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"PS4 yaay"


Pming people and calling names, what's next asking mummy to come and slap them. Grow up cry baby. #7.1.3
Grow up you cry baby. #7.1.2
Makes me glad that the always online approach that was looming over this gen at the beginning wasn't adapted in the end. #2
Apparently Call of Duty servers as well have been attacked, can anyone confirm ? #5
Take a look at this guy's submission history, he writes an opinion piece with a flamebait title after each major release or announcement. Pathetic #25
From my personal experience, all my friends who got the game loved it as well, me included. #7.1
@Allwrong, awww you mad too. #1.7.3
Bungie becoming a multiplatform developer is still making you salty I see. #1.7
No you don't, game is fun from the moment you start. If you don't enjoy it, that's fine, but people keep repeating what they read without trying the game and passing it off as a fact, which honestly is pathetic. #17
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Wholeheartedly agreed, best fps I have played in the past 5 years. Gaming journalism has lost all its credibility long time ago. #1.2
Credible review sites, omg that's hilarious, and I am user and I say the game is excellent. Not really gonna bother clarifying anything to you, your comment history speaks for itself. #2.2.1
Why does everyone forget about the Wii U,seriously lol. #2
Nope, best fps game I have played in a very ling while. Highly recommend it for everyone. And lol at your comment history, sad. #2.1.1
Really enjoying the game, Very few can do fps as well as Bungie #2
Having a blast playing the game, can't recommend it enough. #1
Having a blast with the game, can't remember the last fps I had that much fun playing. #4
Enjoying the game so far :). Graphics is modest at best thu. #10
18 hours for a first playthrough, sounds great, gonna get it soon. #4
Episodic. Keep it Crapcom. This will be the first RE game I miss. #12
One of the best blogs I have read in a while, thanks for sharing. #8
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