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"PS4 yaay"


Stupidity of fanboys is amazing to watch.

Oh the irony #1.4.2
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Just been to Saturn in Kurfürstendamm St, one of Berlin's largest streets and they are almost out of PS4 stock, same to the one in Alexanderplatz as well. While it is good to sell that much, running out of stock this close to Christmas is not ideal either. #3
Telltale now making anything about everything that might sell. #1
Such a great trilogy. #5.2
6.5 Gbs, holy moly. #1
Stay in school. #1.8
Cry more. #4.2
It is my fav game of all time for sure. Someday the dream will end is a musical marvel as well. #1
God of War 1, and 2 were brilliant, can't wait to see the direction Jaffe will take the series in. #1
Did Ubi even test the game at all before launch (despite their claims). #4
Game is bloody great. But has plenty of bugs. #3.3
Which version mate ? Feel free to reply to my question in a pm. I have the PS4 versions, and I have met my share of bugs as well, no where being game breaking, but defo noticeable. Game is bloody great thu, loving every moment. #1.2
Passed by a mirror ? #1.2
Lukas if I had a dollar for every time you got an Xbox fanboy panties in a bunch, I would afford all the microtranscrions in EA games. #2.5
RE6 sold around 6 million copies despite the lacklustre reviews, so makes sense to stick to the action formula. #27
Blame yourself for having unrealistic expectations. The first year of every new gen has always been on par with last year. #31
watch the butt-hurt disagrees commence.

Also, this one offers a good explanation of both systems architecture. (Before the extra 10% was made available on the 1) #1.3.1
But Fifa didn't have any issues on PC, as far as I know. LOTF ran terribly on all platforms. Got it on PS4, and encountered numerous performance issues, and glitches. #1.2
Did it fix the performance issues mate ? #1.2.2
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