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the game looks like killzone 3 at best. nothing spectacular here.

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so you take this on a roller coaster and you can see something different. haha umm why.

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septic was dumb enough to fall for this clickbait article. opinion or not, this is a article piece from this so called "journalists", anyone with a computer can be a "videogame journalists" nowadays.

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lol the $400 xbone without the kinect is selling less than the wiiu. epic fail micro.

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delay it closer to black friday is a smart move.

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how about making a console were third parties will actually release their games on. nintendo needs to change its go it alone approach.

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sony should of had sony santa monica redo this game a long time ago,

lol google SSM, they have worked on/ collaborated on sonys biggest psn titles, do some research before wasting a disagree. unless your a sore little troll.

SSM is collaborating on the order 1866 and everyones gone to rapture.

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speeddemon, the last of us, the crew, planetside, bloodborne,

hell the ps4 has more free to play titles than the wiiu has first party titles.

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the ps4 will win, uncharted will sell over 5million, and tomb raider will still sell more on ps4 than xbone even after it releases later on the ps4.

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lol and i can get those games for console.

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wheres the star citizen game play, ive just seen tech demos and concept art.

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mike the ps4 camera is on backorder, they are selling out faster than they are being put on shelves, which is a stark contrast to the kinect. the kinect is dead in the water.

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this is why i would never put in a credit card for any online game or service, and this is why sony has PSN cards. use them.

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i would rather have sony make their own sandbox open world game than be dependant on rockstars word.

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lol tons of first party, you mean mario, zelda, luigi, yeah, quite the library.

COD has outsold every nintendo game on wii/wiiu.

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how about teasing a release date.

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lol and star wars, 007, perfect dark are non existant on nintendo consoles, wonder why.

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flip flopping is now considered "comprehensive"

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lol a greasy pimplefaced loner was able to make a article in his moms basement, bravo.

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is the sequel going to be proctology simulator

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