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" Sony's first 2 years were pretty rough" . Exclusives wise, they were no where as near as rough as this year is for Xbox . Do some research maybe ?

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Seems like no Xmen after all :(

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Game needed one or two more years. Great foundation, terrible execution.

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^Can't wait for the sequel. So nice to have diversity among exclusives.

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If it didn't sell well on PC, that actually reaffirms that he made the right decision by not releasing it on Xbox.

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^ so he isn't getting paid when posting his videos on Youtube? Yeah right. This whole " fiasco" got him 100K views in one day, go figure.

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Lets make this the standard for reveiwers then. Each one can have their own merchandise and slam it into their reviews, because advertisements and flambait scores aren't enough.

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He actually included a link to a website selling his merchandise in the original review. How pathetic is this ?

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Haha, just noticed it as well. Lack of games is driving them insane

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Why is there a link in the review to his licensed merchandise ? Desperate much?

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Dragon Quest latest sales actually show that Japan loves both. So defo no preference for Nintendo.

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After the pervious fiasco, you would think WB has learned their lesson, but nope.

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" France that is being destroyed by an insurgency of religious fanatics, not Montana."

^ Proof that some Americans do indeed live in their own little worlds. Easy there snowflake, go do some research.

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Lets hope that these units aren't purchased by scalpers.

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" 20% of PS4 sales since November 2016 are Pro". PR people are trying to make it sound like 1 in 5 PS4's are Pro, making it look like Pros have sold over 12m".

Am I missing something ? Shouldn't you be applying the 20% to the total sales starting Nov 2016 and till the current period, and not lifetime sales ?

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Of course they do. A more valid question would be do timed console exclusives/DLC really matter ?

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Given the 3ds install base and popularity of hand helds in Japan, PS4 version sales are indeed very surprisingly impressive. Home consoles aren't going anywhere in Japan from the looks of it.

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He is using his own sales expectations as a basis for the article, which is beyond ridiculous. Who cares about research and facts though ? Right.

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I agree, the Wii U sold around 3 million units at launch. So it is too early to tell.

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