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"PS4 yaay"


It makes GG supporters cry. That's why. And no it isn't going anywhere, it is one of the most visited gaming sites, whether people like it or not. #15.2
Understandable tbh. Loved New Vegas but can't get into FO4, game is repetitive and the difficulty spikes are irrational. Moving on as well. #1.1.2
Details are better on PS4. Pen and police badge for instance. Will download it next week, never got to play it on PS3. #5
*would have required more optimisation. #1
Loading times arw bit long but nothing major. The initial install however took ages, more than 30 minutes. #4
Same here DO. Been getting crashes and game sending me back to the main PS4 menu. Did you encounter this? #1.5
Heading to Europe?? All major stores like Saturn and Media Markt here are selling the game already and they can't do so without Bethesda knowing. #3
Game is available everywhere in Berlin since yesterday. #4
What a stupid comparison, people actually pay for these copies. #3.2
I am referring to the chart Acti used. PC is categorised alone, not the online category? Should have clarified this.It goes without saying that paid subscription mmorpgs will propel profits on the platform they are on. Multi platform games performance sales wise is what would be labeled " interesting ". Otherwise they wouldn't have been split them into two components. That's what I meant. Total sales however, wow profits alone would smash the whole total profit generated on... #5.1.3
Well it is the best one along with Brotherhood and two imho. Glad they opted for no multiplayer. London was done brilliantly and the effort is reflected. #1
It is better than BF imho #3.2
After spending 40 hours playing this game, I have to say I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said.Great game. #1
What?? Did you even read the article? #5.1.1
Wii U is almost non existent for Activision. Without a Xb1 and PS4 breakdown this is speculation at best. #5
We all know what that means. #2
Don't buy new games until you finish the ones you have. Simple. Gaming isn't a chore #6.1.3
Agreed. Just take a look at The Witcher 3 and the numerous patches it got. Waiting this gens pays out. #6.1
Same here but those shows are usually there to appeal to the main stream audience nothing else. #5.1
2, Brotherhood, and Syndicate. Black Flag was awesome too, just didn't like Edward that much. #3
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