 question marks :) #1.1.1
Writing in DAI was bad, what???? Side quests and marks in The Witcher 3 are on par with the DA, marks more repetitive and boring th. #5.2
This seriously blows. #9
Some minor-moderate frame rate issues on PS4 here, but nothing game ruining. Performance is better than DA Inquisition so far. In White Orchid, it was really great, later in the larger cities is when I noticed those framerate issues. #1.2
Double post. Here, have this in game screenshot instead ;) #4
Best game case package I have purchased in years tbh. Well done CD PR #3
Double post. #7
Someone hacked an account just to play Dying Ligh? 😮 #6
" Our review of The Witcher 3 is based on non-final PS4 code provided by CD Projekt Red. In our time with the game, we saw significant technical issues, including hard crashes, endless load screens, major framerate drops both at random and during more crowded fight scenes, and failures by the game to trigger even scripts which would halt forward progress within a quest until the game was reloaded, or, on occasion, the console restarted entirely."

What is it that Pol... #4
Just wanted to point out that the excellent ost is included with the game. Probably the best game package I have seen in years. #1
The other 70 seem like my cup of tea then. #8
Funny how hard the people are defending the downgrade thu. If this was an EA, or Ubi game, they would have slayed the devs. #10.4
Getting games on launch this gen is becoming pointless. Complete editions now are getting released less than a year after the original ones. #2
Yes they do ALOT of advertising in Berlin. XboxOne is currently less than 300 euros at some major Saturn stores and no one is picking it up. Gamestop even offers 100 euros credit towards trades in for the one and no use. Germans love PS. #1.1.11
WB is making it really hard to justify purchasing any of the titles it publishes on launch. If not GOTY edition I would imagine it would have been the complete editon. #7
Not so long ago, I pointed out that WB is becoming more and more anticonsumer,and got bombarded with disagrees. They have been doing this complete edition crap for a while now. #19
My first thought too.Jrpgs are becoming more and more like wrpgs,sucks tbh. #3.3
Dragon Age Origins forever. Right Cat :) #92
Best of luck Cat, thanks for doing an awesome job. We will miss you. #24
No doubt, Infamous SS was my first PS4 game, and was a great intro into this gen. Gameplay mechanics were greatly improved. #1.4
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