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"Loving Dishonored"


All these character reveals have got me really excited for the game. #1
My thoughts exactly, he is trying way too hard now. #6.5
Meanwhile a week earlier in a different newspaper. #2
I think best case scenario would be to bring it to Gio Corsi's (Director of Third Party Production for Sony PlayStation) attention, he always asking on Twitter about what third party games that has been released for other platforms that PS fans would like to see ported, Tales of Vesperia seems like a probable choice.

The page has 7 likes only as well, won't be getting any attention from Namco soon. #2.1
" The story isn't so great and the characters lack personality ". Lol what, how could someone be so stupid to say that the characters in FFX lack personality. #1
Wow, what a beautifully written piece. #2
Thanks for sharing, very well written. #1
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26 hours into the game, game is gorgeous, and the battle system still holds up against the new " advanced " ones, simply put, the game is a classic, a brainless purchase if you ask me. #3
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Just got it, looks absolutely great in HD, attention to detail is impressive. #3
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Looks cool, was a fan of the architecture in AC2, and Brotherhood, and those images show an equally impressive one. #10
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Yaiba Ninja Gaiden got 36, quite surprising, given how negatively it's being received by the western critics. #1
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According to Gameinformer " The Vita version is nearly identical to its big brother, but there are some additional jaggies and other minor graphical imperfections. None of these issues impede your experience, but the difference is evident." #1.1
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Can't wait got the limited edition pre-ordered. FFX is my fav game of all time. #3
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Have to agree, I purchased two games the past month, both rated around 65 on metacritic, and truth be told I am having a blast with them, would easily rate both a 9. #1.1
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A sci-fi game is exactly what I wanted to see from a studio such as SSM, really sucks that it got cancelled. #3
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@goldwynccq haha, true, chronostasis is your best friend, the time limit overall is not an issue man, but the fact that you to limit the exploration, and quests to a day, can be quite frustrating, also you got any tips for beating the boss for the Wildlands first quest, he is giving me a hard time, had to teleport back to finish all other main quests, now only he remains. Also, does the game count down to zero days, or 1 day is the last one, cheers. #4
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Love the game, but can't help but feel that the time limit, is a necessary evil, it adds much depth to the story, yet hugely impacts the fun of exploration, especially since the game has some of the best expolrable areas since FF12, also difficulty spikes can be quite insane, and no idea why the leveling up has been limited to side quests only. Overall it's a great game, which surprisingly successfully incorporates many new ideas, but holds them back by implementing unnecessary change... #2
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That jump at 4:00, amazing. #11
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Well said, I got to agree, the difficulty spikes can also be frustrating, btw I came across an explanation about how Eradia works, hope it helps you.

Each main quest you complete adds a day up to 13 (12 + the final day)

Side quests can give you a "extra" day between the 12th day and the final day.

Each side quest(depending on it's rating) contributes to the extra day you need to reach a value of "1"
One star... #5.2.1
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Agree, been playing for a couple of days, and I am loving it so far, many people will overlook it, just cause it's related to the XIII saga. Also most of the reviews pointed out that the time limit was annoying, which is absolutely false, as long as you do story missions and a couple of side ones, you could take all the time you want while playing. #5
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